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Batch Date: October 24, 2019

Rumor has it that Chemo’s beginnings stretch back to the 1970s in Canada where this heavy indica was allegedly developed to treat the side effects of chemotherapy. Another name for this strain is “UBC Chemo” in reference to the university in which Chemo is said to have been conceived. Chemo’s genetics is carried on by Jordan of the Islands, whose rendition is best known for its subtle woody aroma and potent medicinal effects perfect for patients treating nausea, appetite loss, pain, and sleeplessness.

If you purchase this product you will earn 18-135 Points!

If you purchase this product you will earn 18-135 Points!


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UPDATED May 12, 2019

All strains provide great medicinal effects for;

Here are some of Tony's personal strain suggestions =),

BC BIG BUD - Great classic bang for buck strain with nice caked big nugs

Sugar Shack - super classic strain with a rich aroma, nice dense nugs, nice burning, fantastic bang for buck batch

Purple Nuken - bang for buck, great for day time usage.. caked good burn, white ash, quality smoke

Purple Thunder - super potent, smells like dank bud, shit gets you good!

Bruce Banner - Covered in caked with trichomes. Super Potent and sticky

Godfather OG - top notch.. high in THC very potent, super caked and dense nugs

Green Farm's Jet Fuel OG - Jumbo nugs, beautiful covered in cake + trichomes rich explosion kush smell , super potent

California Haze - oh god, super potent weed for the price, and AMAZING smell. I LOVE IT

Rockstar Bubba Kush - Super potent, super skunky and gassy.

Green Farm's Animal Cookies - Great aroma, caked, and purple buds, Perfect for a wake n bake

$100 OG- Great Bang for buck strain

Black Diesel - Great sweet nose with great large dense nugs. Perfect as a daytime strain.

Grease Monkey - Super potent and Great smoke Can't go wrong with this one!

Tony's Violator - Need something to wake n bake? This one is the perfect one!!

Tony's Black Tuna - Great couch locking strain at a lower price point. Nice and dense nugs!

85 reviews for Chemo

  1. veganfred (verified owner)

    classic indica coffee taste

  2. bitcoinbull (verified owner)

    Love this stuff!

  3. bitcoinbull (verified owner)

    This strain is DANK. Best reserved for the evening lol

  4. Tyler (verified owner)

    Great smoke nice taste only reason for 4 star is buds were a bit leafy other than that is was nice and sticky. Thanks guys

  5. Christopher Olson (verified owner)

    Great bud overall cannot go wrong with this strain if you like dank kushy indicas with that nice earthy kush flavour.

  6. Jessie Manion (verified owner)

    Was absolutely amazing, can’t wait to order again just need it to come back in stock and I’ll be stocking up on it haha

  7. Houseofthewild (verified owner)

    It was alright. For me, nothing special. Might.. might but this again.

  8. patsfan89 (verified owner)

    One of my top all time strains. This stuff will melt your face off.

  9. Johnny Bacon (verified owner)

    I would like to revise my review a bit, i now like this one as much and maybe even moe than the greenfarms version! That suuuper danky stink i LOVE it. And woah on the munchies lol classic indica! 6stars

  10. Johnny Bacon (verified owner)

    Fockin LOVE chemo. Had the greenfarms version and the tonys version and now this one. Chemos become a favourite of mine lately. Oooo that smellll! 10/10 all day thanks CW!

  11. nick.nicool (verified owner)

    Thick smooth smoke , head to toe high, interesting pheno

  12. rdjskeksl (verified owner)

    Chemo is Blue dream if it was an indica.

  13. Thib911 (verified owner)

    Had some chemo a while ago but not from here. Pretty sure it will be like a bomb !

  14. patsfan89 (verified owner)

    This is the shiznet

  15. Jeff222 (verified owner)

    Stuff is bomb

  16. medicinalonly (verified owner)

    nice big dense nugs with a good high

  17. Ashmanaille (verified owner)

    Wow! Very impressed, once again. This batch was a little different than the last batch I purchased (Green Farm). Gives a lovely floaty feeling. Any time you guys still this strain, I WILL BUY IT!

  18. Pertle1 (verified owner)

    If you’re a kush smoker this one is for you. Hungry, happy, sleepy!

  19. Pcmontreal (verified owner)

    Always like the chemo… On the melo side…. Nice batch Just need to be out of the jars a little to get it on point

  20. MrQ (verified owner)

    Just got my order in the other day, and and i couldnt be any more saatisfied, i could feel the effects right away, and i really appreciate the letter attched to it means so much more when it comes with great, overall im completely satisfied, this bud is great for my medical purposes, and a very reasonable price, please never change lol, and keep being yourselfs!!! cheeers!!

  21. Greg Batenchuk (verified owner)

    Good price for this bud burnt well cured nice and good buzz will buy again

  22. fat dubs (verified owner)

    Nice smell

  23. carsonweedweed4444 (verified owner)

    chemo is yet again one of the strains i have purchased this order and it was just as great as last time! i have ordered everything from UBC Chemo, and i have also tried Green Farms Chemo both on this website and neither compare to this batch. Buds had great structure as always and had that rich chemo nose that is usually expected with this strain. Overall it was very good on my pain and a great sleepy time weed!!!

  24. rhfactor (verified owner)

    Chemo—Nice tight frosted buds.. Really good for Pain and Relaxation! Will buy anytime it’s available!

  25. Dillon (verified owner)

    Not especially stinky or potent but easily 4 stars for quality and 5 for price!! Ordered a lot and would order more

  26. Tellybee (verified owner)

    Always a favorite around here! And priced so low! Love it

  27. Dylan a (verified owner)

    pretty solid smoke and high very basic smell but the buzz is there dont be fooled

  28. Jeffery MacDonald (verified owner)

    Wonderful Strain, smells amazing coated in crystals and beautiful looking buds. Would consider getting this strain again. ordered on Friday the 11th@ 11:45 am eastern time

  29. Mr_Fixit (verified owner)

    Great smell and taste, smooth smoke and super high!

  30. Dave D (verified owner)

    Very smooth smoke. Taste and high are on point. Another great job from this site.

  31. TylerH (verified owner)

    Smells like kush busts to a pre 98 scent than hits with a milky gassy flavor. My personal favs list now

  32. Dave Pelletier (verified owner)

    verynice and tasty definately worth trying…dense clean buds

  33. Lobsterpot (verified owner)

    Little leafy but does the trick thanks cw

  34. WBoy (verified owner)

    Really excellent smell, burn very well and real Chemo taste, perfect. For my first my purchase, Im very impress and fully satisfied! Thank you very much!

  35. mlarson (verified owner)

    loved this stuff awesome smell tight buds and serious indica punch couch locked me really good and slept like a baby deffinitely 5 stars at that price

  36. Troy2929 (verified owner)

    Very nice batch

  37. MB (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! Great taste and smell. Gets me ripped too

  38. whatsmyname19 (verified owner)

    amazing strain even better than I remembered back in highschool, a pure classic in my books !!

  39. Col (verified owner)

    Chemos been a longtime fav of mine..did not disappoint as is the best

  40. Fred (verified owner)

    Nice buds perfectly manicured, nice buzz, one of my favorite strains.

  41. Justin (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful one here good smell and taste aaa+ for sure

  42. Robertolson1203 (verified owner)

    Have tried UBC Chemo off of other MoMs and this one is by far the best. Great smell and nice looking buds with little leaf. Nice and potent definitely worth trying.

  43. Niko (verified owner)

    Looks better then the last one

  44. Colin Gallant (verified owner)

    Chemos always been a fave..didnt disappoint..loved it

  45. Niko (verified owner)

    Looking better then the last batch! Go tony

  46. Jerome S. (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff for an amazing price!!

  47. Geoff H. (verified owner)

    Really liked this one. Buds were a bit on smaller side but that didn’t affect the potency. Well worth the price. The taste, smell & high were all as expected & pleasing. Thx for another great product.

  48. Robert (verified owner)

    Chemo— Tight resinous well trimmed buds.. Very nice Indica body buzz.. Great for Pain ! Amazing Strain for the price !

  49. Richard (verified owner)

    CW’s version of this Chemo strain, is better than any I have tried. I ordered Chemo from another M.O.M. service, I was under satisfied with it, and swore off Chemo. This version turned me around. I invested in a wholesale order because the price was too good not to give it a round 2. I was very impressed, CW has the top shelf version of Chemo for sure. Bang for buck! Give it a go if you’re looking for a reasonably priced herb that does its job well!

  50. Curtis (verified owner)

    Always a faviourte <3

  51. EastCoast (verified owner)

    This made me want to eat everything. I couldn’t stop lol and i usually don’t suffer from herb munchies…

  52. Fred B (verified owner)

    exactly like the picture, nice thight buds with crystals, good smell. Really good deal on this one

  53. Tiffany B (verified owner)

    Nice green buds, great smoke. Trim job could be better but overall another successful purchase!

  54. jim604 (verified owner)

    Really nice chemo, cured to perfection, density, nice dark green colour and nice stinky smell. Fantastic flavour, nice and clean, grown with care… fast pain relief, strong indica, looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Would order again, for sure.

  55. Mike (verified owner)

    Looks just like the picture nice tight buds very potent would definitely order again

  56. Samira (verified owner)

    I’ve had this strain before and liked it, cheapweed , you guys did an amazing job, this stuff surpassed any other chemo I’ve tried in every way , deff recommend , fast delivery, great price, can’t wait to see what’s next,

  57. Owen (verified owner)

    Very nice for the price… nice buds decent high

  58. only1gloman

    My roomate and i order different typesnto try and i must say i should of ordered this !!! My mistake i wont make again !!!

  59. Morgan (verified owner)

    What a steal, great nose and taste, tight buds little leafy but over crazy deal

  60. Yannick (verified owner)

    Darker buds but super dense. Great taste and nose to it !

  61. Paul (verified owner)

    Great value for price, great night time smoke, nice size buds and decent looking

  62. eddie (verified owner)

    packs a punch, i liked this one alot, nice size buds

  63. eddie (verified owner)

    a great light smoke and still packs a punch, i like this one alot, nice size buds!

  64. eddie (verified owner)

    a great light smoke and still packs a punch, go to strain if your on a budget

  65. Franco (verified owner)

    classic chemo taste

  66. Carson (verified owner)

    Strong indica with good amount of crystal, seems like it’d be great for troubles sleeping.

  67. Joseph (verified owner)

    Very dark green with red hues and hairs. Loved the look. A tad scrappy but super nice for the price. Loved the kushy smell it had as well.

  68. Cody (verified owner)

    Deffinetly a good buy. Stuff is nice a fairly dry. (Not dry but not dense) smells great and smokes great, will be buying this again forsure.

  69. EastCoast (verified owner)

    I’ve had this strain before and this batch holds up! Great buy for the price

  70. Matt (verified owner)

    Bang for buck for sure! Great nose and decent bag appeal. CW for another win

  71. Niko (verified owner)

    When I taste and smell will definitely buy again CW for the win

  72. James (verified owner)

    I very much enjoyed this one, i would definitly buy it again

  73. ethan p (verified owner)

    Very dank indica strain would recommend for night time smoke overall 8/10:)

  74. Emile (verified owner)

    Great strain sugar piney smell with crystal ! Great taste 2

  75. Roger (verified owner)

    Nice right buds. Good buzz.

  76. Justin (verified owner)

    Cant go wrong with this one 7.5 for sure

  77. Don C (verified owner)

    Solid taste and smell, looks and high ok.

  78. D (verified owner)

    Really nice danky buds on this one. Potent indica

  79. Devon S (verified owner)

    This stuff is one of my favs on here. Really great high. Well trimmed. Dense buddy

  80. Vernon (verified owner)

    Really dense thick nugs

  81. Chrsiss

    Absolutely top notch!!! Buds are super dense and sticky!! Tastes great and burns clean with a light grey ash. Amazing value and amazing service from these guys!!

  82. Jen (verified owner)

    Great nugs for an outstanding price! Definitely great customer service and shipping!

  83. Mike Stro (verified owner)

    Bang for buck this is 10/10

  84. Moneybags1

    Great bud for the price. Smokes amazing and gets you to where you wanna go ; )

  85. ebankz

    Chemo has always been a nice strain for me, good bud structure with lots of crystals and a nice smell to back it up all at a killer price!

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