Purple Goddess

(78 customer reviews)

$525.00 - $900.00

Batch Date: Sept 26, 2019

Purple Goddess was a recommended strain to the Magic Dragon. An abundance of trichomes and red hairs put the bud on a higher degree of appearance. The appearance presented mixed reviews, however. This strain provides a smooth inhalation allowing larger pulls. Upon the inhalation, the potent elation is felt. This batch of Purple Goddess is not too sticky to the fingers.

Purple patches are visible in Purple Goddess when inspected. This batch of Purple Goddess is fresh and thick. A grinder is recommended to break up the bud. The condition allows for smoother and bigger inhalations per bowl. Purple Goddess has a good taste, along with the after-taste.

Pain is alleviated moderately. Headaches dissipate after sometime. The sedation of Purple Goddess is potent. It can assist in relieving stress and tension. To provide relief for insomnia, experiment with a greater dosage. Appetite is stimulated, as well relieving nausea. Along with the potent sedation comes potent elation. This distracting strain could possibly affect your efficiency with your tasks. Test the dosage if you are not certain on how much is required to attain the relief sought.

Purple Goddess is a good strain for many that seek a potent “high.” The duration is above average. Appearance did not matter in this case. It is the results, after all.

If you purchase this product you will earn 20-175 Points!

If you purchase this product you will earn 20-175 Points!


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All strains provide great medicinal effects for;

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78 reviews for Purple Goddess

  1. Adam420 (verified owner)

    this strain was absolutley amazing one of my favourites, eliviates all strss and pain, great for daytime and nightime depending on your mood not only would i recomend but i would really say you HAVE to get this one when its available

  2. wigger290 (verified owner)

    It was a bit leafy and I sorted out the nugs that were big and tight with the others. Able to get some really nice nugs that looked like AAA+. The other leafy stuff was AA+. Overall the tast and smoke were great if you arent terribly concerned with bag appeal.

  3. Tom_day15 (verified owner)

    Extremely purple!!! And light wow ! Crazy bag appeal and nice taste. 4/5 for potency tho

  4. Knightmove (verified owner)

    Good strain. Wouldn’t reorder tho. I’ve gotten 18 strains from this site, and this is in the average strain bottom lost, good but not even close to Bruce Banner, or Tuna Kush.

  5. Rapsaw (verified owner)

    Apparence et senteur parfaite! Je le recommande vivement!

  6. StonerScotian (verified owner)

    Too beautiful to smoke, most beautiful purple art ive ever seen, no scrappyness or leaf in a few months ago batch. 4/5 high, appeal 5/5, smell 4/5, taste 5/5 …… 4.5/5 overall

  7. rbnc93 (verified owner)

    Loved the look of this bud. Was immediately excited to roll one up. The bag was scrappy but it was beautiful. Lots of Tricoms and beautiful purple colour!! Recommend 100%

  8. StonerScotian (verified owner)

    Beautiful big buds, stone 4/5 appeal 5/5

  9. Jonnyb666 (verified owner)

    A bit scrappy but still a great strain, taste and smell are great and buzz is good, not the best of the order but still good bang for your bucks

  10. Bob (verified owner)

    great stuff very scrappy and stocky but 5 stars

  11. Pertle1 (verified owner)

    Frosty, purple, tasty. Nice chunky nugs. If you haven’t tried it, you should.

  12. Jessie Manion (verified owner)

    Probably some of the best buds for the price you’ll ever find that’s for sure, smoke is amazing and bag appeal is 10/10

  13. Couch5120 (verified owner)

    Got this last time, was very impressed by look of the bud and crystal count. Only Issue was the high wasn’t as good as expected… kinda disappointed actually.

  14. kamikrazy (verified owner)

    nice light bud with great sweet smelling aroma, decent trim but excellent taste! got a great rosin return on this batch i will reorder this in a instant! Thank you CW

  15. jroy777 (verified owner)

    The disclaimer was accurate. Great bud, lacking on the trim, would have been awesome.

  16. kamikrazy (verified owner)

    i got the scraps but i was willing to take risk for only 28g, smell is awesome smoke is enjoyable, price makes it sought after.. will defiantly re order this strain,!!!

  17. Tylerjames204 (verified owner)

    Just covered in cake like you just saw a beautiful woman order order order it’s fire

  18. Dasweetness (verified owner)

    Amazing buds. Amazing taste. No complaints at all. One of my fave stains thus far. 10/10

  19. Tburd83 (verified owner)

    WOW this is a great one. Big buds small to no stem this stuff is caked with crystal and yhe deep purple color is crazy.

  20. LaLaLa (verified owner)

    Even tho this had the disclaimer “scrappy”, I received some beautiful, caked & aromatic buds. I like to use a light up magnifying glass to look at my new arrivals and wow…caked. It really does smoke smooth as it says in the description and the high leaves you relaxed and mellow.

  21. wigger290 (verified owner)

    Caked for sure, nice and white trichomes plastered all over. however the buds are a bit on the humid side coming and scrappy. This makes it quite difficult to break the amount apart if you are buying QPs and up. In order to avoid this issue i suggest leaving the compressed bud out to dry for a few hours slowly cracking it open so air can get in and dry it out some. This will eventually allow you to get the whole buds apart as opposed to having pieces. The smoke and buzz are very good and the price was spot on for this batch. If bag appeal isnt an issue then this was one hell of a steal. I know I bought a good amount and dont regret it at all even with the extra work involved in dealing with some scrappy bud. AAA+ with a little care.

  22. Knightmove (verified owner)

    Super purple buds, great bag appeal. It was a part of the eight strains I bought and the first it tried. Not disappointed. It was middle of the pack of eight with more points for bag appeal. Liked but not gonna reorder with so many amazing strains to try here. Best site around. Much much love, it’s like weed Christmas this site.

  23. Tom_day15 (verified owner)

    Crazy looking stuff ! Really caked in tricromes !! Little bit leafy or scrappy like the title says but still looks awesome ! Well worth the money 10/10 all around!

  24. Mr Fox (verified owner)

    really frosty, great smell and bright purple, a bit scrappy but amazing value

  25. kamikrazy (verified owner)

    hopefully arrives soon, awaiting my purp goddess! the hype so far sounds awesome =D

  26. XactiviaX74 (verified owner)

    hate de tester ca

  27. Sin Of Greed (verified owner)

    She is a goddess! Purple coloration is beautiful, trichomes like glass, never disappointed here!

  28. Goober19 (verified owner)

    10/10 again. 2nd time ordering. Still perfect.

  29. Johnny Bacon (verified owner)

    Beautiful chronic right here. Not usually a fan of big huge buds but the stems were tinyy! this one had it all, the look potency flavour smell high.. Will def order again. Oh and it makes u super hungry if u can keep ur eyes open long enuf to munch .

  30. Mr Fox (verified owner)

    Was really happy with this one, giant dense purple nugs

  31. Sin Of Greed (verified owner)

    Pulling this bud off the stem is such a satifisying feeling, trichomes like glass, never disappointed by this guy!

  32. RenaldoMoon (verified owner)

    deep purple and coated with crystals, super appealing to look at. tasty but didn’t linger very long.

  33. ERam (verified owner)

    Great bud all around. Always a good strain for late at night before bed

  34. Alexander Tielen (verified owner)

    Beautiful big purple buds caked in crystals that smell like candy.

  35. Dillon (verified owner)

    Ever had a bag of PURPLE? That’s what this was. These buds are purple ALL the way through. Bust up a bud and you have a pile of PURPLE. Not a top shelf strain but certainly A+ and you’ll be lucky to find a bud that looks more appealing!

  36. wigger290 (verified owner)

    I am really having a hard time imagining a bud that looks nice than the ones I received from the batch. Everything is complete here, dont want to waste any more time other than saying this is quad bud AAAA.

  37. Candice Carragher (verified owner)

    The best looking weed iv ever seen and has a great taste and high but that’s not a surprise cause everything I get from CW is amazing

  38. Goober19 (verified owner)

    Best bud i’ve gotten yet. Cant wait to order again

  39. Entertwined (verified owner)

    One of the best looking weed i’ve ever seen, awesome taste and nice big buds. Will buy again !

  40. MB (verified owner)

    This is some of the prettiest stuff I’ve ever seen. Some buds I don’t even want to smoke they’re so nice

  41. steven maxwell (verified owner)

    Everyone’s new face
    Will always snatch up a half when ever possible…need to save some of this medacine for a pressing….5*****

  42. Weedplease (verified owner)

    Probably the nicest bud I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen thousands of strains. It’s so nice you just want to look at it and whisper seductively into its ear. The entire bag is straight purple and it tastes like sweet heaven. An automatic buy for me.

  43. Jessebelanger (verified owner)

    I loved this bud for its bag appeal and taste. Beautiful earthy smell and the buds were large

  44. steven maxwell (verified owner)

    Turned out to be a crowd favorite
    Beautiful resinous fat nugs

  45. Dozer89 (verified owner)

    One of the best strains yet cant complain about anything from them but this one definitely one to try

  46. MB (verified owner)

    Unreal! I need more of this lol

  47. woji (verified owner)

    I was really looking forward to this strain but a few nugs contained mold, WHICH Tony reimbursed me right away. It’s not like I lost half the bag or anything, just a few good sized nugs but Tony gave me more than I intended too which shows him & his team cares. AS FOR THE STRAIN (: fucking beautiful my guy. A rare strain I’d say, I’ve never heard of it and couldn’t find any info on it. For the price it’s an absolute MUST. It’s AAAA+ quality man and very exotic looking.

  48. troy94 (verified owner)

    Best strain ive gotten so far from this site, big beautiful purple nugs just covered in kief, the smell is on point too

  49. BigRich (verified owner)

    There is no better than this site!

  50. Jonny709 (verified owner)

    Beautiful strain, lots of big buds amazing bag appeal.

  51. Cody Falardeau (verified owner)

    POWPOW! Deffinetly one of the greatest bang for your bucks around. Danky smelling caked in trichomes. Tastes amazing!

  52. Johnny Bacon (verified owner)

    Mannn this stuff is beautiful in so many ways! First of all like 90% of a qp was nugs the size of golf balls and bigger. Nothing smaller than a quarter or loonie, buttt the stems were noo bigger than a toothpick, tinyy. Super purple with bits of green throughout and coveredd in crystals, extra dusty! Not a very strong smell until busted up but perfect moisture content. Buds are spongey i love that. Perfect bud structure. Almost zero leaf and NO shake. Burns beautifully too smokes forever. So the best part of all, the high.. the potency is retarded lol comes on quick and kind of a heady buzz at first, talk alot laughs energy etc. Pretty quickly turns into a full body stone and takes full control of your eyelids. 2 hours and 3 munch sessions later and you’re able to stand up again. Love it 9.5/10 🙂

  53. Lippertpainting (verified owner)

    Top shelf choice
    Amazing purple color
    Great high
    Big buds
    A cheapweed treat

  54. Morgan (verified owner)

    Great strain never had it but cant wait to get my hands on more smells so potent

  55. Brian (verified owner)

    Bit of funny after taste but I enjoyed smoking. Great burn and terrific sent. Medium-large sized nugs with potency leaving nothing to be desired. Absolute favourite day time smoke. Buying more now!

  56. Johnathan J (verified owner)

    Taste: Smooth, Fruity, [*****]
    Smell: Fruity, Sweet, Spicy [*****]

    “Big beautiful purple buds and the high was just as sweet as the flavour”

  57. JT (verified owner)

    Favourite strain I’ve tried on CW so far! Very happy with the bag appeal, smell, taste and effects. Great smoke. Will order again if this comes back.

  58. Michael F (verified owner)

    My favorite strain out of the Pineapple Express, Purple Diesel, and White Rhino.
    All were amazing but this PURPLE GODDESS is just a cut above the rest.

  59. Brandon P (verified owner)

    Got it in the mail wicked stuff definitely going to be seeing me more often packaged really well stuff is the bomb thank so much you got the best stuff otg

  60. Patrick C (verified owner)

    Well this is my first time purchasing product on here, i looked and looked for what better suited my needs, came across purple goddess, also because in the comments it was one of tony’s recommendations. Also because of price was right and how it looked. Got it in the mail as expected, tore open the packages and burried my nose in it and the smell was very good, looked exactly like in the picture, very fluffy strain and packed with crystals. Also very smooth for the smoke, only thing id change is prob make it more potency. Deff buying here for now on! more bang for your buck!

  61. Ian B (verified owner)

    Incredible strain!! Very potent and great taste. I would recommend this to everyone especially indica lovers

  62. Stuart R (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering from CW. I ordered 1 ounce of Purple Goddess after reading the description and reviews. I have to say the shipping was extremely quick. I put my order in on Friday, it shipped out the same day. I got it Monday, I live in New Brunswick so I was surprised at how quickly my order arrived. I was so excited opening up the package. The buds were intact with very little shake and came in a reusable air tight bag. The moment I opened it up, I could smell the aroma of this strain, it was almost therapeutic (sigh). The buds themselves were small and round, a cool toned green with hints of red purple almost deep burgundy. They are covered in crystal. I immediately rolled up a small joint and lit it up with my friend. We were both impressed and enjoyed this strain. It burned so smoothly that you can truly enjoy the inhale. It also has a good taste. As you smoke you slowly feel the waves of relaxation building in your mind and body. By the end of the joint both me and my friend were carried away into a blissful state. Loved Purple Goddess and because I took advantage of CW discounts, I bought 28g for under 4/g which is amazing. This is the strain, I will be smoking tonight in the tub with candles and a glass of deep red as I transcend into another realm. Thank you CW!

  63. Justin C (verified owner)

    Smooth as silk and will put you to bed, let the purple goddess wrap her arms around you. Yummy AF

  64. Matthew B (verified owner)

    Nice and sweet tasty smoke. Like everyone says pictures don’t do it justice. Nice and super frosty buds. Tony suggested and again the guy knows his stuff.

  65. Devon S (verified owner)

    This stuff is fantastic. Amazing high. Amazing colors. Pictures don’t do it justice

  66. Avery M (verified owner)

    Unreal taste and stone, amazing bang for buck when it comes to quality. These buds are easily AAA+ or AAAA

  67. Matt B (verified owner)

    This is probably the prettiest buds I’ve seen in a very very long time. I was super impressed when I opened this bag. Definitely a must have at all times . I’d give this a few more stars than 5

  68. Josh A (verified owner)

    Ordered a couple weeks back forgot to review.. Maybe cause I was too high haha was really good smoke nice purple buds with lots of crystal, a bit leafy but was really good

  69. k_stews (verified owner)

    Extremely purple, caked in crystal! Nice big buds. Sweet smell, almost grape-like. Chill indica high. Very nice bud overall!

  70. Emile B (verified owner)

    smell purp all my appartement luv this one very juicy taste strain , buy again for sure

  71. s_J (verified owner)

    My whole ounce of this was completely purple and pretty caked in crystal. Great stuff, especially for the price

  72. Leon P (verified owner)

    Purple pungent sticky icky.. this stuff is the bomb!

  73. Tyler W (verified owner)

    Ive been threw alot of purples.but this one resembles its name in everyway!… the buds are frosted and nearly complete purple .it has a good purple smell .one of my favorites. If you enjoy purple strains try this one. Forshure..it wont disappoint!!

  74. Norman D (verified owner)

    Very impressed when i opened the bag nice purply buds and very distinct taste and has a very nice gassy smell

  75. beaubeauchamp (verified owner)

    So far it was one of the best strain I get from CW. Nice bud, perfect purple taste and don’t give you the munchies and the sleepy effects. Enjoy it with a bowls of watermelon. @chucknicefieldqc (instagram)

  76. Pierre (verified owner)

    Wow, this stuff looks insane, purple and trichromes everywhere!!! Perfect “purple taste”

  77. kennyT (verified owner)

    This stain I got was so purple, and was caked in tricroms, it was a light smoke and a good high, I would recommend this to anyone that loves purple weed if the pictures look purple, your getting purple weed, great customer service from the one and only TONY!! I’ll be reusing this site for sure cheapweed is the best

  78. seejay (verified owner)

    this stuff looks so nice omgggg I opened the bag and it was just amazing the buds are so purple and caked in crystal the smell is amazing and it’s perfectly cured I’m loving everything off this site for anyone who loves deep purple weed go for this!!

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