Strain Review: Astroboy

Strain Review: Astroboy

Astroboy is definitely not your average recreational strain. It sets itself apart from the majority of sativa-dominant flowers with the onset time of effects and how elevated cannabis users can get after just a few puffs.

Not only that, but Astroboy also comes with a zesty terpene profile that awakens the senses with its energizing scent of tropical fruit. It can also prove an effective solution for people suffering from mental disorders, lack of motivation, and impaired focus.

Besides, when a strain gets its name from the popular Japanese manga character, there must be something in the water.

Let’s have a closer look at Astroboy’s buds and see if it actually deserve the hype it’s been recently getting among recreational users.

Astroboy: Genetics & THC Content

This sativa-leaning hybrid has a unique backstory to feature. The strain was created by TGA Subcool Seeds through crossbreeding one of their experiments “Taco” (a cross between Ortega and Cinderella 99) with a few of their rare female Apollo-13. The latter is rumored to be absolutely unique with only 500 seeds produced to this day.

The child of TGA Subcool Seeds turned out a marvelous and unrivaled but, both in terms of the appearance and a heavy yield. According to the breeders, many conservative weed enthusiasts have swapped some of their long-time favorite buds in favor of the fresh Astroboy.

Astroboy’s THC content has been measured at around 21%. While it’s far from strains like King Tut or Gorilla Glue have to offer, it can pack a serious punch, especially when smoked by inexperienced users.

Astroboy Genetics & THC Content

Astroboy: Appearance

Astroboy grows only small to medium-sized flowers, which is not typical of sativa varieties, but as we said, this isn’t your average sativa. The flowers cling together in tightly packed, rocky formations.

Once you examine the buds, you’ll notice a structure that leans more toward indica than sativa, with clustered leaves that range from vibrant green to yellowish in color. The leaves are threaded through with orange and rust-colored pistils and are blanketed with a generous layer of translucent white trichomes.

Astroboy: Fragrances and Flavors

When smelling the flowers of Astroboy, the first impression that may strike you is the distinct aroma of tangy citrus. However, once you give it a second whiff, the strain reveals some unexpectedly sour notes as well, which smells more like a grapefruit than a tangerine.

Grinding up these clustered buds releases a sour funk, smelling like skunk mixed with diesel fumes — perhaps due to the influence of Shiva Skunk in parent strain Cinderella’s background.

When smoking Astroboy, expect a smooth smoke that is easy both on the throat and lungs. The smoke is reminiscent of citrus and skunk on the exhale, so yes, the aroma definitely carries over to the strain’s flavor.

Certain phenotypes of Astroboy also carry a delicate watermelon flavor.

Astroboy Fragrances and Flavors

Astroboy: Effects

When it comes to the effects, Astroboy is a textbook example of a sativa-dominant hybrid. The strain starts working shortly after users have finished indulging in its fruity smoke.

The moment the high kicks in, smokers may experience a sudden headrush combined with slight dizziness and temples around the eyes. You might also notice some flushing in the face resulting from the aforementioned headrush, and an increase in salivation, too.

While this doesn’t sound like the most pleasant way to kickstart your day with cannabis, consumers become skyrocketed into an elevated plane full of creative ideas and concepts flowing rapidly through their brains. This is the time when you may want to hold up on that joint and analyze your thoughts or target them into an inspirational conversation.

This type of cerebral mindset is helpful for tasks that require you to stay focused on detail-oriented, analytical work. It may also boost your creative energy, so if you’re brainstorming or doing some open-ended projects, Astroboy is the way to go.

Even as the high continues to work its way through the body, Astroboy doesn’t tend to leave its users with the heavy physical relaxation that comes with more indica-leaning strains. On the contrary, it may even motivate you to burn off the extra energy with a light to moderate workout. Alternatively, you can use the strain as a fun way to get through mundane tasks like doing the dishes or cleaning the house.

Because of its strong sativa trains and unabated energy level Astroboy provides, the strain is recommended for morning and daytime consumption.

Astroboy: Medical Applications

Astroboy’s creatively stimulating effects can also prove invaluable for medical cannabis patients. The feeling of cerebral focus that comes the moment the THC enters the bloodstream may aid concentration for those with attention deficit disorders.

If you feel overloaded with stress or suffer from depression, the upbeat vibes coming with each puff from Astroboy may also temporarily relieve their symptoms.

The strain is also recommended for mild to moderate pain, both chronic and acute. However, if you have low THC tolerance or are prone to panic, we suggest that you look for something less potent.

Astroboy Medical Applications

Astroboy: Side Effects

Astroboy is an excellent stimulating smoke, but like most cannabis strains, it comes with some typical side effects. These include dry mouth, red eyes, cottonmouth, and munchies — as long as you consider munchies a side effect.

As mentioned, those with low THC tolerance or natural endocannabinoid levels may also experience THC-induced anxiety or create paranoid thinking patterns. If you’re one of those users, then you might want to microdose this strain or switch to something with a lower THC content.

Final Thoughts on the Astroboy Cannabis Strain

Astroboy is an outstandingly invigorating strain. The uplifting, cerebral buzz offered by its bulky buds can keep the user creative and full of positive energy throughout the day, turning even the most boring drudgery into a joyful adventure. If you break it out at parties, make sure you’ve taken enough to share, as its tempting aroma will turn some heads in the room.

What’s your favorite use of Astroboy? Is it a part of your wake and bake routine, or do you prefer to blaze it in social settings?

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  1. Dantheman says:

    Very well done article! ty I have only ordered it once 5* for sure I like it around 530pm starts eve off right &
    l smoke Indica 420. Like Cindy 99 & Apollo13 Better then the cartoon when we call our friends after, Ty Global
    It was priced $160 & compared feelings to Amnesia haze IMO Tony please grow will take us to the moon
    I agree 0 side effects if anything I felt refreshed after 50 min nice sativa high