Mercedez Stamp Black Hash

(701 customer reviews)

$130.00-$3,200.00 $9.99-$2,799.99


 $119/ OZ SALE PRICE – $4.29 per gram

$199/ 2 OZ SALE PRICE – $3.57 per gram

$379.99 / QP – SALE PRICE = $3.39 per gram

$699.99 / HP – SALE PRICE = $3.13 per gram

$1349.99 / LB – SALE PRICE = $3.01 per gram

$2799.99 / KG – SALE PRICE = $2.80 per gram


$119/ PRIX DE VENTE OZ – 4,29 $ le gramme

$199/ PRIX DE VENTE 2 OZ – 3,57 $ le gramme

379.99 $ / QP – PRIX DE VENTE = 3,39 $ par gramme

699.99 $ / HP – PRIX DE VENTE = 3,13 $ par gramme

1349.99 $ / LB – PRIX DE VENTE = 3,01 $ par gramme

2799.99 $ / KG – PRIX DE VENTE = 2,80 $ par gramme

Hashish is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan. The best kinds of Hash originate from the Northern provinces between Hindu Kush and the Russian border (Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif).

The plants which are used for Hash production are very small and bushy Indicas. In Afghanistan Hashish is pressed by hand after the addition of a small quantity of tea or water. The Hashish is worked on until it becomes highly elastic and has a strong aromatic smell. In Afghanistan the product is stored in the form of Hash-Balls (because a round ball has the least contact with air), however, before being shipped, the Hash is pressed in 100g slabs. Good qualities of Afghani are signed with the stem of the producing family.

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A boveda package is a humidity package which can improve the quality of marijuana cannabis by setting the flower to the right humidity level.

Here is a short video on how it works :)

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All strains provide great medicinal effects for;

Here are some of Tony's personal strain suggestions =),

BC BIG BUD - Great classic bang for buck strain with nice caked big nugs

Sugar Shack - super classic strain with a rich aroma, nice dense nugs, nice burning, fantastic bang for buck batch

Purple Nuken - bang for buck, great for day time usage.. caked good burn, white ash, quality smoke

Purple Thunder - super potent, smells like dank bud, shit gets you good!

Bruce Banner - Covered in caked with trichomes. Super Potent and sticky

Godfather OG - top notch.. high in THC very potent, super caked and dense nugs

Green Farm's Jet Fuel OG - Jumbo nugs, beautiful covered in cake + trichomes rich explosion kush smell , super potent

California Haze - oh god, super potent weed for the price, and AMAZING smell. I LOVE IT

Rockstar Bubba Kush - Super potent, super skunky and gassy.

Green Farm's Animal Cookies - Great aroma, caked, and purple buds, Perfect for a wake n bake

$100 OG- Great Bang for buck strain

Black Diesel - Great sweet nose with great large dense nugs. Perfect as a daytime strain.

Grease Monkey - Super potent and Great smoke Can't go wrong with this one!

Tony's Violator - Need something to wake n bake? This one is the perfect one!!

Tony's Black Tuna - Great couch locking strain at a lower price point. Nice and dense nugs!

701 reviews for Mercedez Stamp Black Hash

  1. THCpips (verified owner)

    first time trying hash so I have nothing to compare it to…. but I liked it 🙂

  2. Niko (verified owner)

    Cant make a order with out throwing in a few oz’s of this in just great price

  3. DiamondMind (verified owner)

    If you have trouble sleeping, this hash mixed with a strong indica, like romulan, is sure to do the trick!

  4. NJDevils66621 (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  5. Tory265 (verified owner)

    Nice hard solid hash!!

  6. Tory265 (verified owner)

    Great buy for the price!!

  7. Tory265 (verified owner)

    Don’t let the price fool you!!

  8. Myshit (verified owner)


  9. kevin searle (verified owner)

    Great Hash. 5/5 we be a steady reorder

  10. Domz (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff. Great organic quality. Very impressive indeed.

  11. ZXR7R (verified owner)

    this is my third or fourth order—couple ounces each time—great mid-tier hash—this batch seems softer, more green in colour—it is NOT gummy—breaks up really easily—still a pretty nice buzz—i have a bunch of purple bullrider kief that i add to a joint of this—really makes a nice tasting joint with a great high.— Tony, thank you!!!

  12. Jimgrass (verified owner)

    Great as usual. Found the last batch to be lighter in color but still tastes and smokes great. Can’t beat the price once again.

  13. Fritz (verified owner)

    Decent Bang for Buck Hash, classic black hash smell but lacks on potency. Nice in a blended blunt, not something I would buy again personally, but a few friends enjoyed it when they dropped by…

  14. Wayner420 (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the price, smokes nice

  15. Mrberns (verified owner)

    For the price its good, not the best hash but for the price nothing bad to say. Thank you tony and your team…


  16. Famous Stranger (verified owner)

    Bang for your buck. Visual appeal is top notch. Not the most flavorful but hey…at that price you can’t complain. Not my favorite item on the website but can be a good bargain for a hash lover on a budget I guess!

  17. Kay (verified owner)

    Amazing price good taste. Cannot go wrong here!!!

  18. shannyelk005 (verified owner)

    Nostalgia for a lot of good times. Nice to smoke with friends.

  19. Stratocaster (verified owner)

    Got this in with some Morroccan last week. I’m a huge fan. Great price and quality. I will reorder as long as it’s available.

  20. Canuck420 (verified owner)

    Was softer this time and seamed diff . Anyone else notice that . Still amazing and good hash and soooo cheap .

  21. Ryan (verified owner)

    Very cheap nice quality for price

  22. Ryan (verified owner)

    I had to order more

  23. slew69er (verified owner)

    5 stars are not enough for this hash….excellent product excellent price

  24. DavidGeekly (verified owner)

    i love this smooth nice smoke with a great taste

  25. catjugbanjo (verified owner)

    first cheese order and very happy with it. 🙂

  26. George Arnold (verified owner)

    Great as always! Consistent quality hash

  27. panzer (verified owner)

    Is it possible to get this hash with a piece of the mercedes logo on it? it’s my tird time ordering mercedez and its always the same good taste. very good quality hash for the price.

  28. Kona_gold03 (verified owner)

    Really good hash, very impressed for the price. CW team knows what’s up, my go to for hash!

  29. Goldenboy (verified owner)

    I have order ed this many times the stuff is the real deal

  30. ccnetpro (verified owner)

    Bought a QP on my very 1st order from this site. Hash doesn’t snake well but when i roast it, it crumbles nicely into my weed and tastes great. Reminds me of my youth. I have high tolerance and definitely felt this working. Amazing value, I will definitely buy again once by brick is finished.

  31. Wally990 (verified owner)

    Excellent hash at any price! Takes me back to my young days. Will be buying more very soon.

  32. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great product.. amazing quality for the price! FIRE

  33. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great product.. amazing quality for the price!

  34. Niko (verified owner)

    And still everyone likes it so well worth it

  35. bradmannysmith (verified owner)

    nice soft hash crumbles easy

  36. April (verified owner)


  37. Matt (verified owner)

    Love that this is always available. Very good hash

  38. Kush (verified owner)

    Super slow burning, great flavor,✨✨✨✨✨

  39. Kush (verified owner)

    Super slow burning, great flavor,

  40. tyranic2006 (verified owner)

    For the price it’s great! I am a hash connoisseur and it is very mild. I find that if you do hot knives it’s much better than rolling it! Still a great buy!

  41. DiamondMind (verified owner)

    Old school! Just smelling it takes you back! Great buy, easy smoking and very consistant! Thanks guys and gals.

  42. D.o.g (verified owner)

    Amazing product for the price

  43. Tom_day15 (verified owner)

    Cant beat this stuff for the price .. nice smoke easy to work with and is pretty potent as well

  44. Wolfedawwg (verified owner)

    Decent hash.
    Smells better than it taste but overall it’s got a decent mellow buzz.
    Definitely worth the sale price!!

  45. Iamreborn11 (verified owner)

    This hash is absoloutely amazing. Mind blowin
    Thank alot

  46. Canada (verified owner)

    Its really good. Worth the try. Great price too.

  47. Canada (verified owner)

    Super slow burning, great flavor, cant beat the price

  48. deez (verified owner)

    just wonderful hash, thx so much CW

  49. Wayner420 (verified owner)

    Was really happy with this one. Easy to work with and smokes well. Little heat needed to crumble for smoke

  50. Carol-Ann (verified owner)

    Très bon à très bon prix!

  51. Levon lee (verified owner)

    Even 6 months after my last purchase of this Mercedes, the consistency is still there. Good job CW. Nice black colour and just soft enough to make it easily managed.

  52. Batman (verified owner)

    Nice gummy hash , recommend to any hash lover

  53. Batman (verified owner)

    Great hash for the price. Time to order more✨✨✨✨✨

  54. Claude123 (verified owner)

    Still love it, move varieties pls CW. You can do it 😉 . Thanks again !

  55. Adam420 (verified owner)

    When i opened that quarter pound brick. My. Jaw. Dropped. Looked so good, the instant smell that radiates from the hash is amazing, a little bit softer than i was hoping but im assuming thats because it was warm in the mail, would like to see a option for cold delivery of thats even possible, the high is amazing just like the good ol 60’s not as good as bkond hash or bubble hash, but still really amazing givin the price they offer, it was always out of my price range before the sale, and i think the sale price should stick forever. Cause damn you did a good job CW crew.

  56. Joreilly (verified owner)

    I’m not really a big hash fan I bought this for my dad cause he misses “old school hash” he loved this stuff said it was just like the old days just more potent. I threw a little chunk on my bong chop and hoooooly this stuff got me so f*****g high. It’s actually really tasty too. I highly recommend this to anyone and I think at this price point it has to be the best $:buzz ratio of anything on this site. Thanks tony will definitely be getting more of this.

  57. newfiebullet (verified owner)

    Great Hash at a Great Price, Awesome customer service. Wont be my last time ordering this product.

  58. mlarson (verified owner)

    me and the buddies really enjoyed this stuff like a flashback to highschool haha smells and smokes great snd at the price god damn

  59. Chronic2019 (verified owner)

    It felt like I transported back to the 70’s/80’s, time to break out the hot knives. 5/5++

  60. Myshit (verified owner)

    Love that this is always available. Very good hash

  61. Houseofthewild (verified owner)

    Just bought some, and guess what? Buying more again next few days. This stuff is amazing for the price.

  62. Moonfever (verified owner)

    For the price. Fantastic and old school!

  63. joeash14 (verified owner)


  64. Weedplease (verified owner)

    Wow nuff reviews!! This is great though so soft and crumbly perfect goo

  65. Ape123 (verified owner)

    Awesome quality everytime 5 stars all the way

  66. Ape123 (verified owner)

    Awesome quality everytime old school

  67. fat dubs (verified owner)

    Very cheap nice quality for price

  68. Stephen (verified owner)

    Had to buy again. This stuff is amazing. Soft black hash. Great quality and definately a blast from the past. Thanks again CW.

  69. Rozicki (verified owner)

    Awomen hash great bang for your buck

  70. Doobiesnax (verified owner)

    Breaks and crumbles with no heat super soft real deal someone already said it and I’ll restate it the bitching stops here old timers !

  71. Jimgrass (verified owner)

    Never disappointed with this hash. Crumble easily, tasty and the count is always above so it’s nice to get some bonus !! Will keep buying because you can’t beat these prices. Awesome job by Tony and his crew at CW

  72. slew69er (verified owner)

    you can not go wrong with this product..will continue ordering as long as its in stock…this will bring the old school smokers some good memories and anyone who hasnt tried it yet all I have to say is you are missing out…Keep up the great work Tony

  73. davep476 (verified owner)

    Nice smooth smoke piney smell absolutely perfect

  74. Aza (verified owner)

    The CW Team does it again! Don’t waste time experiencing with anyone else, from 5 star product to amazing service and quick delivery you wont’t find anyone better than these guys! Tried various other suppliers prior to buying from CW nobody even came close to my wonderful experience with this team! love ya guys , thank you!

  75. Iamreborn11 (verified owner)

    The perfect hash for anyone I think. Not alot of people smoke hash nowadays. My buddy ordered a pound of this hash and we loved it. The price is amazing. Never buying hash anywhere else every again. Thanks cheapweed. Deadly potent products always!

  76. abcdef123456 (verified owner)

    So was I ever blown away by this! Hash is one of those products that I simply don’y purchase anymore – because it’s always a let down for the price. NOT THIS TIME!! This stuff is the “CLASSIC” hash that many will remember. It might not be bubble hash strength, but the cost of this hash makes it a hell of a deal. The potency is definitely good – what I would call ‘standard hash’ from the past!

    My room mate really prefers this stuff because of how ‘clear headed’ it leaves him, while still treating all of his ailments before heading off to school. It has made a really positive change to his life (he couldn’t medicate before class in the past because it made him way too tired in class later in the day).

    BUT – it still works really good for evening use to. Very relaxing. I love it!

  77. Untakenusername1 (verified owner)

    Super slow burning, great flavor, cant beat the price.

  78. MJ (verified owner)

    always great mellow hash and fresh!

  79. rdjskeksl (verified owner)

    best hash for the price out there

  80. John S (verified owner)

    My friends like this hash too. Thank you CW.

  81. Conkey420 (verified owner)

    Nice Piney smell, got super high off this and was a hell of a deal for the quality! Will definitely purchase this agin

  82. Tom_day15 (verified owner)

    Great deal !! Hash is nice and smooth but not to smooth !!

  83. Fred B (verified owner)

    this is not my favorite but my friends like it and for the price we can’t complain

  84. Stephen (verified owner)

    1990s called and they got some killer hash. This is my third time buying this and its delicious. The buzz is great and this stuff lasts quite awhile. Will be definately be getting more. Awesome price too.

  85. Rozicki (verified owner)

    Great hash for the price. Time to order more

  86. Nommmnom (verified owner)

    bought two ounces
    received 65 grams!
    soft easy to work with and smoke
    doesn’t have a strong taste
    but the buzz is nice

  87. PyramidMan (verified owner)

    Third time ordering, always great mellow hash and fresh!

  88. David Tremblay (verified owner)

    Tres bien pour le prix je le recommande 4/5 Pour le goût.

  89. Stephen (verified owner)

    Wow is all I can say about this Hash. Its like Im back in highschool in the 90s. Definately a blast from the past. This black hash is amazing, nice and soft and just yummy. Im definately going to be gettin more of this. Thanks CW

  90. Rasta_troops (verified owner)

    Biggest cheapest oz of hash. Count was up by 3 grams. Good classic hash. Soft enough to smoke straight with a glass coaster and pin.

  91. Drose1592 (verified owner)

    Nice gummy hash , recommend to any hash lover

  92. Untakenusername1 (verified owner)

    Smooth taste, great hash.

  93. deez (verified owner)

    just lovely hash, thx so much Tony and team

  94. Niko (verified owner)

    Wicked stuff

  95. Darwood (verified owner)

    It was so totally worth the money and got it in 4 days ordered on Friday here on Tuesday

  96. Keamralph (verified owner)

    5 stars for the price will be buying this stuff as long as it’s here. Little harsh. Personally think it Tastes amazing in edibles, especially with chocolate

  97. Myshit (verified owner)

    Always a fav

  98. Weedplease (verified owner)

    Unreal for the price! Blocka black!

  99. David Tremblay (verified owner)

    Tres bon pour le prix, j’ai connu mieux mais j’ai connue bien pire aussi.

  100. lensmals (verified owner)

    Great old school black hash…nice taste..was 2gm over each oz. The best price… will buy again & refer friends to this site.
    Thanks much Tony & CW crew.

  101. DiamondMind (verified owner)

    Its really good. Worth the try. Great price too.

  102. Rozicki (verified owner)

    Had to get more I will give it a 5/5 very good for the price

  103. Max Green (verified owner)

    Sweet price to come back for more! #hype

  104. Max Green (verified owner)

    Yet again another satisfying purchase of this stuff.

  105. NeedsmoreCBD (verified owner)

    Quality black hash. Can be snaked or heated and crumbled. 8.5/10

  106. MB (verified owner)

    Great bang for buck!

  107. Darksmasher (verified owner)

    thx cw nice smoke smell good,bizz is smooth and relax price amazing

  108. Toooly (verified owner)

    Great quality!! Tasty, burns nice. And you simply can’t beat the price!! I will definitely be getting this again. Thank you

  109. Goldenboy (verified owner)

    3rd time ordering hash. My 2 ounces were over by 2 grams! And amazing price!

  110. Doug (verified owner)

    Probably my 6th order of this hash. Great stuff and I will order again. Thanks cw

  111. TyeDyeSamurai (verified owner)

    I have ordered this a handful of times now. I know what to expect everytime i order something from here especially if i have ordered it before. Quality is consistent all across the board.
    This hash is very good for the price.

  112. NirvanaBliss (verified owner)

    Thanks so much again…what a deal. This hash is a awesome deal…you just can’t beat this site…thanks everyone for fantastic service and delivery! You rock!

  113. yves567 (verified owner)

    smooth classic stuff… crumbles nicely

  114. Rozicki (verified owner)

    Never had hash in 20 years this is very good for the price will definitely be ordering again

  115. Tom_day15 (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff for the price !! Cant get a better deal!

  116. thebigbologna84 (verified owner)

    For the price I have to give it 5 stars. However, I’ve had much more potent hash, but it’s 2-3x the money. This is old school, feel in your body, easy to use and crumble hash you got in day. Anyone I’ve showed has been quite impressed for the price paid. Recommend.

  117. Drose1592 (verified owner)

    Another great product from CW, nice and gummy hash!

  118. Torontoboy222 (verified owner)

    YOU WON’T FIND BETTER HASH FOR A BETTER PRICE. Not sure if it’s the REAL DEAL but it definitely exceeded my expectations. Burns smooth. Crumbles nice. High is nice and mellow, not too overpowering. Add it to some sativa for a crazy mix!!!

  119. Donald McCurdy (verified owner)

    Good price good buzz will order again

  120. DieselDiesel (verified owner)

    If you’re buying elsewhere you’re simply wasting your time !
    Hands down – A1 service

  121. Ozzzzy (verified owner)

    Ill just say this. I love getting old fashion. And this Stuff is exactly that! Nice brick, crumbles without putting lighter to it and smokes nice on its own or in a salad. Buzz brings me back

  122. Goldenboy (verified owner)

    Reminds me of the good old days except this price is way better. the buzz hit you quick. I’ve ordered again

  123. Eli Voroshuck (verified owner)

    Omg this is best deal ill ever find this is killer black hash don’t let cheap price scare you it’s good if ur a hash lover you will jot be disappointed ill never buy hash any where els again

  124. Unholyknight (verified owner)

    Crumbles nice and love the taste. Hard to find hash this good this cheap gonna keep buying on the regular.

  125. wigger290 (verified owner)

    For the price this is simply a no brainer purchase. Enough said.

  126. Zealyeye (verified owner)

    Smokes smooth, great taste, and smell. Love always having some because the price is incredible. Worth the buy!

  127. troymatt (verified owner)

    I had to get a 2nd oz of this hash, I wish I had all these options 15 years ago

  128. Patricia Newell (verified owner)

    Always a good buy I’m never disappointed with this stuff

  129. slew69er (verified owner)

    ordered this fine Mercedes Hash once again..will continue to order if in stock..cant say enough good things about it…keep up the great work Tony.

  130. weed girl (verified owner)

    just bought my 4th ounce i would rename this hash to buckleys hash it tastes terrible but it works awesome price real quick delivery no bs like a few other sites i have tried first review i have ever made avoid 2 very bad experiences.

  131. joeash14 (verified owner)

    right on the dot this time with the oz’s..same stuff, same high..last time i got a lil overweight ..this time 1 of my ounces just minmum came to 28.0 lol…thanks ill continue to buy this

  132. John S (verified owner)

    Excellent value for the price.

  133. whatsmyname19 (verified owner)

    best budget hash on the net !!

  134. whatsmyname19 (verified owner)

    very clean taste, best budget hash on the net !!

  135. Tom_day15 (verified owner)

    Great hash for the price will buy again.. and again and again haha

  136. Tom_day15 (verified owner)

    Great hash for the price!! Well worth the money

  137. Roger Allingham (verified owner)

    You cannot go wrong with the price! Dont let the low price fool you because it is not cheap and is of great quality in my opinion.

  138. Machu07 (verified owner)

    Haven’t had hash in a long time and this stuff definitely did the job… Definitely buying again

  139. joeash14 (verified owner)

    ordered again, like i always do, just as good as the last, will keep buying as long as you keep putting it out guys..THANKS!!! aaa+

  140. panzer (verified owner)

    Excellent hash c’est a ce demander comment Tony peu eclipser toute competition avec d’aussi bon produits.

  141. panzer (verified owner)

    very good stuff for the price. is the feeling i get everytime i buy on CW. thks

  142. Dr green thumb (verified owner)

    Second time getting this
    Good bang for the buck
    Great tasting and good high

  143. Zealyeye (verified owner)

    Always love this stuff … soft crumbles easy and smokes smooth.. great product for the price

  144. WBoy (verified owner)

    I am a regular of the Mercedes hash but at this price is totally incredible. Never I saw a low price at this. Extreme thank you!!

  145. PrinceBubba (verified owner)

    This hash crumbles that’s why it’s cheap, great for the value it’s a AA, it burn ok….not the best. The Moroccan Hash is way better.

  146. troymatt (verified owner)

    It doesnt taste as good as the 90s GoldSeal I used to get, but for the price – this is the best hash ever! I have no idea how long hash lasts for … but I guess I am going to find out, I am getting at least another 2oz for myself.

  147. Max Green (verified owner)

    Nose is good. Looks good. Smokes pretty good. Price is definetly good.

  148. Nick0812 (verified owner)

    Good quality, Good price

  149. Dashisnick (verified owner)

    Price is great no complaints would order again thanks Tony 5/5

  150. RenegadeNewf (verified owner)

    Very similar to old school hash. Little oily when broke up. I personally wasn’t a fan but people around me liked it

  151. GPQ01 (verified owner)

    Bought quite a few batches over the last year. The consistency is always there. Thanks Tony and CW for a great product!

  152. RedRyder (verified owner)

    This will be my 6th order i believe of the MB Hash. Please never take this away! Quality is perfect! Price is actually unreal.

  153. Devin Atkinson (verified owner)

    great hash for the price

  154. RedRyder (verified owner)

    Can’t believe the quality for the price, thank you!

  155. Nate21 (verified owner)

    Best hash I’ve had ina long time, reminds me of the old school hash

  156. Chrisandtanya (verified owner)

    Grabbed an oz of this to good to be true deal and was not disappointed at all. Great smoke all round. Jealous friends made sure that it didn’t last long. Will definitely be getting more on the next order.

  157. George Arnold (verified owner)

    Bang for buck, as always…

  158. Louis-Philippe Huot (verified owner)

    At this price, I hope the producer’s kid can eat. Great taste, great price, wanna be my best friend ?

  159. Jimgrass (verified owner)

    You just can’t beat this deal. It smokes and tastes great. Why shop anywhere else than CW for anything. Count is always on point or over. Just love this stuff.

  160. Nick (verified owner)

    🙂 Value 🙂

  161. Rick of the Nor (verified owner)

    Just a little flame and crumbled beautifully. Perfect for rolling. Nice taste and high. And a price the working family man can afford. Thank you to the CW gang.

    PS lifesaver

  162. Joel79 (verified owner)

    No better bang for your buck, if you are a hash smoker, you won’t be disappointed!

  163. Myshit (verified owner)

    No changes needed. Great Hash!!!!

  164. BillMac (verified owner)

    Second time buying love it

  165. Kushman (verified owner)

    Deff worth the money. Had allot of bang for its buck. Nice taste as well

  166. eartheye (verified owner)

    Hard to go wrong @ 120/oz. Its really quite decent, and I really like the taste. Thanks

  167. deez (verified owner)

    nothing but love for this gem….\m/

  168. Heap2 (verified owner)

    5/5 the same if not better than the overpriced dispensary hash! Ounce comes in a nice inch by inch cube, always about a gino extra no matter what you buy on cw!

  169. KingPreroll (verified owner)

    Tasty hash any way you smoke, great bang for buzz

  170. PatriciaWilliams (verified owner)

    Good hash thanks

  171. Nick (verified owner)

    You wont find a better price anywhere else imo

  172. Steve V (verified owner)

    Smooth stuff good buzz at a low price

  173. hf (verified owner)

    This hash is very fresh. The sides and end pieces are as soft as the rest of the slab. I have smoked several large joints of this and still have a gram more than the QP I paid for. Will be ordering again.

  174. nishin89 (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase, definitely a good bang for your buck. Good quality hash, smooth burn, very mellow high. Picked up an oz as a side purchase and really nice to switch it up from time to time.

  175. Maxlampy (verified owner)

    Super intéressant bon prix bon stock

  176. Dantheman (verified owner)

    Not repressed! Impressed!) Mid tier @ Very low price! Looks 10 29g! Ty! Scent 9 chocolate. Taste 8 tad harsh smokes 7. High 7 mellow. Price 10 I have been hash connoisseur spelt correctly since 80s! Yes not old school, but I paid $7g back when $7 was worth more & CW only charging $3.50 g Wow Buy 1 Oz or 2 You win! Bts, hot knives. pipe, bong, vape\ Joint & edibles TY! 0 Complaints! Nice buzz for Fantastic price!!! AA+ for high, AAAA Price CW AAAAA+ website, order processing, packaging, response emails, Variety, PRICE, Tony’s Knowledge. Staff & Growers 10+ God Bless! It takes a bit more, but don’t we all over toke anywho….lol Peace stay lit!

  177. Bigdawg (verified owner)

    Looks like the real deal feels bad smells great, tastes like repressed, beeen a hash conasore for 50!years definitely not old school.

  178. Laurie Lou (verified owner)

    Excellent Hash for an Excellent Price! 🙂

  179. bmacmil (verified owner)

    I bought an OZ, very nice, brought me back to the 80’s, works and tastes great, it’s been a long time since I tasted hash like this, I love it 5/5

  180. justmedk (verified owner)

    Highly recommended hash….great price, great taste…great buzz. What more can I say 😉 thank you CW !

  181. Shyla Ross (verified owner)

    It’s a steal of a deal. 4th time ordering and avent found cheaper or better !!!

  182. mrswatsonj (verified owner)

    Found the taste and smell a bit too sour for my liking.

  183. AR (verified owner)

    have ordered this many times and love it every time never disappointed with a CW product go Tony

  184. BillMac (verified owner)

    Awesome Hash Awesome Price 10/10 for me. Just like the ol days lol. Great stuff.

  185. deez (verified owner)

    very nice hash for the price, just love it

  186. ZXR7R (verified owner)

    3rd order for me–good hash for a wicked price–mellow high, nice tasting, i really enjoy this hash– there’s more potent hash than this, but for a 100 bucks per oz, im a happy camper. Thank you Tony and crew!!!! Please,please,please,… I’d love to see other types of hash on your menu. Make it so. 😉

  187. stoner420 (verified owner)

    Smokes nice and smooth, has a good taste to it as well. For the price this a steal and you cant complain. Would recommend people to try it out. Oh forgot, buzz was nice on the body felt nice and relaxed

  188. Steve V (verified owner)

    Really smooth nice smell and a great price

  189. Philieredeyes (verified owner)

    As I sit here and smoke this nice hash joint thanks to CW I have to say, I’m impressed!!! Thanks to Tony and his team for sending me my order! The Mercedes stamped black hash is one to try! Looks good, Smells Amazing and the high is nice and clean!


  190. slew69er (verified owner)

    second order of this fine product…will continue to order as well…Keep up the great work Tony…I HIGHly reccomend

  191. PatriciaWilliams (verified owner)

    Good hoots nice and soft and easy to work with smokes good taste great

  192. THC4ME (verified owner)

    Good decent black hash, grabbed a couple 0zs, great count 🙂 TY
    Not the most powerful but is very tasty, pliable, crumbles when heated, picks up ez on knives, makes a beautiful salad for Jays.
    Defenitely smoked worse back in the day lol

  193. Terpdabz (verified owner)

    got this a few months ago, its is average quality hash at a good price. nothing special. Worth paying the extra buck to get the moroccan hash for the flavour and softness of the smoke

  194. Zealyeye (verified owner)

    Like tenth time buying this… great product! Great price

  195. DiamondMind (verified owner)

    Hash 8.5/10 Price 10/10

  196. Lukechowzan (verified owner)

    What a great hash for an awsome price. Brought me back lol. Nice density reminded me of a fudge brownie when I cut into it

  197. Aza (verified owner)

    Amazing! thank you CW team for another great experience!

  198. Jrjones39 (verified owner)

    Nice hash good price easy to smoke in a joint n in a pipe well buy again

  199. Rob smith (verified owner)

    Another great order with no complaints! Awesome stuff

  200. justarush (verified owner)

    Price is awesome, very fast shipping (3 days across country to Ontario). Great weight ( a little over weight which is nice to see ). Medium grade hash but for the price it is perfect cause it still does the job. Wish they had some afghan (mazar sharif) for this same price would be awesome, maybe some day!!

  201. Canuck420 (verified owner)

    Great hash as always . So cheap but yet so good . This hash is the hash you all smoke in high school . Nice to smoke great taist great high .

  202. Nate21 (verified owner)

    Great hash, will be ordering again!

  203. bobbyjones (verified owner)

    great taste of old,crumbles real nice mild smoke.thank you cw keep er goin

  204. Suzanne Schmidt (verified owner)

    This hash is smooth, awesome tasting and smelling and you really just can’t beat the price! Just a nice buzz. It’s not as sticky and annoying to handle as most black hash. I’ve never bought hash at such a good price. Spreading the word! Thank you CW!

  205. Ape123 (verified owner)

    Cheap weed hands down best mom out there

  206. Ape123 (verified owner)

    Smells just like old school hash used to get 20 years ago

  207. slew69er (verified owner)

    This Mercedes Hash is a blast from the past…great taste great burn and great buzz …..smoothest transaction I have ever completed online…ordered 2 ounces and was in my hands within 3 days from coast to coast…love it…great product and you CAN NOT beat the price…for those that are familiar with hash I reccomend this product…and for those that aren’t familiar with hash I HIGHLY reccomend this product…will definitely order again..the personalized letter was just an added bonus. ordering more today…keep up the great work Tony

  208. fastmike (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness!! You really can’t go wrong buying this hash. It’s mellow to smoke in a spliff and packs a good punch. Get some!

  209. Eric Hooper (verified owner)

    This should be called Time Machine. The flavor and price are from days past.
    A welcoming high. Great addition when added to shmokies. Thank you very much!

  210. Kingchron420 (verified owner)

    Usually always grab some of this with my order. Insane quality for the price point and just tastes fantastic. Thanks tony!

  211. Nate21 (verified owner)

    Just like hash was back in the day, love it!

  212. Joshb23 (verified owner)

    Wicked black hash for a wicked price it’s a no-brainer if you want good quality hash for the best bang for your buck Tony’s got you covered

    Must have for the stash—”

  213. NJDevils66621 (verified owner)

    Some batches are darker but still good. Thanks

  214. Robinson (verified owner)

    Great taste and smell, real old school hash top quality!

  215. Colin Leitch (verified owner)

    Great value! Personally I think the blonde morocan is worth the extra cash!

  216. PoopyPants (verified owner)

    Great for the price. My second order and everyone likes it. Will be buying again!

  217. Nathan (verified owner)

    Great classic hash taste and smell, 10/10

  218. gn (verified owner)

    wicked hash, good taste, just like the good old days!!! thanks! keep up the work!!

  219. Houseofthewild (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing stuff. First time trying hash from here and pretty damn good. Buying more this weekend.

  220. Myshit (verified owner)

    I buy it so often that I can review it daily

  221. Brenda Deshevy (verified owner)

    I just keep coming back for this hash! Absolutely a sweet deal…awesome fast delivery…You can’t beat the service! CW rocks! Thank you!

  222. Josh12378 (verified owner)

    Second time buying, consistent quality and awesome taste. Will continue to purchase:)

  223. Claude123 (verified owner)

    Re-ordered, love it! Love to try more variaties. Good job Tony and gang. <3

  224. Claude123 (verified owner)

    Re-order, love it. Love to see some mite varieties in the black. Good job Tony and gang!

  225. Marco (verified owner)

    Great hash for the price. Nice and easy to break apart and roll up. Should have order more then an ounce, it went quick 😉

  226. Zealyeye (verified owner)

    Ordered a bunch of times now… grabbed another QP and couldn’t be happier… always amazing quality for price! Love the smell!

  227. Brandonsmith12 (verified owner)

    5/5 price and everything is good smell and taste is there buzz also there

  228. Scooby-Doo (verified owner)

    Will never find this quality for anywhere close to Tonys price!

  229. Doc (verified owner)

    Great Site, Great Products.

    Well,Been Smoking Hashish since the early 70’s From Blonde,Brown,Red Leb..Nepal,fingers..Bombay..Kashmir, Different strains Of Afghani which is no Longer available ,also different strains of Hashish from Pakistan,Eq.Chitral which was only available in the Mid 70’s WoW What a Taste/Smell ………Buzz. Then of Course then the Jamaican Red Gum Hash ,knock your Socks Off.Enough Said ….My Thanks Goes out to Tony and all the Crew, to make this Product available/affordable to All The Hashish Smokers who can taste…smell…enjoy, The Buzz I would give 8 out of 10, great for the Price!!!! Wish I would of asked for a few shavings of the Moroccan oh well will give that a try with the next order,as far as Moroccan goes the Best was known as” Double Zero” All being said once again the service was great,thanks to Emma with some Questions.Placed my order 2 oz,s Mercedez Hashish Late Thurs, Feb 21st arrived this Monday Feb 25th West Coast……..East Coast.. Great Job very impressed with Time Of Arrival and the Packaging……….Keep Up The Good Work!

  230. Yourmom (verified owner)

    great stuff at a great seriously cant go wrong with this!!!
    (if you dont have a stash your a no one)

  231. Dan Pitre (verified owner)

    Best batch of the benz if had yet. Thanks tony and team

  232. paul5127 (verified owner)

    this indica hash blend will let you enjoy a good movie or a good video game if you dont abuse it the tea mix give it a good taste and on the medical side i personally have muscular dystrophy and when the pain hit this is working great on my muscle and my humour great high great price

  233. John Marsden (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with this stuff, especially for the price. Great as a bowl topper, add in to a joint or just on its own. I’ve made several orders so far and will definitely be ordering more.

  234. Stefano Tonti (verified owner)

    In Italy where I grew up , we only had large quantities of hash and very rearly had good flowers .
    This hash isn’t the strongest hash , but as an appassionato I can tell you that for 120 an ounc or less , it’s the best deal out there , and quality is good !
    Very enjoyable smoke I highly recommend to buy

  235. Tg67 (verified owner)

    great hash .this is the only site i buy hash from. always good and a nice count.thanks

  236. xcaliber1303 (verified owner)

    got two ounces with my first ever order from tony… love it! great buzz and made me feel relaxed and calm. thank you tony I can finally afford my medicine 🙂 I beg you to keep up the good work. I have a feeling I will be ordering here again. shipping was fast also.

  237. raptor420 (verified owner)

    i got this for a second time and again tony came threw clutch
    if you are into hash its worth a try especially because the price is right
    this batch i got had parts of the mercedes stamp on it pretty cool this hash gets me ripped i get couch locked and hella munchies

  238. Evan Tuttle (verified owner)

    Very good hash for the price!
    Get some well you can if your seasoned or just like having some kicking around,
    This stuff won’t dissapoint you
    Was black on the outside surfaces but when you cut into it is a nice light brown.
    Smell is alittle minty
    Buzz is 9/10

  239. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Bon hasch pas beaucoup de saveur un peut terreux comme saveur mais avec du tabac et quelques joints ça va on s habitue
    Texture excellent pas granuleux s’égrène tres bien brule a la perfection pas besoin de mouiller son petard
    Le buzz très correct bon ptit hi pas de gros down parfaits pour le p’tit joint de tout les jours

    Le prochain que j essaie c est le marocains
    Livraison en 2 jours j ai commandé vendredi reçu lundi
    Excellent service
    Et le prix est imbattable

    Thank you Tony i Will order again i Will very satisfied

  240. Jaspur (verified owner)

    To describe the quality of this product in comparison to the price…Wow! Only 4 stars because there is better hash out there but not for this price

  241. Doug (verified owner)

    Incredible deal!!! I hope they never run out

  242. Adam A (verified owner)

    This is good Afghan hash. Exterior was a nice black. I was worried it was going to be greenish inside, but when sliced the inside was a perfect brownish. The texture was PERFECT, it was not dry and crumbly. It was soft, yet grinded perfectly in my hand grinder with a small amount of tree. The hash made the joint very smooth, and the high was very light. The ash was super clean almost white. 4 stars because it could be stronger. I will order again.

  243. bmacmil (verified owner)

    This Hash is awesome, brings me back to the 80’s, only cheaper it’s now, smells great, burns great, buzz is great, I love it, ordering more…. thanks Tony

  244. Rick Marwood (verified owner)

    Hats off to Tony and his team…..very smooth smoke…….price unbeatable….floated back to 1976…..Will definitely re-order…10 stars.

  245. MasterChief (verified owner)

    My second order of this just showed up today. Absolutely blown away by the consistency, quality, and price of this stuff. Add up all those factors and this is the best bang for your buck. Hands down!

    Thanks again, guys!

  246. Brine1987 (verified owner)

    Nothing bad to say.
    Great hash
    Competitive price
    Fast and free shipping!
    Will definitely buy again!

  247. ZXR7R (verified owner)

    TG67 said: THIS IS THE BEST HASH for your money hands down… He’s absolutely right. For the price, hash of this quality is a smokin deal. Tony and company cannot be beat. And with the little extra i received with my 2 oz.’s, THANK YOU CW and Tony. You guys are the best!

  248. Sean48 (verified owner)

    But high 4 out of 5.. still not old
    Smell and taste not that good.

  249. Myshit (verified owner)

    Will continue to keep buying this hash. It’s great!!!

  250. Mario Perazzelli (verified owner)

    Suprised by the texture, smell and taste. I’m back in the 80’s! This one reminded me of my younger years when buying dime to pass the day. This one really is similar to what I was used to in my younger years. Taste is just right, the buzz is excellent, not too numby but just enough to relax. What a great smell! I enjoyed this one so much it is my second order. Don’t hesitate if you want to try the real thing! (Besides going to Afghanistan!)

  251. hellscreeper (verified owner)

    Good stuff! remind my of old school hash from the 90. Thanks tony for the best price in the universe!

  252. jrodriguez (verified owner)

    Smooth smoke, good high, fast shipping, good bang for the buck

  253. bluebird (verified owner)

    vaut le prix. Hash basic

  254. Zealyeye (verified owner)

    Great price…very soft and smokes and smells great. Ordered a few times and never disappoints. Definitely will order again and again.

  255. mm420 (verified owner)

    Who knew finding old school hash could be this easy/cheap. Ordered multiple times, great old school stuff that brings me back to the good ol days.

  256. Promise Beaurgard (verified owner)

    Got thi awhile back and I got to say it was really good awesome in blunts thanks cw!

  257. Tg67 (verified owner)

    THIS IS THE BEST HASH for your money hands down.great job cw.

  258. Gary Geroux (verified owner)

    Excellent hash for the price point. Smokes nice. Nice mellow euphoria. I’m late to order more.

  259. deez (verified owner)

    very happy here….\m/

  260. Colin dicks (verified owner)

    I started smoking this hash and fell in love again. After a couple of bowls I wanted to eat the ball of hash. I can’t get over the flavor.

  261. coloc819 (verified owner)

    cheap price for the quality you are getting

  262. Dr.GreenThumb420 (verified owner)

    Amazing price, great quality. Really consistant thank’s guy’s!!!! Cw you guys are kickin ass b the way two words……..Hash…..Brownies 😉 enjoy folkes

  263. 4rms7ech (verified owner)

    Steal of a price. Already ordered more and will be a must have in my smoke kit front now on.

  264. Jap420 (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing, for the price and quality it’s worth buying again!

  265. terrycyr43 (verified owner)

    i would like to take the time to thank cw and Emma for the great service the Mercedes hash i got is wonderful and will be ordering again soon thank you very much

  266. ZXR7R (verified owner)

    Ordered 3 oz’s in the last month—hash like this is a treat for this price—As long as Tony has this, I’ll keep buying it up. Thanx CW, thank you Tony.

  267. MasterChief (verified owner)

    Just received my QP today. Beyond happy with the quality of this hash! Closest thing you can get to the stuff straight from Afghanistan. The smell, texture, and taste is impressive to say the least. Looks incredible aswell. Easily the best deal I’ve gotten on any smoke, period! Thanks guys!

  268. Nathan Dooley (verified owner)

    Nice hash, easy to break apart and smoked white 10/10

  269. Roxanne Whalen (verified owner)

    Bought an Ounce of this stuff. It was Fabulous. Couldn’t get over the Smell Color outside, inside identical. Definately brought me back to days of old. Tx guys…Definately worth the Price.

  270. Ken Hobson (verified owner)

    Was skeptical about the purchasing the hash as I havent seen good hash in a very long time. But after having purchased an oz. I was very shocked at how good it was! The high was awesome. Brought me back in time. Well worth the price and will definitely be ordering more.

  271. David Strickland (verified owner)

    The best gold seal hash around!! Great old school taste an to add into a J or blast

  272. Nathan Dooley (verified owner)

    Classic hash Smell and taste 10/10

  273. Bruno (verified owner)

    Very nice break apart with ease clean burn white ash wud order again kodoos to tony and team

  274. coloc819 (verified owner)

    good price good quality so ordored some more thx CW

  275. Purcellj (verified owner)

    I had very low expectations of this product but was blown away by the quality.

  276. diversitea77 (verified owner)

    We have bought and reviewed this before but smoking this hash I have to say thanks to the whole CW crew for this incredible affordable deal.

  277. Steve V (verified owner)

    Good taste and buzz

  278. Nathan Dooley (verified owner)

    Smokes smooth and great quality, will buy again

  279. Mwind (verified owner)

    Breaks up nice. smooth smoke. Definitely buy again. Great value

  280. John S (verified owner)

    One full month of vaping this hash and I still think it’s amazing for the price.

  281. Danny420 (verified owner)

    Nice hash will order again
    Taste 4/5
    Burning 5/5
    High 4/5

  282. Colin Leitch (verified owner)

    Crazy good deal! Great intro to hash ig anyone wanted to try it! As always Tony you blow me away with the quality, customer service and cost saving you pass onto your customers!! Keep up the great work!!

  283. Pierroz (verified owner)

    Nice hash for the price, we call it first press it’s means they didn’t put yet some shit inside

  284. Christopher Olson (verified owner)

    Cant believe I almost forgot to drop my review.. this stuff is a blast from the past. I love it and I encourage people to try this out for sure you cannot go wrong if you appreciate good hash.

  285. jammin’stoned (verified owner)

    Strong taste, proper texture, smokes nice. Great Price, Great High <3

  286. Myshit (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing

  287. Joe (verified owner)

    Pinch me I think I’m dreaming … it’s like a flashback to the 70’s with the smell, flavor, stone and especially the price of this hash, I even broke out the knives and its been decades lol still to harsh ….hope my close Bro’s enjoyed the chunks they got for Christmas & a huge thanks to you Tony!!

  288. ZXR7R (verified owner)

    Absolute smokin deal. I love the taste. Burns really nice and smooth. This was my first purchase from CW, and it won’t be the last. Been a very long time since i smoked stuff like this. Breaks up perfectly. Nice texture. Perfectly pressed. Not quite like the 80`s black that i remember, but it certainly is a great hash, and for the price, how can you not grab a bunch of this. Initially had issues with the e-transfer, wasn’t sure if it went through or not, Tony’s assistant Emma was the absolute best, very quick with the replies, really nice to deal with. I will be getting more of this very soon. I am a CW lifer.Thanks Tony!!

  289. heavysmoker (verified owner)

    Looks beautiful and tastes great, cant beat the price thats for sure!!!

  290. Jimgrass (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 oz’s of this hash and it’s amazing. Great smell and great taste. Burns well and at this price you just can’t go wrong. I ordered more the week after in case it unavailable
    In the future! Just love it.

  291. Lewis420 (verified owner)

    Nice colour very consistant as well as the smell. Smoke was very smooth also consistant gets u ripped and the tag well you cant complain about that great job CW!

  292. raptor512 (verified owner)

    you can not go wrong with this hash the price is amazing and the quality is not bad at all smokes good tastes good nice and smooth good for joints and bong hits i love me some poppers
    reminds me of high school days ill for sure be ordering this again with out a doubt the customer service is great on this site this was my first order and not my last

  293. Steve V (verified owner)

    Great hash for the price can’t wait for me

  294. Josh12378 (verified owner)

    Hash is crazy good for the price! Will continue to keep it stocked in the goodie box!!

  295. Teewhy (verified owner)

    Old school taste and feeling. If you made it this far, Just order it. you will be glad you did.

  296. Douglas MacKinnon (verified owner)

    If you like hash what are you waiting for? Best deal going and good hash

  297. Flux (verified owner)

    Everyone should have some of this in their stash there’s literally no excuse at this price! Great smoke, good potency, firm but playable and the bang for your dollar is ridiculous

  298. Candice Carragher (verified owner)

    Great buzz especially for the price will be ordering again

  299. Shyla Ross (verified owner)

    What a steal. Local prices are absolutely absurd for hash. Will be buying again for sure

  300. Jamie2010 (verified owner)

    Great deal. Would order again

  301. Jamie2010 (verified owner)

    Nice buzz, would order again. Nice price

  302. justmedk (verified owner)

    I have bought this hash a few times now…and as usual the quality , value and customer service is AMAZING !!!!

  303. Brandon Kimmel (verified owner)

    The quality and the price of this stuff is unbeatable

  304. Thooter (verified owner)

    Fantastic price ! This has a little less oil content than I have had previous to CW. There is not much smell, but it does the job. Breaks up good and burns well. Getting more. Right on CW.

  305. Dzmp1000 (verified owner)

    I’ve always been hesitant to order online, but I’m extremely happy I chose CW to be the first MOM I ordered from. The shipment was packaged perfectly and arrived on time. It even came with a nice letter from tony which is a nice touch. I only ordered this hash which eveyerone who has tried it loves it, and some gg#4 shatter which was absolutely amazing. Placing my next order today to try out the bud on here and I will definitely continue to do. The website is updated quite often and it’s very user friendly. Tony even has a cool little section where he gives recommendations on different buds. 10/10 for sure. I’d love to work for a company like this!.. *psst* tony, hmu

  306. Jokeefe (verified owner)

    Amazing deal. This is the 3rd time buying I believe. It takes me back to when I was younger. I absolutely love it and will buy again.

  307. martel53 (verified owner)

    billy / smoking hot deal / tasty hash that does the trick / did i mention smoking deal

  308. Ryan Speed (verified owner)

    once again just awesome u must have a ton of this stuff lol

  309. Mitchb (verified owner)

    Delicious hash!!! 3 1/2 lbs ordered and more to come.Worth stocking a bit.

  310. raceperson (verified owner)

    Unbeatable price. Pleasing smoke to exhale, sweet and spicy and earthy. Not incredibly potent but it will get the job done. Great to bake with. 100% would recommend to a friend. 100% will buy again given the opportunity.

  311. Laurie Lou (verified owner)

    Oh the memories! Classic old school hash. So good, this is my second time ordering & will definitely order again. 🙂

  312. Matthew (verified owner)

    Old school stuff, my parents love it.

  313. Alain l (verified owner)

    Very good deal must always have Some in stock would buy again for sure

  314. APLAYER007 (verified owner)

    Hi everyone, this some pretty tasty hash, well worth the price and it came on time with a little extra included! Totally class act!! I contacted the team before I paid for my order, was a little no very cautious before sending my limited cash. I explained that being a single disabled father I couldn’t get burned for $10, let alone the almost 4 hunge that I had to send! Well to my surprise Tony emailed me almost immediately, giving me a firm reassurance that there was nothing to worry about and they are legit. I am now a full-time customer, and I am really enjoying my black Mercedes gold seal. Very Happy with the whole deal, thanks CW!

  315. kelman66 (verified owner)

    oh nvm no red seal, was gold. was just the last wrap colour on the larger brick

  316. kelman66 (verified owner)

    Good. Price, service and delivery excellent. Havent compared red seal vs gold seal yet. Had some of both colour stamps a couple weeks apart.

  317. joeash14 (verified owner)

    idk how many times ive ordered this now lol. but will continue to order this . tonys the best for the price for this. hint hint nudge love to try others near same price point if you could id love to try other strains of has if you can get it in. but that dont matter as ill still buy this ..THANKS

  318. lnash (verified owner)

    just came this morning, ordered on thursday. this is some awesome hash for the price in my opinion, i am not disappointed. i know nothing about hash, but this got me high in my bubbler, burned clean and tastes great. i only wish there was bigger selection of hash, because ordering from any website besides cheapweed makes me feel dirty. BTW it was 31 grams!!!!! amazing.

  319. Shyla Ross (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong at all buying this

  320. Shyla Ross (verified owner)

    Love this stuff

  321. Kingchron420 (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Easy to work with. great buzz and taste. Cant be beat for the price!!! Thanks CW!

  322. Jap420 (verified owner)

    This stuff is a steal, I received a free 1/8th with my oz, 10/10, would definitely buy again

  323. Davey (verified owner)

    Really good stuff. Awesome price. Love the look of it and one happy customer

  324. Devin Atkinson (verified owner)

    very pleasant high, more of a flavour enhancer though, would buy again and again

  325. KingGanja (verified owner)

    This is some very great hash for the price I ended up paying $130 just before the Christmas deal and I’m not even mad because it is still a steal I ended up giving some of it to presents to a few people and they loved it I would recommend and buy again

  326. Ryan Speed (verified owner)

    awesome what a deal great job guy’s keep up the good work…

  327. Nick (verified owner)

    Good stuff! Cant seem to get enough ordered multiple times. Woot!

  328. Jordan Taylor (verified owner)

    This batch was definitely better than the last not as soft and darker seal on the outside hoping the next batch is even better Tony’s perfecting it

  329. Tommyb (verified owner)

    Don’t let the price fool you, this is great hash. It’s worth a lot more then 120 an ounce at 250 I would still buy it. It’s a nice soft old school type hash that goes right to your head before going into a deep relaxing stone.

  330. Jordan Taylor (verified owner)

    Easy to break up and rolls nice joints would definitely be a repeat customer thanks Tony

  331. Jordan Taylor (verified owner)

    Definitely a great value for the price would suggest it to any hash lovers nice and dark on the outside Brown on the inside not rock hard

  332. Matdelo (verified owner)

    Wow what an amazing hash at that price you can’t go wrong, nice clean smoke, good taste, good smell, perfect texture and a nice relaxing buzz

  333. Patricia Newell (verified owner)

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  334. Bradydoucet16 (verified owner)

    I love this hash, can’t go wrong with the price either!

  335. John S (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with this hash!

  336. Dusty011 (verified owner)

    Top notch product , reminds me of the 80s in high school, delivery, quality , count and professionalism all 10 out of 10. Love my fudge, CW, you are my go to from here on in. Life time customer.. Thanks!!!

  337. Newf450 (verified owner)

    Nice good smoke. Soft I had it from outer places and you guys wear better good job

  338. Axltom (verified owner)

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  339. Scooby-Doo (verified owner)

    Can not find this price vs quality anywhere else!

  340. Tubad4u (verified owner)

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  341. Jordan Taylor (verified owner)

    Will be buying alot more seeing is i smoked an oz in two weeks for hash and me it alot

  342. Jordan Taylor (verified owner)

    Will buy again . Definitely good for the price

  343. Earl Jones (verified owner)

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  344. Mitchb (verified owner)

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    I have got a lb so far!!

  345. ihfwt (verified owner)

    I read a lot of “reviews” before deciding to order the Mercedes Black Hash. I guess it’s the luck of the draw (depending on the batch) my friends liked the texture, smoothness,good buzz, what lacked was the flavor. They are old school hash smokers and were looking for that “sweetness” reminiscent of the old days.
    Service is good, discrete packaging.

  346. Mark Schatzky (verified owner)

    I’ve given 4 stars because…
    The look, feel strong smell of unsmoked hash. Break into it. Black outside, brown inside. Just like good hash should. The smell, everything tells you it’s going to be killer. For the last year I’ve been scratching my head. How did I buy this oz ON SALE for 99$..
    I’m a heavy smoker thigh tolerance.. I prefer something stronger..
    I’m not knocking it, the opposite.. This is priced too goid if makes you thing twice.
    You’ll be back… It’s great.!

  347. Brenda Deshevy (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure. This is my 4th time ordering this hash…the product is amazing for the price…nothing like smoking a joint of good hash after a long day

  348. PyramidMan (verified owner)

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  349. lorey Brown (verified owner)

    This stuff is so amazing , very smooth, it just has the nicest buzz, very relaxing cant go wrong for the price..great products always with Tony. This is nice mixture with your weed…love it! I wont buy any where else!

  350. Dozer89 (verified owner)

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  351. Ericbig (verified owner)

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  352. Charronfam (verified owner)

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  354. PyramidMan (verified owner)

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  355. jamie1313 (verified owner)

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  356. PoopyPants (verified owner)

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  357. John S (verified owner)

    Price for it’s Quality = 10/10, worth every penny.
    Level of enjoyment by old school hash smoker, Priceless!

  358. John S (verified owner)

    Texture = 8.5 (Very Pliable, sticks together nicely). Look = 8 (simply looks like killer hash). Smell/Nose = 7.5 (Much better than expected for the price, Great old school hash smell. Really ). Buzz = 7.5 (better than average, excellent for the price). Taste = 6.5 -7 method of consumption was combustion (This score is very subjective. This is based on my 41 years of healing experience with this plant and many derivatives of it). Overall:
    very good buy.

  359. Zealyeye (verified owner)

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  360. kevin searle (verified owner)

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  362. Jordan Taylor (verified owner)

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