Blonde Moroccan Hash

(76 customer reviews)

$200.00 - $3,250.00

Morocco is one of the countries where hashish has been used for hundreds of years. This is also one of the best regions for growing premium-quality hash. People who have been using hashish for a long time will enjoy Moroccan hashish. This firm Moroccan hash with a dark auburn blonde hue comes with an aromatic smell and the taste is simply incredible. This is how original hash looks and feels like. The product you are looking at is made from plant materials with the highest quality, so you can expect to get the most from your next hash adventure.

If you purchase this product you will earn 20-325 Points!

If you purchase this product you will earn 20-325 Points!


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All strains provide great medicinal effects for;

Here are some of Tony's personal strain suggestions =),

BC BIG BUD - Great classic bang for buck strain with nice caked big nugs

Sugar Shack - super classic strain with a rich aroma, nice dense nugs, nice burning, fantastic bang for buck batch

Purple Nuken - bang for buck, great for day time usage.. caked good burn, white ash, quality smoke

Purple Thunder - super potent, smells like dank bud, shit gets you good!

Bruce Banner - Covered in caked with trichomes. Super Potent and sticky

Godfather OG - top notch.. high in THC very potent, super caked and dense nugs

Green Farm's Jet Fuel OG - Jumbo nugs, beautiful covered in cake + trichomes rich explosion kush smell , super potent

California Haze - oh god, super potent weed for the price, and AMAZING smell. I LOVE IT

Rockstar Bubba Kush - Super potent, super skunky and gassy.

Green Farm's Animal Cookies - Great aroma, caked, and purple buds, Perfect for a wake n bake

$100 OG- Great Bang for buck strain

Black Diesel - Great sweet nose with great large dense nugs. Perfect as a daytime strain.

Grease Monkey - Super potent and Great smoke Can't go wrong with this one!

Tony's Violator - Need something to wake n bake? This one is the perfect one!!

Tony's Black Tuna - Great couch locking strain at a lower price point. Nice and dense nugs!

76 reviews for Blonde Moroccan Hash

  1. Weedplease (verified owner)

    Nice brick I got! Fat count and fresh! Thanks CW

  2. MB (verified owner)

    The best hash I’ve ever smoked

  3. jimbif (verified owner)

    toujours parfait!!

  4. jimbif (verified owner)

    toujours parfait!! je recommande chaudement

  5. KT (verified owner)

    Tasty stuff!!! Best blonde hash I’ve smoked since the 80s has the nice peppery taste as it should. I will definitely order again…and again

  6. Benjamin Kero (verified owner)

    Top shelf

  7. coloc819 (verified owner)

    solid quality thx

  8. Jeff222 (verified owner)

    Very nice product thanks again guys

  9. lensmals (verified owner)

    Great real blond hash..citrus potent taste. Nice smoke & will also try making some special brownies!!

  10. Domz (verified owner)

    Quality is surprisingly inferior to Mercedes Stamp Black Hash. I was quite disappointed in this Blonde Moroccan. I expected much better at this price. It feels sweaty on my fingers when shredding, it is practically odorless, and has very weak potency.

  11. Samg (verified owner)

    Good blond hash! Still waiting for the zero-zero Moroccan holy grail lol

  12. MB (verified owner)

    Best hash I’ve ever smoked or seen before. Not a fan of the black hash

  13. Weedplease (verified owner)

    Pricey but amazing! Solid ash will probably buy again

  14. SherryJ (verified owner)

    Very good hash. The taste is amazing, the buzz is awesome and the delivery was quick. Never buying anywhere else

  15. Dantheman (verified owner)

    Really missed it when my 0z was gone QP if I can scrape up the moola $ Taste 10 smokes 9 high 8 You just feel Fine!
    BTS 10 Nice spot on 0z! Primo HQ!

  16. LaLaLa (verified owner)

    The real deal and you will need a good razor knife to cut it up! Have tried CW Mercedes Hash and finally decided to try the Blonde…very impressed!!

  17. jimbif (verified owner)

    Toujours aussi satisfait de mon achat. Une pur merveille. Merci la gagne de CW. Vous êtes les meilleurs!!

  18. ShaneKisey (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried it yet but I assume it’s 5 times better then the Mercedes

  19. Keamralph (verified owner)

    Simply amazing. I’ve never had any hash like this previous to this. I’ll take this over dabs any day. Hoping to be able to buy more next time, everyone likes it. Definitely worth the price

  20. lensmals (verified owner)

    Nice taste great looking solid oz piece not chunked together small pieces. Smoked well with decent hash high. Liked this one better than the Black hash. ..for the price you can’t loose.
    Thanks Tony & CW crew.

  21. Whiteboygnb (verified owner)

    Cant go wrong with this, classic morrocan taste and texture. Burns clean and smooth. Would definetly purchase again. Price is superb aswell. Thanks Tony

  22. kelman66 (verified owner)

    Very nice.
    Not as blonde as anticipated.

  23. ytefas (verified owner)

    Terrific. As an 80s-hash-nut, it’s been a while since I had a nice lump like this one. Clean, tasty, great high. I’ve had stronger hash, but this is strong enough, and very nice for my tastes.

  24. Suzanne Schmidt (verified owner)

    This blonde is great quality, taste and smell and price. I also appreciate that it crumbles nicely. I’ll definitely be ordering it again.
    The ease of ordering and service is excellent. I’m so glad I found CW. Keep doing what you do best and you have a happy customer for life. Thank you CW!

  25. Tnt (verified owner)

    You want that old school goodness? This stuff will have pops kissing your feet. Old guyz your bitching stops here, this is what your looking for. East coast I know you hear me.

  26. Colin Leitch (verified owner)

    Great hash! If your a conisour this is definitely worth the extra dollars compared to the black hash. Both are awesome but this will definitely be a re purchase when I can

  27. Levon lee (verified owner)

    I was confused when I first seen it. Then shaved a piece and smoked it. The end result was good. The picture threw me off. It does the job. But I think for the price that the CW black hash is much better. Just a thought.

  28. Josh12378 (verified owner)

    Found it to be slightly better than the black hash high wise, much cleaner taste tho.

  29. Samg (verified owner)

    Can’t get enough of this! Great job again CW

  30. Pascal33 (verified owner)

    Very good Hash. Good taste and good high.

  31. jimbif (verified owner)

    Très savoureux merci!!

  32. Alexw (verified owner)

    Reviews on this website are overrated. If you are looking for that hash that blazes you in one puff, look elsewhere. Its good hash but way overrated

  33. Ron Goulding (verified owner)

    Let me first say customer service was great, fast processing and shipping. In regards to the hash itself I agree entirely with Paul Caderet’s review. I have been getting blonde from another site for the past 2 years. It has a much stronger taste and smell than this hash. Having said that the hash is worth it at bulk prices. $200 for a half oz is very pricey if you want to try it first. As an old time hash smoker I haven’t seen any of the real good black with a great taste for years. All black that I have smoked recently is just not up to old day standards. all in all worth the price if bought in bulk.

  34. Andrew Goulet (verified owner)

    Omg. This hash is the boom. The great taste/smell and buzz. I find it a bit pricey but its so enjoyable. Cant wait for a sale to happen

  35. Colin Leitch (verified owner)

    Great old school hash tatse! Higher quality then the Mercedes although it is good to! Definitely worth a purchase!

  36. Jeff222 (verified owner)

    Stuff is bomb , well worth the price !!

  37. Samg (verified owner)

    Best Moroccan hash available on the market. Unfortunately a lot of MOMs claim to have aaa quality AUTHENTIC Moroccan hash, I have tried over 10 kinds so far and this is the most authentic taste/quality wise moroccan hash I have found. (Coming from a Moroccan hash maker) great job CE

  38. Colin dicks (verified owner)

    I grabbed a ounce of this hash and it’s gone after 2 weeks . My friends and I could not get enough of the taste. A great buy.

  39. Hughbert420 (verified owner)

    Seems to be better than the gold seal black hash on this site so seems to be worth the extra money so far happy with this hash

  40. Ricky71 (verified owner)

    I bought the Mercedes black as a first time buyer a while back and of course fell in love with it and the whole CW experience. Saw this Moroccan for almost double the price and wasn’t sure but asked Tony when I ordered more black and he tossed in some shavings of this blond – enough for a nice size bowl. Sparked it up and bought some right away. Super smooth smoke, absolutely zero harshness, tasty as f*ck, nice clean gentle and relaxing buzz. TY CW

  41. Ryan Speed (verified owner)

    awesome stuff little pricey maybe but damm good….

  42. Paul cadaret (verified owner)

    I search out blonde Moroccan all the time, since the 70s, it always varies in potency , but rarely in taste. So when I seen Moroccan blonde on line ,at a reasonable price, I gave it a try. It looks like blonde, smells faintly like my favorite blonde, but when smoked, it lacks that hashy taste that I crave. It has a faint taste of blonde from time to time leaving me longing for more taste. Still probably better then the crap black out there though. I would gladly pay more for the real blonde Moroccan though, it’s all about the taste to me

  43. Brenda Deshevy (verified owner)

    2nd time ordering this hashish…and it’s very awesome to have back in my smoking box…just a nice treat to have around! Thanks

  44. needweed250 (verified owner)

    I bought a half oz of this stuff over a month ago and I’m still smoking on it. Great bang for you buck on this one. I usually smoke hash in the evening before bed, this one does the trick and taste/smells great. burns proper. 4/5

  45. Tracy Magny (verified owner)

    Cheap Weed scores again. Nice dense block, very pungent, burns nice and clean. Worth the price. 9 out of 10 for sure. Thanks. Tracy

  46. Mark Schatzky (verified owner)

    I wanted to write a accurate review for all the hash connesseur out there..
    I was hesitant to try the Moroccan as I love full melt bubble hash.. I’ve wondered why the Mercedes is much cheaper.. Well the mercedes looks smells great. But very low thc…
    The Moroccan has a strong hash smell. It’s dense breaks up and smokes clean.
    This is old school hash.
    If you have not been happy with hash purchased. I’m not surprised. I’m also very disappointed.. I can’t source full melt by the oz…
    This is now a staple in my arsenal of thc.
    Tastes like blissful hash should. Musky. The texture is on par… The smell of the un smoked hash is amazing very strong.
    When smoked.. Smooth big white clouds. Tastes amazing. Just like 1987!.
    Too bad I waited a year to try it.
    Doesent compare to full melt. Talking apples and oranges…
    I’ve tried most mail orders for hash. This sticks out as one of the best… Having a big oz chunk. So worth the cost. Try it and you’ll be pleased… I’m hard to please with hash.. I’ve got alot on hand that’s not good so it sits collecting dust. This hash tastes great, is potent..
    Its got it all.. Just Doesent melt… It’s exactly as pictured.
    Tony… Thank you for sourcing the best.
    I have no hesitations ordering from your site.. Thank you for that. Piece of mind.

  47. Stan Maclean (verified owner)

    Tony I received my package today in time for my Birthday the Blonde is amazing can’t wait to try your kosher kush .

  48. (verified owner)

    Très bon produit à bon prix

  49. DonJuan79 (verified owner)

    It’s been awhile since I’ve had this high quality of hash. It looks, smells and tastes great! Legit Moroccan hash from across the pond. They have the history so they know what they are doing.

  50. Kim Kivinen (verified owner)

    Always love a great hash, this isn’t your neighborhood home made , this is the real deal, great taste,smooth, and powerful, I sleep like a baby , thanks cw

  51. David Giard (verified owner)

    Nice pine and citrus smell. Very hard/dense texture. Smooth, tasty smoke or vape. Potent, quick long lasting effects. Excellent price/quality ratio. Order processed fast, thanks!

  52. Lippertpainting (verified owner)

    Moroccan hash is amazing. Hits you hard and fast.
    A must have for anyone from novice to veteran.
    Lips gives

  53. J.S (verified owner)

    Hi first time Customer on CW and I ordered a ounce of this blonde moroccan hash and I’ve just received it today I’ve smoked alittle bit of it and I’m very very satisfied by my purchase I was given more than 28 and the smell is exactly as described and the quality is incredible! Will definitely be buying again thanks Tony 5 stars 🙂

  54. Miker (verified owner)

    Hello everybody/slu le monde!

    I’m a first time customer but a long time hash smoker so here is my review, I think it’s very insightful lol

    First off I’ve been following this whole legalization thing with skepticism. I already have a dealer and I figured the gvt would be too greedy and bloated to beat his prices per gram and so far I think I’m right… but then I discovered this place CheapWeed -and the whole concept of mail order marijuana in bulk-and I was blown away!

    I purchased a pound of Moroccan hash here and the price was way better than my dealer who was selling me 100 grams for $800. I live in Montreal by the way… Cheapweed sold me a full pound of 454 grams not 448 and they threw in a few extra grams which although is kinda standard, it’s also always very much appreciated! I mean who doesnt love a bakers dozen?!! Lol

    The hash itself is almost identical to what my dealer has maybe it’s even a little bit better, definitely as good as… it arrived quick, well packaged and I even showed it to my mailman (who’s also kind of my friend) and I gave him some too!! He was impressed -he says he can always smell the medical stuff when it’s in his truck, but mine not at all!

    I totally reccomend these guys it’s a real pro operation for sure, I was apprehensive because my first order was so big but I’m delighted. My only concern is that since I bought the pound of Moroccan the website will now only allow you to purchase a 1/4lb (112gr) for 850.00. That’s about what I pay from my dealer so it’s not a good enough deal to make me switch but the pound price was worth it…

    Finally it would be awesome if these guys joined ebates (That’s a good idea, no?!!) And if they took Visa I could earn air miles for getting high, lol. I mean since its legal and a real business then maybe one day they will -seems logical to me, lol

    Hope this helps, was fun to write…

  55. michael poirier (verified owner)

    wow amazing blond marocain hash 1 hit very high thanks you so much tony:)

  56. Gary (verified owner)

    Excellent blonde hash. Takes me back to about 1974-75. Dating myself, oh well! Really couldn’t be better. Very satisfied.

  57. Dantheman (verified owner)

    .5g over ty
    fast shipping ty 10
    Looks 8 scent 7 taste 9
    Body buzx 8 mind buzz 5 very clear clean
    Smokes 9 bt 10 8
    Please Tony CW stock Kashmir
    Even 15$ g we can top up our cart with ur great bulk products
    Request stock more varieties hash its rite now ty
    Dan hash head

  58. Brenda Deshevy (verified owner)

    I just love this blonde hash! Great taste..speedy delivery and will order again. I am very happy…thank you!

  59. Terpdabz (verified owner)

    Classic Moroccan hash, with more of a minty smell than usual. Still has this typical spicy wood smell to it, but an overwhelming mint odour comes first when you open the bag. It is a bit softer than most Moroccan I used to smoke, but there’s no doubt, this is the real deal!

    A very good hash that burns smooth, rich and white, with a pleasant aroma and a smooth buzz. It’s a flavourful, low potency concentrate… I could smoke it all day long just for the taste!

  60. Maxime (verified owner)

    Like all Moroccan hash tastes super good but no buzz! But that’s not cheapweed fault it’s always like that with marrocan hash!!! It just sucks ghat the bubble hash is never available because I would not spent 300$ on taste alone!!!

  61. Maliseet (verified owner)

    Ce hash est vraiment tres tres bon ! un bon buzz ! bon Gout ! comme le hash des années 80. Qualité prix EXCELLENT@.. Services professionnelles et Extremement rapide et ce, malgré la grève des postes… Je recommande a 500%. @@@@@
    Bravo pour votre travail !

  62. Bibine (verified owner)

    Sweet memories. Exactly as I remembered! Quantity was spot on. I will be back for more in the future! Thanks a ton, Tony!

  63. Fred B (verified owner)

    This is really good stuff. Spicy and sweet taste. Don’t loose your time and money on other stuff, just buy this one. You won’t regret.

  64. fastmike (verified owner)

    Welcome back to the 70’s! This is the hash I used to smoke back then – always loved it and am so glad it’s back! For those of you who have never tried real hash, give this a shot; tasty, mellow, euphoric. Thanks Tony and crew!

  65. J-Man (verified owner)

    Super taste and great kick on this retro tasting Moroccan hash. Love it, will definitely order again. Have not tasted anything like this since the 80’s…or since my last CW order. Thanks for sending me back in time right into the 80’S Tony! PS: The bonus bubble hash g is AMAZING!

  66. Karl (verified owner)

    I dont understand why people say that shish is strong. Its good for the tasteor to add with pot but the buzz isnt there for me sorry.

  67. Ozi85 (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this, it looks nice, smells good, and taste awesome. The after taste it leaves in your mouth is really tasty and nice. I could sit there and smoke it all in a sitting if I am not careful lol. Gave a pice to my mom and gave her flash back to her teens. Great product CW!

  68. OnlineGanjaGuru (verified owner)

    Got transported back to the 80’s when hash was king. This is the taste, and the buzz that hash is supposed to give. Awesome!

  69. Skillz (verified owner)

    Yoooooooo !!! This hash is the bomb Diggy !!! Super smooth, super flavorful Nd eazy to fall in love with don’t sleep on it til after you smoked it

  70. Niko

    Still can’t find hash like this around here! Got to love CW!

  71. thuggerthugger

    Potent strong hitting and leaves you mesmerized and zoned out for hours 5/5

  72. Frederick (verified owner)

    Like stepping back in time — I am 56 and have not seen this kind of quality hash since the 80’s without leaving the country — well worth the coin

  73. George (verified owner)

    Rock hard, was scared it was pressed kief at first as a lot of providers try and pass it off as blonde hash. Definitely not the case here. High quality, great flavor. Well worth the price/oz.

  74. Avery M (verified owner)

    Very solid and clean hash, the flavor was just right and not too intense. The only issue was how hard it was to break apart the brick but after heating it up it becomes easy to work with 🙂

  75. j_M (verified owner)

    *blond hash. And oh ya. Nice and potent

  76. j_M (verified owner)

    Ok the blonde hash unboxing day has arrived. First thing I liked was it was one solid piece. Upon scraping off some for a little taster I noticed a pleasant citrusy hash aroma. And taste to go along with it. Not sure how soon but will order again. Love it. Thanks

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