What is Budder Weed?

What is Budder Weed

If you’re new to the world of cannabis concentrates, you probably have difficulties maneuvering in the maze of different terms describing various forms of extraction.

Wax, shatter, crumble, honeycomb, dabs, budder — this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In this article, we’ll show you what budder is, how it’s made, and how to use it. We’ll also discuss the benefits and potential risks of using this concentrate.

But first, let’s answer one essential question.

What Exactly is Budder?

Budder is one of the many forms of cannabis wax.

Wax carries different subcategories such as honeycomb and crumble, not to mention a few others.

All these forms vary in terms of the consistency and the texture, which are paramount for understanding what budder is.

Long story short, budder falls between honeycomb and crumble.

Honeycomb is a lightweight concentrate, one with an airy consistency. It looks like it has been pumped with air, breaking apart easily when you try to handle it.

Crumble is exactly what it sounds like — a concentrate that crumbles. The consistency of crumble makes it fairly easy to use as it can be fragmented by hand.

Budder, in turn, is not as light and fragile as the honeycomb but neither does it break up apart into bits like the crumble.

If you want to pick out a portion of budder to smoke it properly, you’ll need a dabber, which is a dedicated tool for handling concentrates before lighting them up in a dab rig.

One thing these forms of cannabis wax have in common is the same extraction process, with all three created using CO2 or butane extraction.

What Exactly is Budder

How Is Budder Extracted?

The extraction process of budder calls for using chemical solvents, such as butane and CO2, as already mentioned above.

These solvents soak through marijuana buds to bind to their precious resin and extract THC and CBD. In the next stage, these solvents are removed within the concentrate by heat and air pressure.

The end product contains the concentrated compound of the cannabis plant, usually ranging between 60% and 80% of THC (or CBD).

Wax manufacturers employ variations to the different stages of production to achieve unique consistencies and the subsequent categories of concentrates.

What stands behind Budder’s texture?

It all happens when the cannabinoids that have been pulled from the cannabis plant start to crystallize during the extraction procedure.

Then, the manufacturers use higher temperatures to purge these cannabinoids and whip the extract like a batter.

The purging process requires very meticulous management of temperatures and some focused whipping; if these two steps are taken care of properly, the extraction will yield very fluffy and visually tempting budder.

4 Foolproof Ways to Use Budder

People consume budder in many different ways, but most cannabis users prefer to dab this concentrate. Here’s how you can use budder to enjoy it in your everyday routine.

1. In a Joint

Could we be more obvious? Budder and joints are a perfect match, especially if you only want to spice up your cannabis experience a little bit.

When preparing your joint, divide your budder with a dabbing tool or a similar utensil. You can sprinkle the budder on top of the joint, along the whole length. For the best smoking experience, we suggest that you spread the concentrate evenly along the joint.

The only downside to using budder in a joint is the pace at which it burns. Budder, just as any other concentrate, burns slower than cannabis flowers. If any piece of the budder touches the rolling paper, it can turn your joint into a canoe, meaning it will burn unevenly.

Ways to Use Budder - Joint

2. In a Bong or Bubbler

Smoking concentrates in a bubbler or bong is no different than using weed buds for the process. All you need to do is replace your weed with the desired dose of your budder and inhale the smoke.

The problem with bongs and bubblers, though, is that concentrates tend to melt at higher temperatures than buds. Given this, it’s easy to fail to heat the concentrate properly, which often results in a poor-quality and flavorless hits.

3. Vaporization

Vaping is the healthiest way to use budder, as it doesn’t burn the material; instead, it heats the budder to the point where the cannabinoid-rich flavor is released, providing you with a smooth experience that is full of flavor.

However, keep in mind to always use a concentrate-compatible vaporizer. Only then will you be able to properly heat the budder and draw the most out of its benefits.

4. Dabbing

Dabbing is a fancy way to describe vaporizing our concentrate on a heated surface. This surface is often called a nail, and the vapor is inhaled through a device known as a dab rig.

The rig is just a water pipe with extra features to vaporize concentrates. Dabbing typically involves heating the budder with an electric heating device or a butane torch. Once the nail is red hot, you place a dab of budder onto it and suck the vapor through the rig’s mouthpiece.

Dab rigs are usually built to a higher standard than regular bongs due to the increased temperatures, so be prepared for a higher cost. When using an electrically heated device, the cost can get elevated quite significantly.

Ways to Use Budder - Dabbing

What Are the Benefits of Budder?

There’s one benefit shared by all types of concentrates — the potency of the high.

While the THC content of weed flowers can range anywhere between 10% and 26%, budder can clock in at around 80%.

This means you can achieve the same effects using much less material. The high also has a faster onset time and longer duration.

Concentrates are also beneficial for users who need instant relief from their ailments, or for people suffering from severe chronic conditions, given the concentration of cannabinoids budder comes with.

What’s your relationship with budder? How does it compare with other forms of wax you’ve tried?

Share your thoughts in the comments — we can’t wait to read your stories!


  1. olieldsl says:

    I have smoked joints for over 40 years and have started vaping only just recently (3 years), I love all the concentrates truthfully but I would always suggest that Rosin is the best why-because it is closest to the flower it is extracted from, whereas many concentrates I find lose the flavour/feeling of the flower it was extracted from.

  2. StonerBob says:

    Nice article thank you!
    I’m new in the budder world, but damn I suggest everyone that never try it to smoke budder if they can!
    Budder I had smelled really fruity, taste like candy and you get all the flavor.
    75% and more thc, the high is amazing. Not for beginner !
    I vape my budder, it’s not smelling that much around, discreet!
    I like it more than shat!

  3. Dantheman says:

    Very insightful! Learning about :Budder: 1st time I thought was like canabutter Tried crumble ,wax ect I like better in . Wintertime cuz shelf life & hot summer not shatter concentrates friend! TY