28g Surprise Sample Pack

(126 customer reviews)

$160.00 $145.00

Batch Date: Sept 29, 2019

A collection of AAA+ strains we have had over the course of our launch..

Note price increase was because we realized our cheapest ounce on our menu is $160.. we are providing a product with variety, which does take time to prepare. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation

8x 3.5 Grams (EIGHTHS)



8 Different Strains

Some classic and favourite strains are here 😉 get it while QUANTITIES LAST!

Some eighths will be scrappy, or popcorn however for the value and price, you’re treating yourself to a blast to the past #nostalgia

The popular Blue Moonrocks / Purple Moonrocks etc series will be included 😀 ( NOT IN EVERY PACK )






Out of stock

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UPDATED May 12, 2019

All strains provide great medicinal effects for;

Here are some of Tony's personal strain suggestions =),

BC BIG BUD - Great classic bang for buck strain with nice caked big nugs

Sugar Shack - super classic strain with a rich aroma, nice dense nugs, nice burning, fantastic bang for buck batch

Purple Nuken - bang for buck, great for day time usage.. caked good burn, white ash, quality smoke

Purple Thunder - super potent, smells like dank bud, shit gets you good!

Bruce Banner - Covered in caked with trichomes. Super Potent and sticky

Godfather OG - top notch.. high in THC very potent, super caked and dense nugs

Green Farm's Jet Fuel OG - Jumbo nugs, beautiful covered in cake + trichomes rich explosion kush smell , super potent

California Haze - oh god, super potent weed for the price, and AMAZING smell. I LOVE IT

Rockstar Bubba Kush - Super potent, super skunky and gassy.

Green Farm's Animal Cookies - Great aroma, caked, and purple buds, Perfect for a wake n bake

$100 OG- Great Bang for buck strain

Black Diesel - Great sweet nose with great large dense nugs. Perfect as a daytime strain.

Grease Monkey - Super potent and Great smoke Can't go wrong with this one!

Tony's Violator - Need something to wake n bake? This one is the perfect one!!

Tony's Black Tuna - Great couch locking strain at a lower price point. Nice and dense nugs!

126 reviews for 28g Surprise Sample Pack

  1. Trey Lewis (verified owner)

    Cant wait to get another sample pack last pack was bomb

  2. Tegridy Jungle Bud (verified owner)

    They have all been amazing, thank you very much. I ordered 2 ozs and in that I got: Afghan,og,sugar kush,super lemon head,island sweet berry,ram haze, gf blue tuna, tonys green crack, tonys stinky, t.p kush,stinky bubba, tom ford pink, candy jack #2, island haze and w bags of grease monkey 🙂 amazing!

  3. MartinSmokesRoaches (verified owner)


  4. lensmals (verified owner)

    Recieved: Organic Bubba
    Grape God
    T Purple Mamba
    GF Strawberry Cough
    Golden Goat
    GF Jet Fuel
    T White God
    All nice strains to try with good value & decent high’s.
    Thanks Tony

  5. bnmv (verified owner)

    love this site

  6. Ape123 (verified owner)

    Been wanting to try for awhile hopefully get some moon rocks

  7. deez (verified owner)

    great way to try some strains, thx so much

  8. bnmv (verified owner)

    these variety packs are always fun

  9. Jordan Taylor (verified owner)

    Trying it again grate way to find you favorite kind

  10. Dantheman (verified owner)

    1. Volcano— Fire OG x Jet Fuel 10 all boxes AAAA-
    2. Pine Tar Kush— Nice Indica Dom landrace Pakistan 8.5 all boxes AAA+
    3. Dutch Treat—- Sativa 9 all boxes AA+ Must try OZ worthy!
    4. Grape Ape- Hybrid Mendo Purps x Afghani Skunk 19% THC AAA 8 all boxes
    5. GF Lyndsay OG 26% AAAA Very nice high 9.1 all boxes. Must try reorder!
    6. Tony’s Raspberry Kush AAA+ 8.1 all boxes very tasty berry High TY!
    7. Agent Orange— Orange Kush x Cali orange originated Florida AA Sativa 16% THC
    8. Watermelon Skittelz– Taste 10 high 7.5 Sour patch kiss like. 21% THC Hybrid

  11. donnaj73@outlook.com (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this once and now this is all I buy!!! Absolutely loved it!!

  12. Dantheman (verified owner)

    Green C. & Budget C
    Crystal Coma
    GF Laughing Buddha
    OG Kush
    Cookie Dough
    Sweet Cheese
    Alien Wreck
    SC & AW AAAA Cookie LB CC AAA GC AA+

  13. Jonnyappleseeds (verified owner)

    Excellent way to Try a bunch of different kinds , before purchasing a larger quantity .

  14. Dantheman (verified owner)

    Always buy @ least 2 of this great CW deal!
    1. Purple Champagne… Sativa GDP (rare) x pink Phantom aka panties in OKA P. panther 25 % THC 5* AAAA+

    2. Critical Hog 15% THC Sat Dom hybrid Mexican landrace AA+ 7.5 4* (rare) smells like smoked bacon.

    3.Straberry Shortcake S.Diesel x Mint cookies 23% THC 80/20 Sat Dom Recommend 8.25 all boxes rare!

    4. Ghost Train Haze 10 AAAA 5* Nevilles Wreck x Ghost OG Sat Dom Experienced 32% THC!!! fuk moonrocks

    5. Purple Skunk Yummy Bag appeal 10 hybrid strong 19% THC very Purp & very skunk AAA+

    6. Purple Punch GDP x Lemon Larry For everyone weed Enjoyable 7.77 partake anytime!

    7. Tony’s Chocolope 95% Sativa Choc diesel x chem dawg 4? Tasty AA+ Hyper buzz!

    8. GF Purple Berry GDP x Blue HOF classic! Rather have 2 0z then 3 of 3 kinds same price!

    0z #2 No Moonrocks but wow ty Tony CW Amazing gems This is fun, amazing Deal!

    1. Red Dragon… 7.5 Sativa tasty rare treat guessing Panama red x Kali redhead?

    2. Biker Kush x Amnesia Haze…Where’s my bike? 25% THC Sat Dom taste Hash like

    3. The Loops Trippy 70s Tasted like Hawaiian Skunk AAA rare

    4. Dancehall AA= 6.5 most boxes 15.5% THC better x strain Rare AA

    5.Tonys GOD Rules scrappy but XXX x Alpha makes OG 20.5% THC! Order it! AAA+

    6. Black Jack 21% THC Jack Hare AAA x Black Domina 24% THC its Hybrid High!

    7. GF God’s Ink God Bud 17.77% THC x Squid Spot 14.5% THC RARE! 8 AAA

    8. Chiesel …Sour D. 26 % THC Sat 90 Dom x UK cheese 15.7 % THC 70 IND

  15. Pierroz (verified owner)

    Thanks CW, I had 2 of them for 14 strains no moon rocks great deal

  16. Gobig4life (verified owner)

    Best oz I’ve ever bought all eights were over weight as well.
    -gf zombie Kush (so tasty)
    -gf violator
    -gf White cookies
    -kali mist
    -purple Mystic
    -Tony’s bubba (so strong)

  17. Dantheman (verified owner)

    1. Purple Wizard 10 Indica–Very strong buy some when crop comes in! AAAA 24% THC
    2. Afghan Bull rider 8.75 Indica Dom hybrid==Must try very unique AAA+18.9% THC
    3. Green Ribbon 7.25 Hybrid Sativa Dom AA cross of G.Crack, GDP may cause jitters tingly headband 23% THC
    4. Blue Mystic 9.1 hybrid nice blue strain Great day weed! feel healthy mental & physical 21.6% THC
    5. GF Zombie Wreck 9.3 sativa hybrid if u like Train W or Pine Express u will love clean smooth! 16.8% THC
    6. Purple Crunch 9.2 Indica Hybrid Strong PK Recommend! thankful Purple fans rejoice! 22.1% YHC
    7. Cloud 7.8 hybrid rare unique Cali redhead 13% THC x white frost 21% this cloud guess 17.77% THC
    8. GF Jedi Kush 10 high CBD had once b4 2012 dealer sold out quick! no sequel till now ty 14% THC 3.5% CBD

  18. sha33 (verified owner)

    Best deal online

    I was more than amazed with the speed with which my order was processed during Easter. Shipped from coast to coast in 2 days all came individual packed and labeled. None of them where bad at all they were all good, some a bit dryer than others but the potency was still there.

    In my pack I got a very nice and tasty variety.

    Durban Poison x Green Crack
    Wild Thunder
    Blue Mamba
    Tony’s OG Kush
    Black Nuken

  19. lizorama (verified owner)

    Happiest mail from Canada Post I ever received 🙂

    Greenfarm’s Juicy Fruit – Hybrid Sativa Dominant
    Tony’s Durban Poison – Sativa
    PinkDawg – AAAA+ Indica
    Sister Glue – Hybrid Indica Dominant
    Pink God – Hybrid Indica Dominant
    Greenfarm’s Pineapple Express – Hybrid Sativa Dominant
    Bomb OG – Hybrid Indica Dominant
    Nuken X Lemon Thai – Hybrid.

    Ordered again!

  20. Smokey4201986 (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to get home and open this one . Sample packs are always awsome. Ordered Friday at the house Monday

  21. pl2 (verified owner)

    The best purchase I made in my entire life! Thanks for taking the time to mark the flower. I felt like a child when I open it. You are the best guys. Super tasty flower ! Hope those suprise pack come back available soon 🙂

  22. Superkyle (verified owner)

    Great pick if your looking to try a variety of weed.

  23. Richwhit (verified owner)

    Pink Star
    Bomb OG
    Purple Train wreck
    T Blue Magic
    T Nuken
    Golden Lemon
    GF GGG (???)

  24. Lucas (verified owner)

    If you are looking just to pick up one oz from this site this is where you go can’t beat all this variety for the price.

  25. rsk (verified owner)

    Cherry Bomb
    Sugar Cookie
    Rock Candy
    Mango Sherbert
    Purple Space Monkey
    Zedd X Animal Cookies
    Durban Poison
    Laughing Buddha

  26. krypto13 (verified owner)

    i receive my stuff today and very happy with it, thanks

  27. PeaceMan (verified owner)

    Wow amazing,in order of what i liked most
    #1 Wild thunder
    #2 Grease Monkey
    #3 Tonys black tuna
    #4 Incredible hulk
    #5 (ggc) god green crack
    #6 Purp. Space queen
    #7 kali mist
    #8 lemon god.
    Cant wait to get more! So delicious!

  28. Benito (verified owner)

    Merci pour paquet surprise la satisfaction est encore au rendez-vous les produit sont beau et très adorant et de saveur très variée(j aime)♥️

  29. SirSmokesAlot (verified owner)

    This was a nice surprise 🙂 especially for the price.

  30. Stan Maclean (verified owner)

    Thanks Tony great way to try different strains.
    Twisted Citrus
    Blackberry Kush
    T.green bubba i think
    T. lindsay og
    T. Kosher
    Juicy Fruit

  31. Amygrahamloves (verified owner)

    Best sample pack ever!! We didn’t get “no fuck around” weeds, all AAA for sure. I’m loving this pack and the whole idea that comes with it. I love how there are 8 different incredibly good weed choices, something for every part of my day!!! Thank you!!


    – pink bubba
    – grease monkey
    – tp bubba
    – grapefruit chemo
    – gf bb
    – pink kush
    – golden pineapple
    – White Moorocks!

    So pleased with my pack. All the eighth’s were on point for weight and bud structure.. no scrappy popcorn and was cured perfectly (not too dry/ not too damp. It’s not something that we would use buy but because tony has so many good weed choices, it makes it impossible to know what you want or what you are missing. Soo this gives you an opportunity to find a strain that suits you …best. And BANG for buck, regardless of why you did it.. you can’t go wrong! Thank you!

  32. kris2323 (verified owner)

    Shipping was very quick. I haven’t tried any yet as I just picked it up. Here is what i received:
    P. Space queen
    T. Black tuna
    Incredible hulk
    Wild thunder
    Kali mist
    Lemon god
    and a mystery one with nothing wrote on it haha.
    Can’t wait to go try something out!

  33. Goldenboy (verified owner)

    Great way to try new strains! Especially if your new to this. I was a little disappointed as I received 2 nukem’s…

  34. Drose1592 (verified owner)

    Good way to try out different strains to find whats good for you!!

  35. thebigbologna84 (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this. Good variety of quality, from AAA- to AAAA. Would buy again! I can’t remember the strains, I had the January batch, but just missed out on the April.

  36. Becca22 (verified owner)

    Amazing variety got 3 different purple strains my favorite being Purple Voodo, very good price for such a big variety all the nugs are great no stems, the variety pack is a great deal if u wanna test some of the strains, Thanks CP keep up the great work.

  37. Samii0407 (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this surprise sample pack I’ll definitely be doing this again!! Thank you so much!

    Strains I received:
    Racefuel OG – Hybrid
    Gods Gift – Indica
    PSC (Pearl Scout Cookies) – Hybrid
    T. ATF (Tony’s Alaskan Thunderfuck) – Sativa
    ISS x JH (Island Sweet Skunk x Jack Herer?) – Sativa
    Golden Pineapple – Hybrid
    Lemon God – Sativa


  38. Josh12378 (verified owner)

    Got a very purple pack! Purple goddess, purple cream, purple diamond and some other goodies like nuken and el jefe. I got a pink bubba from tony and a normal one which was cool as well! Overall really nice pack, would definitely buy again!!

  39. Trey Lewis (verified owner)

    This will be the first time ordering this sample pack will update you all what I get when it’s here Tuesday

  40. Scoth (verified owner)

    Hey cw I got 2x sweet jesus
    Lemon zest
    Kali must ( my favorite so far)
    Purple amnesia
    Purple nuken
    And lemon candy. I’ve tried kaki bcr and sweet jesus. 10 out of 10 for all.

  41. Herbal Knowledge (verified owner)

    Wish I bought another!

    Purple Alien Monster – Indica
    Purple Diesel – Sativa
    Frost Bite – Sativa
    Hawaiian Tropic – Sativa Hybrid
    Purple Nuken – Indica
    Alaskan Thunder Fuck – Sativa Dominant Hybrid
    Tony’s Lemon Kush – Indica Hybrid
    Purple Big Bud – Indica

    All of these strains have their own traits, was awesome!(orange hair, purple, almost blueish,all shades of green, brown hairs and lot and LOTS of purple). Nothing was too dry for the most part which was nice. Got a nice mix of Sativa, Indica and hybrid’s, If your looking for quality in the marijuana your buying with a nice price point Cheapweed.ca is the way to go! I ended up showing off all the strains I got in this box on my YouTube channel. Took a pictures and left a description of each and even more info on Instagram. Check out if interested (YouTube-Herbal Knowledge,Instagram-herbalknowledge). Thanks again you guys!!

  42. Herbal Knowledge (verified owner)

    Wish I bought another!, All of these strains have their own traits, was awesome!(orange hair, purple, almost blueish,all shades of green, brown hairs and lot and LOTS of purple). Nothing was too dry which was nice. Got a nice mix of Sativa and Indica, If your looking for quality in the marijuana your buying with a nice price point Cheapweed.ca is the way to go! I ended up showing off all the strains I got in this box on my YouTube channel. Took a picture and left a description of each and even more info on Instagram. Check out if interested (YouTube-Herbal Knowledge,Instagram-herbalknowledge). Thanks again you guys!!

  43. Matdelo (verified owner)

    Good selection of great quality weed perfect to do some discovery and try different stuff but I prefer to buy 3 different ounce at the time you got 3 strain and the deal is awesome

  44. angiemom (verified owner)

    And this is our third pack what a great idea so we all can try lots of strains to see what helps us the best or just to see what ones you like the best we were very happy with all three this is what we got in number three
    Riddle Berry
    Frosty Flake
    Wild Berry
    Darth Vader OG
    BC Big Bud
    Holy Grail
    Rockstar Master Kush
    Jet Fuel OG

  45. angiemom (verified owner)

    This is are second one still no moon rock but we got
    Sour Diesel
    Riddle berry
    Tony’s Girl Scout Cookie
    Romulan #2
    Wild Berry
    Pink Bubba
    Tony’s Pre 98
    Chocolate Mint

  46. angiemom (verified owner)

    what a great way to try strain we got
    Romulan haze,
    Tony’s Pink
    White Dream
    Super Melon
    Ak God
    Blue Magic
    Tony’s Nuken

  47. Dantheman (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 All spot on weights. Trim 10 no scrap no popKorn all 9-10/ 5*+ AAA-AAAA
    White Moonrocks: 10 dense solid 90 minute Peak High Amazing Best whites train including Jack, Frost, Widow, Rhino, & oh those Russians Buy this if u can Solid Indica High!
    Purple Nuken: x 2. 9’s across the board smell. sight, smokes, high 9 I rec. it 2wice: Have not bitched @ CW in a year, Not starting now lol Its 3 way x so 7g of it I b fine! Buy if u not try!
    Sour Punch: 10 unique smell taste like fruity warheads. Rare treat ty Sativa high lasted me all am.Not focused Luv that!! 1hr after u wake no wake n bake Strong shit Here! 2 sweet b Sour
    Frostbite: looked 6.9 High 9.6 Wow impressed Longevity!! Munchies Feeling Fantasstic effects Buy again Recommend looks are not everything Really nice sloshy eyes .5g joint raw pape ty
    Lemon Zest: x2 Sight 7 taste 8 High 9.5 Really hits u & does not stop 2hrs! Afternoon am 420 weed Top 3 all lemon. Zest don’t need a shower effects dopey, dyslexic happy Recommend
    P. Amnesia…Cant remember.. Nice Jamacian strong 27% THC Luv it does make me dumb & dumber sumtimes in a room I’m dumbest… depends how many pets? its a 9! Recommend reorder
    Gelato: Ordered 0z b4 Best price @ CW! Taste scent Heavenly 10+ High 9 energising delitfeful, Recommend but I wont reorder had my time with gelato Great memories this is Quad+ AAAAA
    Pink Soda: Bag appeal 10 taste 9 scent 10 I liked it better then Cherry & purple Gave me summertime feel in still snowy freezing rain weather Helps SAD, Depression. Pain, Anxiety Buy this!
    Nuken x lemon Thai: 9+ checks all boxes! Reorder Recommend Lasts nice & long smokes beautiful. Great Hybrid up for anything & doing nothing. chill relaxed confident weed! ty luv this x!
    Girl friends JF?: Tony’s GF grew Jet fuel? I am honoured! She has green thumb too! Best Jet fuel ever 10+ Nice solid nuggets High is very present, I will cherish the package Made me Happy!
    Banana Splitz: Wow 10+ Quad Royal treat! Effects: monkeying around, Peeled off slippery, Better then banana kush! Taste like a sundae citusy. High Was ultimate! Better smoking the Peel
    BC PR? big bud x purpkush? Bag appeal 9 High 10 Stronger then GDP Like p candy but stronger Its baffled me its very purp very BC Very Good Awesum like a bit of mystery ?? reorder>/?
    Lemon Candy: Its a Dandy Sniffed it 6x b4 smoking Best lemon ever? close AAAA 9-10 effects bag appeal, taste REORDER Recommend TY nice treat best in all Kandy strains Cotton close 2nd
    Violator: 17% THC Malana X Hindu. Hash buzz really enjoyed 9 looks 9 smokes& taste 10 High. Takes my pain away leaves me stoned for over 90 mins! Violated me in best way. Me too!

  48. lensmals (verified owner)

    We received: Jet FuelXOg Zombie, P. Hashplant, P.Nuken, T’s Yoda, P. Mamba, Green Crack#2, T’s Blue Magoo, Dr Death
    The last one to try was Dr Death…best to the end!!! But all strains worthwhile to try great to have a real sample pack..
    Thanks much Tony & CW staff…you are the best!!!

  49. NJDevils66621 (verified owner)

    Not bad…depends on the strains. 4/5

  50. Wanks18 (verified owner)

    Incredible Hulk was awesome, great idea love it

  51. caperchris (verified owner)

    hey guys so i ordered this package basically for research purchases for my next order. Very impressed with the quality and service provided here.

    i received

    Ts Incredible Hulk
    Purple Big Bud
    Gods Green Crack i think? GGC was labeled
    Grease Monkey
    zedd x lemon zest
    PCG <- wondering what this one is

    tried Ts incredible hulk first havent tried a tony strain and wasnt disappointed! thanks guys

  52. leanslow (verified owner)

    Awesome! got : T. Lindsay OG ; Juicy Fruit ; Green Crack ; T. UK ; Headband ; Nuken ; Hawaiian Haze ; Grape Fruit Haze.

    Impressed by the quality for the price, nice trim overall

    Ordered 31 march got it 4 april

    I think as a new member it’s perfect deal to get a good idea if you like CW or not… Not everyone would spend more than 100$ for ONE strain and not knowing if its safe/good first.

    Will buy again, Thanks CW!

  53. 4201 (verified owner)

    Got this today and gotta day really impressed in the quality of all eight strains .. yess has to try them all haha I received
    Lemon Kush, nuken, green crack,the great Kush, Tony’s blue magic , Tony’s UK (cheese) I think,twisted citrus, and Alaskan thunder fuck. all of them were a little over in weight which is awesome definitely no complaints I’m hoping to try another sample packs in the future if there still available amazing job to Tony and his team top notch gear

  54. inked33 (verified owner)

    I got laughing Buddha, nuken haze, the great kush, Tony’s lemon kush, nuken, Tony’s Maui wowie, sweet Jesus and pineapple candy. I was hoping for the purple moon rocks but happy with what I got.

  55. Vader (verified owner)

    The great kush
    T’s blue heron
    T’s green bubba
    Zombie kush
    T’s blue magic
    The Tsb had buds a little bit smaller than the others but they all look very good. Looking forward to trying these. TYVM Tony.

  56. Awesomecole (verified owner)

    Got all 8 and i got it a day earlier. I got Blue Horon,GF GGC, T Nukem, T Purple Haze, T. UK CHZ, T. Kasher, and T.lemon diesel.

  57. Kmmclean86 (verified owner)

    First timer here and was super pleased
    Candy Land
    Grapefruit haze
    Nukem x White rhino
    Cali purple
    Cali diesel x sour candy
    El Nino
    T. Pre 98
    (Not sure what some of them are lol this is just what was written on each package)
    It would be nice if it was stated on the packages if it was an indica, sativa or hybrid for people like me who are new to all of this
    Thanks a bunch!! You have gained a repeat customer !

  58. jammin’stoned (verified owner)

    Blue Diesel, Bruce Banner X Holy Grail, Tony’s Green Crack, Headband, Stinky Bubba, Nuken, Tony’s Lemon Kush and God’s Gift. All 1/8’s have nice bag appeal. no popcorn. Tried the bb X hg, very nice. Cheers

  59. deez (verified owner)

    wish more of you guys would post up what 8 strains ya got, lol….\m/

  60. Josh12378 (verified owner)

    Awesome product, best way to experiment without buying mad quantities. Will buy often because of the higher end weeds that come in it.

  61. Jack black (verified owner)

    10/10 would order again!

  62. Jack black (verified owner)

    Was decent was kindve expecting more bag appeal but got me mad stoned so i am pleased 🙂

  63. Eskimo420 (verified owner)

    this stuff is lit af i like how it brought back old strains 10/10

  64. Steve V (verified owner)

    Got all new strains and they were all very nice

  65. senior420 (verified owner)

    First time ordering from CW. Cool idea to do a sample pack and seems to be good quality, however I was disappointed to only received 7/8 strains (short 3.5g). Tony gave me a $20 off coupon which is cool if you order frequently, however an oz can last me quite a long time so I feel as if I’m obligated to order from CW again just to get what I originally paid for?

  66. Wheresaldo93 (verified owner)

    Was pleasantly surprised with my order.

    First time ordering was this sample pack – I Was a little sceptical about the ordering process at first, but once package came in I could tell that everything was handled with care and passion.

    Quality bud from all 8 strains.

    Will order again hoping for the moonrocks! Lol

  67. Steve V (verified owner)

    Got all nice strains no moonrocks though

  68. Ethermind49 (verified owner)

    Once again impressed! They say variety is the spice of life and this provides just that. All good strains and potent. Great buy!

  69. Dozer89 (verified owner)

    Great way to test multiple strains and a good surprise

  70. Abhishek (verified owner)

    Awesome, New customer will be coming back for sure. Good price and service. Got 8 random sample packs no duplicates.

  71. mattmatt97 (verified owner)

    Got my package yesterday, I got ;

    Purple Widow
    Astro Kush
    Bubba Og
    Blue chesse
    Kosher Kush
    Tony’s god’s green crack
    Blue Magic

    Everything is good 🙂

  72. deez (verified owner)

    very pleased. Great way to try the strains. thx so much

    Black Widow
    P Amnesia
    Super Lemonhead
    Purple Diamond
    Tony’s Pink Kush
    Tony’s God Bubba

  73. al9 (verified owner)

    I Love the Surprise Sample packs , I have purchased 3 so far and all have been excellent in quality, quantity, and great mixed of strains , only 3 of the same stains out of the 3 packs purchased but haven’t had moonrocks yet . Various tastes and outcomes is what I enjoy . Keep up the good work Tony and crew . Thanx

  74. Wtfpwnsmash (verified owner)

    8 different strains of love. Only got 1 I had before, all good….no moon rock 🙁 but for the value on variety you cant go wrong thanks CW. 4.5/5

  75. Steve V (verified owner)

    No moon rocks but 8 killer strains

  76. Jap420 (verified owner)

    ordered 1 sample pack n received
    White rhino x Nuken
    Tony’s Kandy kush
    Tony’s Incredible Hulk
    Citrus haze
    Durban poison x white widow
    Ace of spades
    Definitely would order again, good chance to try a variety of strains

  77. panzer (verified owner)

    No moonrocks for panzer 🙁 . And sadly i got 3 strains out of 8 that ialready tried . But .. well i would really feel bad for giving a rating lower than 5 star because everything is so perfect on cw.ca
    Tony is the best in the west.

  78. mnegreiff (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this buy. Eight strains and all were very good. The problem now is deciding which stains to buy next. Thanks Tony!

  79. matchclock5 (verified owner)

    Received Tony’s OG, Tony’s Blueberry, Mango Haze, Lemon Z (zest?), Ace (Ace of Spades?), Purple Amnesia, Purple Candy, and Vortex. No moonrocks but was still definitely pleased with the selection. 5/5

  80. Katelynnbev (verified owner)

    Awesome! First time ordering and loved every bit of it. Even packaging was A1. That first smell when u open a sealed box of weed the strains i received were :
    G13 ( my favourite)
    Tony Blueberry
    Durban Poison
    Lemon Zest
    Darth Vader OG
    Purple Mamba
    Tony Pre 98

  81. joe22001 (verified owner)

    Great customer service,fast delivery ,fresh tasty buzz, Tony is a star as usual .

  82. Jordan Taylor (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend to find out your strain that works perfect for you. I wish they would come out with more variety packs the smart way for them to obtain more customers and for the customer to find what strain works best for them I ordered this yesterday and I can’t wait for it to come in I will have more recommendations then

  83. panzer (verified owner)

    **cross fingers** for moon rocks

  84. Braddd (verified owner)

    Amazing! Absolutely perfext for someone who is unsure what they want to order on this terrific site! Honestly no better customer service in my experience online or in person than Tonys. Hats off to you! As for my sample pack it was perfext. The only strain I didn’t enjoy was spur cheese! Sample pack contents were :

    Purple moonrocks
    Oh kush
    Blue dream
    Romulan #2
    Black Jamba
    Strawberry cough
    Sour cheese

    The last one was a diesel but I cannot seem to remember the name.
    Next time I’m ordering this sample pack again! 5*****

  85. t_tibs (verified owner)

    Awesome. Great service from CW. In my Sample bud pack was:

    Purple Moonrocks
    Purple Space Monkey
    King’s Kush
    Purple Cream
    Strawberry Cough
    Wild Berry
    Tony’s Bubba

    An ounce of 8 different strains.. all for $133 (with my 5% discount) + delivered in less than 48 hours to Quebec. Insane deal! Thank you CW for top customer service.
    I’ll be a repeat customer for sure. Grab this deal if you can!!

  86. George Arnold (verified owner)

    Great variety, great smoke as always…
    Watermelon (my next buy)
    Lemon Thai
    Blue Mystic
    Tony’s White Kush
    Durban Poison
    Green Poison
    And 2 more I can’t seem to remember…:)

  87. Tim (verified owner)

    Great way to help with your next mix/match pack. Some strains I never would have purchased but were great! More than a few were almost 0.5g overweight. Thanks for the offer. 🙂

    Blue Mystic
    Blue Drean
    White Kush
    Black diamond
    Sour cheese
    Pre 98 Bubba

  88. Rizzy Dizzy 420 (verified owner)

    I got the purple moonrocks as my moonrocks sample eigth and of it ever comes in stock I want it lolol!! My favourite strain ever created

  89. fengler (verified owner)

    Great way to get some samples and try some of the different strains I got 1 hoping to get another

  90. marchandpt (verified owner)

    I love this I smoke every day so I like mixing it up and the price is also good , when it came some packs were a little shy ,but Tony made it right I am hoping it becomes available again soon. OH ya no moonrocks maybe next time . Thanks again Tony

  91. KingGanja (verified owner)

    I ordered two of these surprise packs really enjoyed so far sadly no moonrocks for me favourite thing about these packs are the variety you gotta love experimenting with different strains only downside was I got doubles of about 4 different kinds but I don’t really mind as most of the packs were over 3.5g here is what I got (Sour Diesel X2,Blue Dream X2,Nuken X2,Grape Ape X2,Godddess,Durban Poison,Sour Cheese,Black Cherry Soda,Pink Kush,Pink Bubba and my favourite I got a unmarked mystery bag

  92. Jetsfann21@hotmail.com (verified owner)

    Very good taste! Very good smoke!very great price and my girlfriend loved it! Would order again!

  93. Smokey4201986 (verified owner)

    Scored the purple moonrock , can’t wait for these packs to come out again awsome way to figure out what you want to purchase in the future … thanks again tony

  94. Lippertpainting (verified owner)

    I buy a surprise bag every time I see them in stock at cheapweed.
    Amazing way to try various types of strains without breaking the bank.
    A must for every enthusiast

  95. Brandonlocking (verified owner)

    Very good deal, I got to try lots of different kinds I’ve never tried before, I love the aurora

  96. Leon Houle (verified owner)

    Ordered Tuesday and it came Thursday to Wpg…In my order I received:
    Purple Cream
    BC Big Bud
    AK God
    Kings Kush
    Wild berry
    Sugar Shack
    Orange Crush
    They all look pretty tasty..can’t wait to try it out

  97. 195643463 (verified owner)

    very nice variety

  98. Daniel (verified owner)

    Got my second sample pack in less than a month because this deal is just that good. If you’re hesitating or wondering about quality, don’t.

    My selection is:

    Purple Hashplant
    Mendo Breath
    Bubba Kush
    Fucking Incredible
    Pres OG
    Berry Bomb
    Purple Voodoo
    Mango Haze

    Still working through the first pack I ordered, and the five strains I’ve tried from that are all fire. I haven’t tried these yet, but they look beautiful. No popcorn and minimal scrappiness on a few strains, probably because they’re bottom of the bag. Keep up the awesome work Tony =)

  99. Nick (verified owner)

    8…..8!???? 8!!!!! Different 8ths!! xD a no brainer for those price and the chance to go to the moon! ( Possible moonrock) <3 got mine but no moon. Better luck next time me !

  100. Mike J. (verified owner)

    I got lots good ones no moon rocks but like the idea it’s good if u new here n haven’t tried many

  101. Matthew (verified owner)

    Was a good variety good for the price would buy again

  102. Daniel (verified owner)

    This was an awesome purchase and I would do it again in a heartbeat. This was my selection:

    Alien Cookies
    Black Diesel
    Tony’s Pre 98 Bubba
    Granddaddy Purple
    Black Tuna
    Tom Ford

    Some are stronger than others, and one of the strains, the black diesel, was a little bit scrappier and than I’d like, but that’s as advertised, and the overall quality and variety of highs more than makes up for it. This an easy buy. Thanks Tony!

  103. Jokeefe (verified owner)

    This was perfect for my first order. I received so many good strains. It’s just right to figure out what strain is best for you. <3

  104. Steve S. (verified owner)

    What a great way to try out different varieties and at a great price too!!

  105. w keddy (verified owner)

    Was happy with my strains last time I ordered I just forgot to write a review

  106. Justin (verified owner)

    Was a good mix some much better then others

  107. Rebecca Henderson (verified owner)

    Love this deal.
    Like having a few different strains to try b4 ordering.
    I got…
    Black DOG
    Bio Diesel
    Island Pink
    White Bubba
    Pre 98 Bubba
    And Sour berry X2
    Wish I didn’t get a double….but that’s ok….great deal.

  108. ConsciousS (verified owner)

    I bought 4 Sample Packs. So far I have tried;

    Burmese Kush
    Black Water
    Ak 47
    Bubble Gum

    I enjoyed all of them. Some of them were mild and just a nice light buzz others were really strong and pack a huge punch. I really am enjoying this order. It is really fun having a huge selection of strains to choose from. I did get the Blue Moon Rock Series which I gifted to a friend. So I havent had the pleasure of trying it. Thats on the docket tmrw. Over all I would buy these again. It is great if you what really know which strains your prefer.

  109. Terry P. (verified owner)

    I bought this sample pack my first order and was quite impressed with the quality of the multiple strains like bubble gum, blk diesel, Afghan gooey, purple sapphire cookies along with a few others.

  110. Andrew (verified owner)

    Great way to try a variety of strains and at this price you cant go wrong. I bought a couple oz’s and got a variety of high quality sativas,indicas and hybrids. No moonrocks but the pre 98 , sour diesel and pinapple express were AAA+

  111. itsgrimreefer (verified owner)

    Worth it to purchase if you’re new to the CW community, or if you’re only in the market for one oz , but are unsure which to order.

    I got 2 of my favorites of all time, 1 that I already had a pending qp order for and 5 kinds that I had to smoke to truly appreciate. Here’s the list in no particular order.

    Black Bubba
    Tony’s Blue Dream
    Sugar Cookie
    Purple Space Cookies
    Rockstar MK
    Purple Trainkwreck
    Sour Berry
    and as part of a promotional offer I got one unmarked gram of shatter which is very dark in colour, but I have yet to try.

  112. Yannick (verified owner)

    Wow great deal great buds Thanks tony

  113. toadster1974 (verified owner)

    Got my awesome sample packs today,


    Moby Dick

    Romulan #2

    Master Kush


    Pre 98

    Black Water

    Blue Heron

    Thanks CW! Can wait to order again

  114. qctoots (verified owner)

    thanks CW just awesome !

  115. Shawnb (verified owner)

    Wow such an awesome selection in my sample pack! Love love G-13 and Purple Trainwreck! Delivery is always fast and on time, Thank you!!

  116. Themoistchoice (verified owner)

    There is always so much fire on this site its hard to pick from! This is an awesome way to get a variety ! I got
    Pineapple express,durban poison, zed, vortex,jet fuel,uk cheese,white goddess, and violator. They are all good smokes!

  117. Jroc (verified owner)

    Cool surprisingly decent nugs worth a try

  118. Jroc (verified owner)

    Cool surprisingly decent nugs

  119. Tellybee (verified owner)

    In my surprise bag,
    WC black bubba ×2
    Durban Poison
    White Goddess
    UK Cheese
    Pinapple Express.

    Very happy! Thanks CW

  120. ConsciousS (verified owner)

    Orderes 2 packs fingers crossed for some great strains abd moonrocks!

  121. Ryan B (verified owner)

    Ordered 2……couldn’t be happier. I rolled them all before a musical festival so every joint was like a new adventure.

    I’m excited to order again.

  122. toadster1974 (verified owner)

    I bought 2 samples packs and I ended up getting 16 different strains, no moon rocks though, love having so many great samples to choose from,will definitely be ordering again

  123. Fred B (verified owner)

    great value and good strain!!! make other surprise pack like these 🙂

  124. George (verified owner)

    Jedi Kush
    Lemon Skunk
    Cherry Kush
    Jack Herer
    Ace of Spades
    Sadly no Moonrocks series
    I’d rate Nuken, Jedi, Cherry Kush and Ace of Spades as AAA, the others AAA+.
    Good value, great sample opportunity.

  125. JON (verified owner)

    Hoping they really throw some old bangers in here as I ordered the other day as well :p

  126. whitney

    Can’t wait for this one !! Ordered it last night hopng to get the moonrock series in my bag!

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