Strain Review: Bubba OG

Bubba OG Strain Review

Hybrids completely revitalized the world of cannabis strains. Of hundreds or thousands of weed flowers out there, almost every cross brings something unique to the user, be it in terms of potency, fragrance, or appearance.

Hybrid strains are generally considered to take what’s best from its parents, but what has happened to Bubba OG could easily be put in a grower’s dictionary as a “breeding wonder.”

The strain doesn’t boast the highest THC content in the world, nor is the potency indicated by the way it lands on the lungs on the inhale. But somehow, even savvy cannabis users often end up glued to the couch after getting one puff too many.

Not to mention that the high from Bubba OG lasts insanely long, with a recorded duration of almost 2 hours in one medical marijuana user in Colorado.

So, how does one create such a unique hybrid that not only takes what’s best from its lineage but also goes far beyond their capabilities?

This strain review leaves no stone unturned to answer this question.

Bubba OG: Origins & Lineage

Bubba OG is an indica-dominant hybrid created by Canadian breeders Dr. Greenthumb Seeds. The strain comes from two potent parents, the famed medical flower Pre-98 (a descendant of Bubba Kush) and Ghost OG, another member of the OG family.

Bubba OG’s genetic lineage speaks for itself; the strain has consistently high THC concentration, tested at 15% on average and reaching up to 27% in certain phenotypes.

Bubba OG Appearance

Bubba OG: Appearance

Bubba OG has an alluring bag appeal. It has small to medium-sized flowers that have a dense, bulky appearance, which is typical of most indica strains.

The leaves are reminiscent of spring green and are threaded through with red to amber-gold pistils. When you take a look at the buds from a greater distance, you’ll notice that Bubba OG is a patchwork of green, blue, purple, and orange.

The blue and purple hues come about when the strain’s anthocyanin pigments are spurred by cold weather during the vegetative stage. This, combined with a generous layer of translucent white trichomes gives Bubba OG a frosty look.

When you spot a jar of Bubba OG in a dispensary, your salivary glands will let you know immediately.

Bubba OG: Fragrance & Flavors

A properly cured flower of Bubba OG should carry the sweet fragrance of berries and citrus. Once you give it a second sniff, you’ll notice the slight influence of hash and incense coming from the double grandparent strain OG Kush. Breaking open or grinding up the flowers will welcome you with hints of fresh pine.

When you smoke or vaporize its buds, Bubba OG will give you thick, harsh clouds that may tickle the back of the throat but are surprisingly easy on the lungs. Coughing may happen if you’re an inexperienced user who’s still learning how to inhale properly.

On the exhale, Bubba OG tastes sweet like overly ripe nectarine with distinct notes of diesel fumes — it easily falls in the “pungent” category.Bubba OG Effects

Bubba OG: Effects

Bubba OG is a creeper when compared to other members of the OG family, but it hits relatively quickly for an indica-dominant hybrid. Once you’re done smoking its sweet and skunky buds, you should feel a warm sensation spreading throughout the body — this comforting feeling will slowly creep down the core and limbs, making you utterly relaxed.

The physical high is accompanied by cerebral euphoria and a subsequent focus that stays with you for the entire duration of the buzz. Many users report the irresistible urge to share good vibes with their friends, which is the result of the external stimuli popular among OG strains.

In the later phase, Bubba OG may induce a couchlock and a hazy vibe. Fear not, though, as most users are still able to maintain a clear head and stay focused on any tasks that don’t call for physical activity or coordination.

If you plan on indulging yourself in Bubba OG’s resinous nuggets, make sure you do it in the evening or when you have no serious plans ahead that day. At higher doses, the strain becomes remarkably sedating.

Bubba OG: Medical Uses

The complete sedation offered by Bubba OG can bring relief for many medical cannabis patients.

The numbing sensation in the body can ease aches and pains, whether they’re chronic or caused by an injury. Actually, many medical users use Bubba OG for the painful intraocular pressure — a primary symptom of glaucoma.

Its mood-elevating properties may also curb anxiety, reduce acute symptoms of stress, and silence depression.

Finally, the strain carries a low risk of paranoid thought patterns, so if you’re prone to THC-induced anxiety or have a low tolerance for this cannabinoid, Bubba OG is the way to go.

Bubba OG Medical Uses

Bubba OG: Possible Side Effects

Like most cannabis strains, Bubba OG brings up a serious case of cottonmouth. You can easily fight it by staying well-hydrated prior to smoking and once the session is over. We also recommend eating or drinking something sour because this will activate your salivary glands and thus quench the cottonmouth for good.

Drooping red eyes are a different story though. The high stays potent for the entire duration, and so do the side effects, so if you have plenty of stuff to do outside, you’d better switch to another strain.

Finally, some users report headaches after smoking too much of Bubba OG’s frosty buds, but then again, if you can’t keep your intake of weed in moderation, then you shouldn’t blame the strain.

Final Thoughts on Bubba OG

On the whole, Bubba OG is a must-try hybrid for every cannaisseur out there. With so much potency and outstanding effects, accompanied by complex aromas and flavors, Bubba OG has everything it takes to be considered one of the best strains to smoke in 2019. Canada knows how breeding should be done, and Bubba OG is a great testament to their craftsmanship.

Is Bubba OG on your bucket list? If you’ve had any experience with this strain, share your story in the comments — sharing is caring!

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  1. Dantheman says:

    West Coast Bubba out door very good, Pink Bubba 22& THC, Death Bubba 27% THC & Black Bubba Domina x 14% THC