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  1. BcBudDK95 says:

    Tonys Hindu kush is way better then expected and smokes awesome! Will be using this site again!

  2. Mike128 says:

    Phoenix tears are amazing as far as concentrates go, rainy day, no plans , completely chilled on couch for 8-10 hours

  3. Mike128 says:

    Bubba OG is got to be the best smoke ive had in my life , without a doubt will be ordering again and again

  4. Mike128 says:

    The nuken crunch doesnt pack the punch i was hoping but overall its not a bad smoke

  5. Cbas says:

    Lindsay OG, Royal K, and Nuken are all quality. Very Nice. Well done cheapweed.

  6. shannyelk005 says:

    Call me old school but what I like about dealing with CW is that the price includes tax.

  7. IB6UB9 says:

    CW has the best violator I’ve found , it’s the best medicine for me, THANKS Tony & crew

  8. IB6UB9 says:

    got my zombie cookies today , looks great nice buds , real tight, fast delivery, got to say I like the zombie better, but all in all it’s pretty decent , but a little pricey for me

  9. Claus says:

    Was leery of ordering again after the recent postal issues but glad I did. Got my package today with no issues. Thank you CW.

  10. michael cooke says:

    Thank you Tony and CW Team for honouring my mail loss and for some of the best Mercedes Black hash i have gotten to date! Cheers!

  11. ns_steve says:

    Unbelievable fast service!!!! coast to coast in less than 48 hours and as always great product CW,Thank you!

  12. IB6UB9 says:

    violator x chemo is the bomb fast delivery great taste and smell

  13. gspudic1969 says:

    After speaking to a number of friends who have used this website it is clear now to me no scam to be had. They been on the up and up and their product has been pretty darn good. Hopefully the package my husband ordered in June will be here sooner than later.

  14. sylvester says:

    Aller vs rembourser

  15. Jeffery MacDonald says:

    So happy your back…I knew you could be trusted….You have always treated me good and customer service is above and beyond good….Just ordered 1/4lbs of black hash….after discounts only 3 bills….Fuck I love CW….Your the man Tony

  16. Levon lee says:

    I cant speak for anyone other then myself. I love this site. The prices are decent and product is also. I’ve tried around 8+ varieties but am more prone to the cheap hash. I hope this site doesnt go away. Clearly it has an effect on the rest of the market when hes gone. When your on top people just want to bring you down. Hang in there “tony” shit happens. Fuck the haters!

  17. Mic says:

    Welcome back Tony. Sorry to see you’ve had to go thru so much. I’m happy to be ordering again and am looking forward to getting some new buds. Thanks again.

  18. Johnny Bacon says:

    We miss you and your weeeed!! My god the MOM game is just terrible out here Now that ive had the CW experience, NOTHING COMPARES!! The set up, the deals, the quality, the quantity, the customer service, so much more.. its all just exactly what i need, we NEED YOU BACK CW!! Wish the best to Tony n the whole crew in these times! Have faith weed gods will make everything good again✊

  19. Greg Batenchuk says:

    I love you cw some of the best chronic on the market at affordable prices and the service is amazingly fast tony you rock!!!!

  20. panzer says:

    Come back Tony WE <3 YOU

  21. Raymond Delorey says:

    I was ordering ever week from here getting weed and hash then this Dont buy from here you end up getting a empty box and wont do a refund or replace it

  22. Derrick Goulding says:

    No matter what..Hands down on all aspects …Top notch people there..Tony and Emma see to ur every need..Come on in and see 4 itself…

  23. Sanctified says:

    I always receive my products in a fast and timely manner. I am always impressed by the quality of cannabis I receive and I have yet to be dissapointed with an order. There’s a reason I keep coming back.

  24. Shane Mcadam says:

    Love this site for its great selection and fair prices. Five star treatment by the support staff

  25. Drgreenztthumb says:

    Doing awesome love the green wtg cheap weed and team service is wonderful

  26. BustingCheeks says:

    Hands down the best site and smoke out there. No matter what you hear or hard times, tony and team will take care of you, they won’t leave you out in the cold fam!

  27. hagerty2 says:

    By far the best site to order with excellent product but are having issues with shipping to no fault of there’s. hopefully everything will get worked out for them in the near future

  28. Phil Matoush says:

    This is where the best weed their is I don’t want to change my store where I buy weed cheap weed is best

  29. chris_ursulak says:

    I ordered two ounces of weed from these guys to have a empty package emailed to me not impressed to say the least and I really hope they resolve this !!!

  30. thehappy1 says:

    The #1 thing is they took my money and I got an empty box ,with noway of talking to they I’m pissed I what my money or the flower. If I do not hear from them they will see now pissed I can be.

  31. Phil Matoush says:

    I received my order I received empty box the box was different from the other boxes it was in plastic bag the box was inside

  32. halfbloodest says:

    Everything got delivered and the product was great. Plus the prices are the lowest I found in Canada!

  33. ShaunAshmead79 says:

    Made an order last night at 21:25. Woke up at 6:00 to see it already processed and completed!
    Seems to be postal issues at the moment but I’m sure it’ll be dealt-with soon enough. Can’t wait til my order gets in. First time ordering here. Got 1/2 lb Master Kush. I’ll be here to review once it gets in and a blunt rolleredded


  34. Jamie2010 says:

    Another great order from Tony and his crew. I ordered tony purple bubba. What a Great smell, bag appeal is good, nice head buzz. would order again.

  35. Tegridy Jungle Bud says:

    Truly the best mail order marijuana webesite you will find in Canada.
    With a huge selection of different flowers and concentrates to choose from at prices that can’t be beat anywhere else. Why get ripped off by the local neighborhood dealer when you can get a great deal here?!

  36. Bouda says:

    Pour les vieux de 50 ans qui veulent un flash back dans temps… le Hash Mercedez était parfait pour moi, qualité/prix et livraison rapide, emballage parfait. Tout était parfait. MERCI!

  37. dieselman says:

    Been a pleasure ordering from you guys in the past yous always have an exceptional quantity of strains to pick from and prices are more then competitive and some strains have great deals quality has been excellent and shipping has been prompt most always had a few orders took a little longer then usual to get shipped out from facility but sh#t happens sometimes Im sure things get mixed up sometimes when you move in volume like you guys do all in all been a very happy costomer with CW Thanks & keep em coming……

  38. SugarFishDrink says:

    Couldn’t be happier finding such a perfect source for good kind. So far so good! Thanks Tony and team!

  39. Jcool says:

    Just give them one try. You’ll be surprised.

  40. Glen13579 says:

    Thanks CW 5 stars all around great prices great product to follow! Mercedes stamp hash 5/5 lookin forword to my next purches. Thanks again

  41. GXS says:

    Good weed, quick service and great prices.
    This Northern Ontario town needs a store maybe i’ll open one and use CheapWeed as a supplier.
    Thanks for existing CheapWeed.ca. ***420 Stars*** is my review score.

  42. John Duplisea says:

    John Indica From the cheapweed.ca team: Hands down some of the best flower , & 100 + Strains Of Great Cannabis to choose from is always Great ! I’d Highly Recommend Strain Racefuel OG , If You’re into Hybrids , Happy New Brunswick , Customer For sure ! Thanks tony & Emma !

  43. Chaos3526 says:

    The Mercedes hash is very good love it I’ve purchased it several times always awesome
    Thanks CW

  44. Steve M says:

    This site and the Cheapweed team and their CEO Tony, are just awesome! If your thinking about ordering, take my word and just do it. Don’t be paranoid or anxious, your money is safe with this organization, really, I can’t stress that enough! Forget the OCS (Ontario) and don’t waste your time online elsewhere with other sites like Gangaexpress (they threw me a “free” 1/2 a 1/4 after charging me much more for a half lb of Purple Voodoo, $150 for a “free” 3.5g bag!) stick with CW and you’ll be happy and satisfied, believe me! Unlike ALL others, CW stands behind it’s products with solid solutions to make sure the customer is satisfied, which is something I’ve never experienced in my 40 years of smoking weed and hash. Rest assured that in the slight chance the product is sub par or thers’s a mix up with the order, CW will strive to make it right by working with you (the customer) to find a solution, not just issuing a hollow apology, a real solution!!! By the way, they did apologize but it wasn’t a shallow/hollow feeling apology because it was in conjunction with the actions that showed they really do care and really want my business and respect me as a costumer. I’ve read a lot of the reviews and thought people where just brown nosing with kind words about Tony and the CW team, but now I have personal experience that Tony is the real deal and he stands behind CW like no other leader, he totally blew me away with his solution to my problem with my last order. He went above and beyond and totally exceeded my expectations! I’m flabbergasted and I can’t tell enough friends and fellow smokers about this site and how they guarantee their products! I can only say I wish I had of not been so impatient during the process of coming to the solution, because in hind site I feel like an ass for being so pushy/impatient and not just sending 1 email and waiting for the reply. I’ve learned with Tony and CW to just relax, they’ll make it right.
    It is disappointing to see the recent price rise, just being honest. But I guess when people like to write reviews stating that they’d gladly pay way more or double for said products, you’d have to be dumb not to listen to them and raise prices! Lol. Last thing I’d like to add at this point is I notice that people are writing that their product was over in weight often, do these same people realize a pound (lb) is 454 grams by legal tender, not 448? An ounce is 28.4 grams, not 28. A lb of butter @ Loblews is 454 g not 448. On a pound purchase I’ll gladly accept the 6 gram difference.

    Thanks for being honest CheapWeed! You’ve got a customer for life………or until harvest in the fall, lol! I’ll be back for sure I’m only allowed to grow 4 plants, the bastards.

    • John Duplisea says:

      Thanks Steve M , Tony Looks at all these reviews 🙂 Sometimes Comments , We Really appreciate your Guys time making these reviews , & Puts a Smile on our faces seeing How Satisfied Everyone is after they’ve Taken The Chance to order with us !!!
      *** John Indica From the Cheapweed.ca team .

      • Greg Batenchuk says:

        I love you cw some of the best chronic on the market at affordable prices and the service is amazingly fast tony you rock!!!!can’t wait till this postal dispute is over so we can continue to do business.

  45. adammayes says:

    I’ve always been happy with CW and their products

  46. Sanctified says:

    Got another great pound at a great price. Tony knows what he’s doing. His select strains are excellent.

  47. troymatt says:

    Purchased 3 times before never an issue. A friend wanted in and I got a larger order… and it was lost in the mail 🙁
    Then the web site had issues for a week. T offered to replaced the whole order, without hesitation. It was a bit stressful waiting for replies, but needless to say, 10 days later I am completely squared away. Should the other package arrive, definitely gonna return the favor, the honesty and the commitment and let T know. I am sure we will work something out to make us both happy!

    Thanks again….. good to know I didnt lose $400, or a great site like cheapweed.ca !!!!

    • John Duplisea says:

      Hello TroyM , Happy Everything Was Solved ,I’m Very sorry you had to experience Such an Inconvenience , All in all , You’re In Good hands here 🙂
      *** John Indica From the cheapweed.ca team . Hope You Enjoyed The product 🙂

    • Alexburns says:

      Hey Troy I recently had the same thing happen on my order I just placed I hope the CW team can help me too I’ve been really stressed out but after reading the reviews it helps me sleep better I have never had an issue in the past 6 months using the site it’s always been exactly what I pay for except the one time they forgot my boveda pack in which case they gave me 15$ off which is worth more than the pack anyways so I was happy!

  48. Truechief93 says:

    Great service fast delivery no complaints really just wished more of the good good was available more often ik it takes time to grow but fast selling stuff should up in stock some stuff I haven’t seen in awhile and there’s lots more I’d like to try great prices and good quality for the most part I’m a very picky indica smoker need that stress reliever and pain reliever and skunky sticky stuff is always the best for me I like that potent sweet kush taste purple or pinks always nice but haven’t had much luck on wat I’ve had where’s the dank at please get some pink guava kush that stuff is amazing haven’t had in awhile would love to see this sell

  49. jvfauchon says:

    I had my friend order some hash for me because I did not have access but now that I have I will surely order again thks guys

  50. dieselman says:

    CW is one of the best sites to purchase premium weed from at great prices just wish some of their regular strains would come back lately seems like all the old favs are gone like the many popular purple strains hopefully its just the time of year and they’llbe back someday…

  51. saraht1989 says:

    order time was amazing. Found this batch of to me dryer than usually

  52. Daniel Britten says:

    This site is amazing! The staff are always helpful and the product is top notch!

  53. Morgan902 says:

    #1 online dispensary without a doubt!! Nothing but quality from CW every time. The prices and the bud both deserve a 10/10. Thanks Tony!

  54. Rob Martel says:

    Nothing even come close to CW i always order a QP and 14 grams of shatter, and its always under 800 for both, and thats MONTHLY (percription) were else can you get that amount of meds for that price and always 5star, the costomer service is insane, always answer question in a timely manner, ive been a patient since you opened And i cannot say enough about CW

  55. Doc says:

    As Usual Great Service………Fast Delivery……..Super Products!

    Well, Just received another 2 0z,s of Mercedes Black Hash my 3rd order now and Happy as ever. Can’t go wrong for the price and the Taste/Buzz works great.

    I also ordered a Surprise Package of 8 different strains, I agree 100% with all the other reviews saying a great way to try and see which ones fit your needs, too bad the Surprise Package is not available all the time, keep up the good work CW.

    The strains I received where: # 1..Super Lemon God.
    # 2..Super Lemon H
    # 3..T.White God
    # 4..Candy Jack
    # 5..T Animal Cookies
    # 6.. Tom ford Pink
    # 7..Sour Amnessa
    # 8..P Cream
    When I went to read about these strains the only one I could Find was Tom Ford Pink,which has great reviews,will be the judge when I try it out too bad I was not able to read about the other strains.

    Once again many thanks to the support (Emmaa) for helping me out in placing my order,Tony keep up the good work and try to get some other flavors of Hash,which a lot of people are asking for by the way, would be nice if the price of the Moroccan came down offering 7 grams instead of 14.

    All the best from a satisfied customer Nova Scotia, 4 days for delivery.


  56. Ben G says:

    Best place to buy weed online in Canada

  57. Brandonj1201 says:

    I Highly suggest getting the lambs breath when it is stocked I’ll be a repeated buyer for qp’s and up every time It’s in stock. That, and anything else CW has to offer.

  58. Daviddemke says:

    This is the only place I buy my weed now. Great rates and killer weed.

  59. Chris99999 says:

    Quality product and great rates.
    Comoany run by good people

  60. Shyla Ross says:

    This is my favourite site to buy off of. Great deals, always looks on point, every time ive got it.

  61. terrycyr43 says:

    Best site ever, will order more for sure

  62. GoingPostal says:

    best of the best

  63. woo_boriken says:

    Very happy with my experience. Thanks again

  64. yourlonestar says:

    I bought the quarter pound 4 pack and all were excellent. The transaction was seamless and Canada Post got it here in 2 days.

  65. Thov says:

    Very happy with my purchase of 2 bottom bags.

  66. JohnJess says:

    I just had a puff of the Purple Ghost Train Haze. Nice taste and great buzz.

  67. Jordan Taylor says:

    Top quality stuff and Flame price trade

  68. Brad Nutarak says:

    Very good price great products here and there good high

  69. Tristan Beck says:

    Best MOM site out there no question. Always some fire from cheapweed

  70. shannyelk005 says:

    I ♥ shopping at Cheapweed.ca

  71. Sweet.Cheekz44 says:

    Best place to get bud used to pay ridiculous prices for AAA+ strains now I Smoke like a king!

  72. Cross-403 says:

    Good bud at a decent price

  73. PrinceBubba says:

    Tom Ford + Pink Tuna were my best 2!

  74. bnmv says:

    great prices , shows up really fast , no complaints

  75. JaninePugh says:

    Very much enjoyed Nuken#2 the taste is smooth and perfect. This strain can be smoked pile after pile without growing tired of it’s flavor.

  76. JaninePugh says:

    Northern is amazing. It has delicious flavor and the buds are all big fat tricombs with Colour and Crystal…just a beautiful batch of greatness Everytime!!!

  77. Abbas says:

    The weed of cheap weed, get’s me high and nice, and the price is low compare to other places, recommend people order from here.

  78. roo alexander says:

    Can’t recommend CW enough. Been a longtime happy satisfied customer. Best deals , selection and customer service MOM in Canada !! Thanks a million!

  79. James65 says:

    Been using them for quite a while and I’ve been displeased, then remembered I actually didn’t pay outrageous prices so no longer had an issue.

  80. bluebird says:

    Je fête mes un an de consommation médicale avec CW cet été. Toujours de la qualité à bas prix exceptionnel. Service #1. Depuis quelques mois j’essaie les variétés indica de Tony et je ne suis vraiment pas décue. Tony LA confidential, tony king louis xv11, tony kosher kush tous de la bombe à prix réduit VS les dispensaires. Le Tony king louis est exceptionnel et le tony animal cookie aussi. Tony good job! J’attends le kosher kush avec haut taux de THC avec impatience. Faite confiance à ce mec. Vous serez étonné.

  81. Go Leafs Go! says:

    Don’t hesitate gr8 site for quality n customer service AAAA been ordering about a year once or twice a week few qps or Oz’s depends wats out there n it’s been gr8 lots of options never get sick of same stuff I’ve got about 60 diff strains of there’s in jars n they all seem to just get better …prob checked out close to 100 strain here n all were decent some very good overall best place in Canada online to get your bud n a1 customer service my order is on way …scooping out another

  82. Unkle Rog says:

    One small suggestion! Make extra click-on tabs at the beginning of the site for the option to choose what you guys have in Stock for ounces, quarter pounds, etc. I mean the pricesame re good indicators yes, but sometimes I feel like shopping for the mix n match and with the amount of strains you guys have it’d be easier to know what you’re selling in ozs at the time, gnomesayin? Haha anyways cheers CW.

  83. Wally990 says:

    Great products and crazy fast delivery! Best prices I have seen in a very long time. I will be ordering again!

  84. 4Sea says:

    I am More then satisfied with my first purchase here. Really looking forward to continue saving money while enjoying myself

  85. patsfan89 says:

    Cheapweed is the only dispensary in Canada you need to order from. Period.

  86. Samantha Renaud says:

    Second order received.. I cant get over how fast this service is. The bud is stellar. And the prices…WOWZAH! Thank you friends at CW. This is the beginning of a beautiful long term business friendship.

  87. smac613 says:

    First order we ordered was about 2 months ago ,got a half pound in Oz’s ,8 different types and was impressed with 7 of 8, mind you all were good , 7 of the 8 were amazing , and try all the strains this site has to offer , no matter the price, one of the cheapest types I got was one of my favorite , I would recommend this site to anyone , but I almost don’t want too because I don’t want them to be sold out lol , but I do, thanks again CW staff and can’t wait to make my fifth order in a few days , gonna try the concentrates this time

  88. KushMaggie says:

    You guys are the best I just love you everything has been perfect so far

  89. Tiffany Bell says:

    Great service , great price and always satisfied. Bring back the strawberry haze Tony!!!

  90. Swoave52 says:

    Got my order today and couldn’t be happier.
    Discrete packaging, properly sealed and no indications it’s MOM.
    Exactly what I ordered, bag appeal is great, appearance is beautiful.
    Can’t wait to review my choices.
    Definitely reordering when the time comes.
    Thanks Tony!

  91. bradmannysmith says:

    great service and good quality products everytime.

  92. bjvanscoy says:

    just got my first order. perfect all was good. THE only thing i wish is that CHEAPWEED would put THC% on each product .Will be ordering again tks

  93. mrswatsonj says:

    I couldn’t be happier with my orders! Everything has come to me in perfect condition, buds are always great quality and the price is definitely nice!! I’ll be placing my fourth order soon and will continue to buy from tony!

  94. Mack11 says:

    Yes most definitely yes. I was a little skeptical at first. But the staff are phenomenally easy too deal with… good people, great business. This outfit is highly recommended in my books. Thank you

  95. spephi says:

    this is the best site for good quality, fast service and good prices.
    Love the discounts on bulk.

  96. Julien1989 says:

    I had an issue with a product. I told customer service I was unhappy even tho I wasnt expecting anything from it (i bought 400$ for 2oz sold as AAAA on another site and recieved garbage, i complained and they only offered a 20$ coupon lol). Here only one of the strains I ordered was not up to my expectation and Tony offered me a very good credit for my next purchase. Exactly what I allways expected from a professional quality dispensar.

    These guys definetly have our interest at heart and treat clients very well.
    All other strains I tryed were superb!

    This is gonna be my go to site from now on, no one else is getting my money!

    Love CW

  97. Brandonj1201 says:

    Been buying from the CW crew for a while now, and will definitely continue.
    I have never received a bad batch, or one I wasn’t happy With. Every bag opened made my kitchen smell sweet and fruity I’ll be a returning customer until CW doesn’t exist anymore. Whatever the highest rating is I would give it to them every time – all stars rating!

  98. Barryl079 says:

    Très bon service mais très déçu du dernier mercedes que j’ai eu. Pas comme celui de janvier qui avait meilleur gout et meilleur buzz.

  99. Elizabeth Ball says:

    Love the bulk prices, and the mix and match great opportunity to try a pile of different buds. Would love to see some blueberry flavours though!!

  100. RawCheese says:

    Loving the bulk sites! Everyone else is fired
    From quantity to quality in bulk format is awesome. What more could you need from a site like this except the sold out products that keep you coming back for more, but restock never seems to be an issue with most products anyway. We need more people like this in the world helping others with great products for an even better price. Thank you all for everything you do!

  101. Rob Simms says:

    Wow! First time trying and looking for a specific strain. The Dedication to Quality Product is very evident! I will most certainly be back!

  102. Wolfedawwg says:

    Recently purchased:
    Comatose – This stuff hit like Mike Tyson. Nice buds and bag appeal.
    Purple Magic – Another good one. These buds were top quality, nicest looking stuff I purchased in awhile.
    Kosher Kush – This stuff was pretty good, not as potent as I would have liked but was decent all the same. Bag appeal could have been better, a little sloppy on the trim.

    Overall, very satisfied with everything.
    Will order again!

  103. Wolfedawwg says:

    Great service.
    Fast and discreet shipping, definitely going to be a return customer.

  104. bbedard says:

    Thank you so much for the great service and excellent products. I’m sure we’ll be ordering many more times.

  105. MightyHydro says:

    Hey guys. Just got my first order from you. It was Tony’s select hybrid. I wanted the indica but it was sold out. The nugs on the hybrid are really dense and theres lots of frosting on them. The only thing I didnt like was that it could have been clipped better as there was some leaf and the smell was kinda weak. Other then that the bud is good. Gives a nice high. Oh and this was the fastest I’ve ever received an order so thanks. 4 out of 5 stars

  106. Tee says:

    Had an amazing experience and look forward to my next order

  107. Serendipityy says:

    I’ve tried many products from this site and I must say I’m usually Extremely impressed with the quality. Will continue to use CW great site!!!

  108. terrycyr43 says:

    thank you very much for my last order you have very good service and will order again

  109. <