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  1. John Duplisea says:

    John Indica From the cheapweed.ca team: Hands down some of the best flower , & 100 + Strains Of Great Cannabis to choose from is always Great ! I’d Highly Recommend Strain Racefuel OG , If You’re into Hybrids , Happy New Brunswick , Customer For sure ! Thanks tony & Emma !

  2. Chaos3526 says:

    The Mercedes hash is very good love it I’ve purchased it several times always awesome
    Thanks CW

  3. Steve M says:

    This site and the Cheapweed team and their CEO Tony, are just awesome! If your thinking about ordering, take my word and just do it. Don’t be paranoid or anxious, your money is safe with this organization, really, I can’t stress that enough! Forget the OCS (Ontario) and don’t waste your time online elsewhere with other sites like Gangaexpress (they threw me a “free” 1/2 a 1/4 after charging me much more for a half lb of Purple Voodoo, $150 for a “free” 3.5g bag!) stick with CW and you’ll be happy and satisfied, believe me! Unlike ALL others, CW stands behind it’s products with solid solutions to make sure the customer is satisfied, which is something I’ve never experienced in my 40 years of smoking weed and hash. Rest assured that in the slight chance the product is sub par or thers’s a mix up with the order, CW will strive to make it right by working with you (the customer) to find a solution, not just issuing a hollow apology, a real solution!!! By the way, they did apologize but it wasn’t a shallow/hollow feeling apology because it was in conjunction with the actions that showed they really do care and really want my business and respect me as a costumer. I’ve read a lot of the reviews and thought people where just brown nosing with kind words about Tony and the CW team, but now I have personal experience that Tony is the real deal and he stands behind CW like no other leader, he totally blew me away with his solution to my problem with my last order. He went above and beyond and totally exceeded my expectations! I’m flabbergasted and I can’t tell enough friends and fellow smokers about this site and how they guarantee their products! I can only say I wish I had of not been so impatient during the process of coming to the solution, because in hind site I feel like an ass for being so pushy/impatient and not just sending 1 email and waiting for the reply. I’ve learned with Tony and CW to just relax, they’ll make it right.
    It is disappointing to see the recent price rise, just being honest. But I guess when people like to write reviews stating that they’d gladly pay way more or double for said products, you’d have to be dumb not to listen to them and raise prices! Lol. Last thing I’d like to add at this point is I notice that people are writing that their product was over in weight often, do these same people realize a pound (lb) is 454 grams by legal tender, not 448? An ounce is 28.4 grams, not 28. A lb of butter @ Loblews is 454 g not 448. On a pound purchase I’ll gladly accept the 6 gram difference.

    Thanks for being honest CheapWeed! You’ve got a customer for life………or until harvest in the fall, lol! I’ll be back for sure I’m only allowed to grow 4 plants, the bastards.

    • John Duplisea says:

      Thanks Steve M , Tony Looks at all these reviews 🙂 Sometimes Comments , We Really appreciate your Guys time making these reviews , & Puts a Smile on our faces seeing How Satisfied Everyone is after they’ve Taken The Chance to order with us !!!
      *** John Indica From the Cheapweed.ca team .

  4. adammayes says:

    I’ve always been happy with CW and their products

  5. Sanctified says:

    Got another great pound at a great price. Tony knows what he’s doing. His select strains are excellent.

  6. troymatt says:

    Purchased 3 times before never an issue. A friend wanted in and I got a larger order… and it was lost in the mail 🙁
    Then the web site had issues for a week. T offered to replaced the whole order, without hesitation. It was a bit stressful waiting for replies, but needless to say, 10 days later I am completely squared away. Should the other package arrive, definitely gonna return the favor, the honesty and the commitment and let T know. I am sure we will work something out to make us both happy!

    Thanks again….. good to know I didnt lose $400, or a great site like cheapweed.ca !!!!

    • John Duplisea says:

      Hello TroyM , Happy Everything Was Solved ,I’m Very sorry you had to experience Such an Inconvenience , All in all , You’re In Good hands here 🙂
      *** John Indica From the cheapweed.ca team . Hope You Enjoyed The product 🙂

  7. Truechief93 says:

    Great service fast delivery no complaints really just wished more of the good good was available more often ik it takes time to grow but fast selling stuff should up in stock some stuff I haven’t seen in awhile and there’s lots more I’d like to try great prices and good quality for the most part I’m a very picky indica smoker need that stress reliever and pain reliever and skunky sticky stuff is always the best for me I like that potent sweet kush taste purple or pinks always nice but haven’t had much luck on wat I’ve had where’s the dank at please get some pink guava kush that stuff is amazing haven’t had in awhile would love to see this sell

  8. jvfauchon says:

    I had my friend order some hash for me because I did not have access but now that I have I will surely order again thks guys

  9. dieselman says:

    CW is one of the best sites to purchase premium weed from at great prices just wish some of their regular strains would come back lately seems like all the old favs are gone like the many popular purple strains hopefully its just the time of year and they’llbe back someday…

  10. saraht1989 says:

    order time was amazing. Found this batch of to me dryer than usually

  11. Daniel Britten says:

    This site is amazing! The staff are always helpful and the product is top notch!

  12. Morgan902 says:

    #1 online dispensary without a doubt!! Nothing but quality from CW every time. The prices and the bud both deserve a 10/10. Thanks Tony!

  13. Rob Martel says:

    Nothing even come close to CW i always order a QP and 14 grams of shatter, and its always under 800 for both, and thats MONTHLY (percription) were else can you get that amount of meds for that price and always 5star, the costomer service is insane, always answer question in a timely manner, ive been a patient since you opened And i cannot say enough about CW

  14. Doc says:

    As Usual Great Service………Fast Delivery……..Super Products!

    Well, Just received another 2 0z,s of Mercedes Black Hash my 3rd order now and Happy as ever. Can’t go wrong for the price and the Taste/Buzz works great.

    I also ordered a Surprise Package of 8 different strains, I agree 100% with all the other reviews saying a great way to try and see which ones fit your needs, too bad the Surprise Package is not available all the time, keep up the good work CW.

    The strains I received where: # 1..Super Lemon God.
    # 2..Super Lemon H
    # 3..T.White God
    # 4..Candy Jack
    # 5..T Animal Cookies
    # 6.. Tom ford Pink
    # 7..Sour Amnessa
    # 8..P Cream
    When I went to read about these strains the only one I could Find was Tom Ford Pink,which has great reviews,will be the judge when I try it out too bad I was not able to read about the other strains.

    Once again many thanks to the support (Emmaa) for helping me out in placing my order,Tony keep up the good work and try to get some other flavors of Hash,which a lot of people are asking for by the way, would be nice if the price of the Moroccan came down offering 7 grams instead of 14.

    All the best from a satisfied customer Nova Scotia, 4 days for delivery.


  15. Ben G says:

    Best place to buy weed online in Canada

  16. Brandonj1201 says:

    I Highly suggest getting the lambs breath when it is stocked I’ll be a repeated buyer for qp’s and up every time It’s in stock. That, and anything else CW has to offer.

  17. Daviddemke says:

    This is the only place I buy my weed now. Great rates and killer weed.

  18. Chris99999 says:

    Quality product and great rates.
    Comoany run by good people

  19. Shyla Ross says:

    This is my favourite site to buy off of. Great deals, always looks on point, every time ive got it.

  20. terrycyr43 says:

    Best site ever, will order more for sure

  21. GoingPostal says:

    best of the best

  22. woo_boriken says:

    Very happy with my experience. Thanks again

  23. yourlonestar says:

    I bought the quarter pound 4 pack and all were excellent. The transaction was seamless and Canada Post got it here in 2 days.

  24. Thov says:

    Very happy with my purchase of 2 bottom bags.

  25. JohnJess says:

    I just had a puff of the Purple Ghost Train Haze. Nice taste and great buzz.

  26. Jordan Taylor says:

    Top quality stuff and Flame price trade

  27. Brad Nutarak says:

    Very good price great products here and there good high

  28. Tristan Beck says:

    Best MOM site out there no question. Always some fire from cheapweed

  29. shannyelk005 says:

    I ♥ shopping at Cheapweed.ca

  30. Sweet.Cheekz44 says:

    Best place to get bud used to pay ridiculous prices for AAA+ strains now I Smoke like a king!

  31. Cross-403 says:

    Good bud at a decent price

  32. PrinceBubba says:

    Tom Ford + Pink Tuna were my best 2!

  33. bnmv says:

    great prices , shows up really fast , no complaints

  34. JaninePugh says:

    Very much enjoyed Nuken#2 the taste is smooth and perfect. This strain can be smoked pile after pile without growing tired of it’s flavor.

  35. JaninePugh says:

    Northern is amazing. It has delicious flavor and the buds are all big fat tricombs with Colour and Crystal…just a beautiful batch of greatness Everytime!!!

  36. Abbas says:

    The weed of cheap weed, get’s me high and nice, and the price is low compare to other places, recommend people order from here.

  37. roo alexander says:

    Can’t recommend CW enough. Been a longtime happy satisfied customer. Best deals , selection and customer service MOM in Canada !! Thanks a million!

  38. James65 says:

    Been using them for quite a while and I’ve been displeased, then remembered I actually didn’t pay outrageous prices so no longer had an issue.

  39. bluebird says:

    Je fête mes un an de consommation médicale avec CW cet été. Toujours de la qualité à bas prix exceptionnel. Service #1. Depuis quelques mois j’essaie les variétés indica de Tony et je ne suis vraiment pas décue. Tony LA confidential, tony king louis xv11, tony kosher kush tous de la bombe à prix réduit VS les dispensaires. Le Tony king louis est exceptionnel et le tony animal cookie aussi. Tony good job! J’attends le kosher kush avec haut taux de THC avec impatience. Faite confiance à ce mec. Vous serez étonné.

  40. Go Leafs Go! says:

    Don’t hesitate gr8 site for quality n customer service AAAA been ordering about a year once or twice a week few qps or Oz’s depends wats out there n it’s been gr8 lots of options never get sick of same stuff I’ve got about 60 diff strains of there’s in jars n they all seem to just get better …prob checked out close to 100 strain here n all were decent some very good overall best place in Canada online to get your bud n a1 customer service my order is on way …scooping out another

  41. Unkle Rog says:

    One small suggestion! Make extra click-on tabs at the beginning of the site for the option to choose what you guys have in Stock for ounces, quarter pounds, etc. I mean the pricesame re good indicators yes, but sometimes I feel like shopping for the mix n match and with the amount of strains you guys have it’d be easier to know what you’re selling in ozs at the time, gnomesayin? Haha anyways cheers CW.

  42. Wally990 says:

    Great products and crazy fast delivery! Best prices I have seen in a very long time. I will be ordering again!

  43. 4Sea says:

    I am More then satisfied with my first purchase here. Really looking forward to continue saving money while enjoying myself

  44. patsfan89 says:

    Cheapweed is the only dispensary in Canada you need to order from. Period.

  45. Samantha Renaud says:

    Second order received.. I cant get over how fast this service is. The bud is stellar. And the prices…WOWZAH! Thank you friends at CW. This is the beginning of a beautiful long term business friendship.

  46. smac613 says:

    First order we ordered was about 2 months ago ,got a half pound in Oz’s ,8 different types and was impressed with 7 of 8, mind you all were good , 7 of the 8 were amazing , and try all the strains this site has to offer , no matter the price, one of the cheapest types I got was one of my favorite , I would recommend this site to anyone , but I almost don’t want too because I don’t want them to be sold out lol , but I do, thanks again CW staff and can’t wait to make my fifth order in a few days , gonna try the concentrates this time

  47. KushMaggie says:

    You guys are the best I just love you everything has been perfect so far

  48. Tiffany Bell says:

    Great service , great price and always satisfied. Bring back the strawberry haze Tony!!!

  49. Swoave52 says:

    Got my order today and couldn’t be happier.
    Discrete packaging, properly sealed and no indications it’s MOM.
    Exactly what I ordered, bag appeal is great, appearance is beautiful.
    Can’t wait to review my choices.
    Definitely reordering when the time comes.
    Thanks Tony!

  50. bradmannysmith says:

    great service and good quality products everytime.

  51. bjvanscoy says:

    just got my first order. perfect all was good. THE only thing i wish is that CHEAPWEED would put THC% on each product .Will be ordering again tks

  52. mrswatsonj says:

    I couldn’t be happier with my orders! Everything has come to me in perfect condition, buds are always great quality and the price is definitely nice!! I’ll be placing my fourth order soon and will continue to buy from tony!

  53. Mack11 says:

    Yes most definitely yes. I was a little skeptical at first. But the staff are phenomenally easy too deal with… good people, great business. This outfit is highly recommended in my books. Thank you

  54. spephi says:

    this is the best site for good quality, fast service and good prices.
    Love the discounts on bulk.

  55. Julien1989 says:

    I had an issue with a product. I told customer service I was unhappy even tho I wasnt expecting anything from it (i bought 400$ for 2oz sold as AAAA on another site and recieved garbage, i complained and they only offered a 20$ coupon lol). Here only one of the strains I ordered was not up to my expectation and Tony offered me a very good credit for my next purchase. Exactly what I allways expected from a professional quality dispensar.

    These guys definetly have our interest at heart and treat clients very well.
    All other strains I tryed were superb!

    This is gonna be my go to site from now on, no one else is getting my money!

    Love CW

  56. Brandonj1201 says:

    Been buying from the CW crew for a while now, and will definitely continue.
    I have never received a bad batch, or one I wasn’t happy With. Every bag opened made my kitchen smell sweet and fruity I’ll be a returning customer until CW doesn’t exist anymore. Whatever the highest rating is I would give it to them every time – all stars rating!

  57. Barryl079 says:

    Très bon service mais très déçu du dernier mercedes que j’ai eu. Pas comme celui de janvier qui avait meilleur gout et meilleur buzz.

  58. Elizabeth Ball says:

    Love the bulk prices, and the mix and match great opportunity to try a pile of different buds. Would love to see some blueberry flavours though!!

  59. RawCheese says:

    Loving the bulk sites! Everyone else is fired
    From quantity to quality in bulk format is awesome. What more could you need from a site like this except the sold out products that keep you coming back for more, but restock never seems to be an issue with most products anyway. We need more people like this in the world helping others with great products for an even better price. Thank you all for everything you do!

  60. Rob Simms says:

    Wow! First time trying and looking for a specific strain. The Dedication to Quality Product is very evident! I will most certainly be back!

  61. Wolfedawwg says:

    Recently purchased:
    Comatose – This stuff hit like Mike Tyson. Nice buds and bag appeal.
    Purple Magic – Another good one. These buds were top quality, nicest looking stuff I purchased in awhile.
    Kosher Kush – This stuff was pretty good, not as potent as I would have liked but was decent all the same. Bag appeal could have been better, a little sloppy on the trim.

    Overall, very satisfied with everything.
    Will order again!

  62. Wolfedawwg says:

    Great service.
    Fast and discreet shipping, definitely going to be a return customer.

  63. bbedard says:

    Thank you so much for the great service and excellent products. I’m sure we’ll be ordering many more times.

  64. MightyHydro says:

    Hey guys. Just got my first order from you. It was Tony’s select hybrid. I wanted the indica but it was sold out. The nugs on the hybrid are really dense and theres lots of frosting on them. The only thing I didnt like was that it could have been clipped better as there was some leaf and the smell was kinda weak. Other then that the bud is good. Gives a nice high. Oh and this was the fastest I’ve ever received an order so thanks. 4 out of 5 stars

  65. Tee says:

    Had an amazing experience and look forward to my next order

  66. Serendipityy says:

    I’ve tried many products from this site and I must say I’m usually Extremely impressed with the quality. Will continue to use CW great site!!!

  67. terrycyr43 says:

    thank you very much for my last order you have very good service and will order again

  68. winterknight says:

    just ordered 3 more ounces 2nd order now if this turns out good you guys won a new customer forsure!

    tonys pre 98 bubba
    tonys rockstar bubba
    tom ford pink -popcorn nugs

  69. Jimmy Theberge says:

    Just want to say that this mom really takes care of it’s customers, phenomenal customer service.
    Tony lets nothing slip by, I’m astonished.
    Unparalleled! Thank you !

  70. BenQc says:

    Nice costumer service , I has have a little probleme with the shpping time but after have talk to someone they have solve so fast this trouble . Have received my stuff in 3 dayz and lets talk about the quality of the product

    They gave me

    Berry whidow
    Bio Diesel #2
    The classic ones purple kush
    Lemon zest
    Nuken X white widow
    P. Cosmic
    Rom ???! ( Unreadeable )

    All the stuff look very nice but like they said in the description its alot off small budd the smell and flavor was awsome too
    So I clearly recomanded this website its an 4.5/5 for me

  71. justin waters says:

    I have been all over the web and I didn’t stay far from this site once I started. They are great with customer service and are hones. This is a legit business and hope one day I could be involved with a man like Tony;)

  72. Kush7030 says:

    Super Weed a très bon prix

  73. terrycyr43 says:

    thank you you guy are great the service is very fast and will order again

  74. Johnny Bacon says:

    Yooooo these guyssss, they seriously gg4 5ve5eeeeteee5did it!!
    There was only ONE downside to surfin this site.. the damn time it took to go back and reload over 150 pics of strains available everytime you wanted to look at another one… , and they solved it!! fuckin EH!! Lol nice and fast no lag now just awesome! Thanks CW you guys are killinnn ittt!‍♂️

  75. Purplehazed says:

    Great product and the best customer service around

  76. Mark Lindsay says:

    Don’t ignore some of the cheaper options on this site. I usually buy the higher end more expensive strains, but saw this type called lemon hashplant that looked like a good sativa, and it was only 375 for a Q

    Man was I blown away its some of the best stuff I’ve ever had. So potent it felt like it was spiked with something. Beautiful pot that was light green and caked with crystal. Burnt really nice too, with white ash and was as smooth as anything.

    The lemon hashplant sold out before I could write a review, wanted to tell everyone about my great experience, and about possibly my most favorite and cheapest strain of all time.

    Oh and yeah… Emma and Tony rock, but everyone already knows that! Only place I would buy my flower from.

  77. carol7iles says:

    J’ai cherché 2 heures sur internet pour trouver un meilleur fournisseur que CW mais je n’ai jamais rien trouvé mieux. Autant pour le produit que pour le prix. CW est imbattable. Service impeccable et toujours un surplus en bonus. I Love You CW.

  78. sitiivan says:

    East coast sour diesel- just wow 🙂

  79. Just a Joe says:

    5 STARS products and service

  80. jbridg49 says:

    First time buyer so i was a little leary. Service, quality, and product all first rate. Absolutely will be back for more. Thanks CW and thanks Tony. Keep it going.

  81. Jamie2010 says:

    I ordered the budget Alaskan thunder fuck. Great deal for the money, the bag appeal is a little off, but the buds are still nice.
    Not quite the same as the green farms Alaskan thunder fuck. Those buds where huge and very hard packed. The budget Buds are smaller but very sticky, another great strain from cheap weed.ca. Thank you guys and would definitely order this one again. Solid 4 stars.

  82. Austinbell316 says:

    Tony and CW team are awesome!! Been ordering here for months after switching from another MOM, No need to switch ever again!! Tony and team look after you very well with some of the best strains and awesome customer service!!! ☺ looking forward to my next order

  83. Topher420 says:

    I just had to say this.. Tony you are the best!! Customer service here is top notch! I just currently had an incident involving a boveda pack leaking onto my medicine and Tony went above and beyond to correct the issue again thank you so much Tony! You have definitely found yourself a forever customer!

  84. Mycobear says:

    Love these guys! There Mercedes hash and purple haze is killer! same with there sherbert! Hell everything i ever got was awesome! my main people now! 🙂 much love!

  85. Doc says:


    Placed my order last Thursday, received it today, another 2 0zs Mercedes Hash too good to pass up great product fine smoke, good lift.Thought I would try some of Tony’s Purple Mamba,which has a delightful taste and a good Buzz nice looking Firm Buds, I highly recommend The Purple Mamba this one is for those looking for it. Going to give this CBD Isolate a whirl see how it works for back pain, but would like to know if just putting some under the tongue would be okay ? Not into smoking it though and how much should you use as being a newbie to this.

    Got to give Tony and His Team, 10 out of 10 for the Excellent Products and Service.. Best Site In Canada.

    Thanks Tony for Helping Us Out.Once again thank you for the Help the other day concerning my order.


  86. winterknight says:

    got 3 ounces ace of spades tonys pink and alien wreck olny smoked the tonyspink gets ya nice and high but i dunno about how well its been flushed tastes pretty chemicaly and makes my mouth numb

  87. Jarrettthompson says:

    Ordered Mercedes hash loved the price not to sure on look in pic. Order anyway some of the best a
    I’ve smoke. Crumbles in your fingers without leaving stains!

  88. Ez4u2 says:

    Amazing as always!!!! Excellent prices and service; but the quality is exceptional. Customer for life.

  89. James taylor says:

    The green crack it’s sooo good

  90. James taylor says:

    Been ordering parts for six months now and everything is bang on !! Smooth delivery every time !!

  91. terrycyr43 says:

    love this place service is great and fast

  92. rob_bar80 says:

    just finished off a bag of King LouisXIII it was amazing!!!! never slept so good in my whole life and during this damp weather spell, it was great for the body aches! gave some to my old man and he also loved it!

  93. kyle selinger says:

    I love this MOM! Great products, great inventory and amazing prices! Good customer service too! Very helpful and accommodating! They had a couple strains I love but were only available on the site in 1/4’s or larger, I emailed asking if I could get some in single Oz and within an hour they emailed me back and made it available! Can’t wait for my Laughing Buddah, Pink Hindu and trying something new with Sunshine Bubba ( can’t go wrong with a Bubba)

  94. Colindiduck says:

    Tony all I can say is wow. I just received my first order and it was beyond expectations. Amazing prices to start and excellent delivery schedule to finish. A++
    I definitely found my site and so will you

  95. TerryG says:

    Ordered half pound of Tony’s select Sativa was so good I ordered another

  96. Samantha Renaud says:

    Just got my first package from CW. It was here exactly when i expected it. It was packaged way better than i was expecting it. The quality of the product was outstanding. The website is easy to use and the process is easy to get thru. The price is right. The deals are sweet and i am offically a loyal customer. Thank you friends of CW. I was especially touched by the kind note from tony- thank you and i am happy to support your business! Ive ordered enough online and can say this was the best experience to have online. Use this service. There is no need to go to any other site.

  97. SatTech85 says:

    I’ve bought from a bunch of mom sites.. this one right here.. beats them all. you’ll see.

  98. Johnny Bacon says:

    So couldv emailed them this but decided to write it here as to encourage more feedback from others as well..
    1st off, i love this site i keep tabs on it aaall day long everyday just to make sure i dont miss a damn thing lol but the way i do that is by watching the numbers change.seeing the number of how many kinds are available in each category right there above the pictures. Which has me making orders everytime i c something new comes on rather than just making an order when i NEED to cuz my last one ran out. Which im suure is good for business!
    Other than that i like it, it seems to run alot smoother and havent noticed any otherrr issues, but for me personally thats a big one! Changes alot for me about how i use the site and how i make my orders now.
    CW is by FAR the best MOM site in Canada, hands down, and i use it every single day in one way or another, and plan to continue as long as i order online so these little things matter to a gguy like me.. I got my own lil system to this thang n it was workin for me! lol call it whatchu wana call it im a marijuanaholic

  99. Michael says:

    This is the best site hands down. From quality to customer service, everyone is amazing here. Would recommend to every connoisseur. If you are reading this you’ve found what your looking for.

  100. Dasweetness says:

    Best MOM around.

  101. James Cryderman says:

    Tony and his staff never let me down time and time again I get the great strains I need for prices you have to see to believe nice tp get up to 400% more for your money this is the REAL DEAL l No BS and no bunk weed you get what you pay for in about 3 days and the selection is unreal WHATEVER you buy from this guy is an unreal deal he has changed the way the country buys weed and for the better for the little guy TY TY TY

  102. Dawndre says:

    So I ordered the surprise pack of 8
    It’s almost like they read my mind on all the strains I was checking out
    Durban X Green Crack
    Super lemon haze
    Cookies and cream
    Jet fuel
    GF Trainwreck
    Laughing buddha
    GF OG
    Purple Mystic

  103. Joe says:

    I bet I frustrated a lot of these good people today … probally should have ordered before my wake and bake …. after 4 times of order and have to cancel I got it right lmfao …… ya all the products here are top shelf primo

  104. Ozzzzy says:

    This website is by far the best one for buying clean high quality buds, concentrates, and Tears of the Phoenix!!!! Best price best buds and best service. Hands down the padrino of dope

    • michael cooke says:

      Just got DutchTreat and boy is it ever! This is what makes Europeans sooo happy! Great job CW Team!

      • Jay Khat says:

        101% The best mom around l
        I had a few issues but Tony’s customer service is impeccable . You can’t get this much good weed for such a great price any where, and it’s not like your settling for less, its premium quality bud. His disclaimers tell you exactly what your getting which I love. Keep up the great work cheapweed.ca !

    • Biggy says:

      this place is definitely the best! Outstanding product. and the best customer service I’ve ever experienced

  105. greenjellybean says:

    Just received our order of Bubba OG and we are extremely happy with the fast delivery, size of the buds (no shake), efficient and discreet packaging and last, but not least, smokes like a real QUAD!! You have a repeat customer and thank you!

  106. ovirahim says:

    Master Kush: Dont let Sale price fool you, this is one of the Top quality Indica i have tried through Tony this is 2nd time and Oh My Goodness….the red hair intact, very tight buds, breaks up into a lot, quality Taste, hits at first with heavy rush but before the Joint reaches end; mellows me down, buzz is long-standing and relaxed. I can not find any better price for an ounce of MK anywhere compared to here. Emma said this was her one of the favourite and i can imagine why. Tony’s Team #Rocks

    • Dano_1975 says:

      Master Kush!! Took a chance and boy was I happy I did. Texture, smell and taste are all way beyond the price point. Please keep this up folks!! With these prices and quality…I’ll be back for sure. Dano

    • Johnny Bacon says:

      Dammit! And i did exactly that,i let the sale price fool me 🙁 not lettin that happen again! THIS is why reviews are so important. Thanks ovirahim! Much appreciated!

  107. GrowBros says:

    Just got my first order , super impressed , product was top notch , used just enough packaging as needed.
    Now just wishing I found this site a lot sooner than I did , Thanks Tony!

  108. L Shelvey says:

    i got my 8 pack surprise package ; it contained dp xgc/golden pineapple very nice/vortex/t.jack frost good/death buddha.pre98 buddha.budget buddha.laughing buddha very nice also . off to a good start.THX again.

  109. Ray Dyer says:

    Tony has been coming through in the clutch with some serious consistency as of late especially. You can’t go wrong with CheapWeed! Don’t waste your time ordering elsewhere. This is your one stop shop .

  110. rfc444 says:

    Order was sent out and arrived very fast. Very fair pricing especially compared to other sites. As for the product it’s absolutely amazing, looks/smells great, and most importantly burns and smokes very smooth. You can tell it was grown and stored with care. Packaging was discrete and completely smell proof. CW has definitely earned a customer. Thanks for the great experience guys!

    • Ale Gou says:

      Pour avoir essayé plusieurs sites depuis la légalisation…
      Vous êtes à ce jour le meilleur d’entre tous!
      Qualité du produit incroyable! Quantité on en parle même pas c’est précis! Frais au goût à l’odeur…les prix sont excellent pour une qualité supérieure…
      Une lettre accompagne l’envoi…simple mais côté service à la clientèle vous m’impressionnez! Long succès devant vous! Merci et assurément à bientôt!

    • stanleygillis says:

      Isolate is awesome 😉

  111. Jana Ricard says:


    I just heard of the site from a friend recently. I have tried a few other sites but the prices were so Steep ! Being hesitant to order before Sampling,
    I was happy to see the Surprise Pack and ordered one immediately. I made an error in my payment and received an e-mail notifying me (0h So Politely)
    that I screwed it up & to please try again…lol After I got it right with the simple payment process, the Order arrived Fast -I got a Postal Notice on the
    third mailing day while at Work to pick up the next afternoon.

    Inside is: 3.5 grams each of FROST BITE, G-13, T INCREDIBLE HULK, KALI MIST, NUKEN
    SPACE QUEEN, T GODFATHER, and PCG. It all looks pretty good. I ordered a 2nd Surprise Pack to try more Strains, Hoping for a few different choices
    to help me find my new FAVE. Overall very impressed, I will likely be ordering here again.

  112. Fred B says:

    Almost 2 years for me with CW and I’m very satisfied. I tried a lot of strains and different product and I never was disapointed. Tony always respond to all questions and he did it professionnaly. The service, products, transportation, prices… everything is great. Thank you CW, I will continu my business with you 🙂

    • Ape123 says:

      Always top notch and super fast delivery always received order within 3 days order always sent out couple hrs after payment be my go to place from now on

  113. Deepbakedfry says:

    CW is the best. Always quality for great prices. Been ordering for a while now and it’s always my one stop shop. Only thing I’d make different is to have shatter and hash available in smaller quantities, but that’s just me using little of these compared to flowers. I’ve never had a bad order or experience, everything is always top notch! Also has allowed me to manage my finances my much better due to my cost savings over old buying methods. Greatest MoM in Canada!

    • Kitty Love says:

      I received mine .. Omg it was awesome I really liked rock candy and I think it was T lemon zest. my two favourites. It was a surprise alright. I too was hesitate about it. But feel so lucky to have found this site.

  114. Josh12378 says:

    Cheapweed for me has been nothing but the best, the service, the prices, the delivery times..everything, basically wont stop buying from you guys because you can’t beat it! Very, very impressed with the products and can’t wait to see the growth that transpires from the quality you deliver, thanks again

  115. L Shelvey says:

    got my first order last month. GREAT weed great price,s 3day shipping can,t be beat. THANKS TO TONY @ AND THE CREW

  116. Nutz says:

    Been buying off Tony and his team at CW for about a year now 22 orders in and I keep coming back. There has been a few hiccups along the way but this is where Tony and his team shine. Every issue has found a solution that both partys agree is fair. As for product it is one of the best moms for bang for buck and ive never felt like I didnt get what I paid for hell first order was a free qp and one time I got sent the wrong strain and a quick text and then a phone call and what I ordered was on the way. Tony never even asked to send it back and said keep it and he apologized for the mistake. All in all Tony and his team are one of the best in the Biz and ill keep sending my money his way. Peace

    • Johnny Bacon says:

      Awesome! i had a similar experience, one of my first few orders and i was like uh oh, but it was an honest mistake and the way they handled it was what solidified my trust and respect for Tony and the CW crew. When the man himself gives you a call from his celly, rather than some random nameless customer service representative emailing, its more personal and it shows you they take you seriously and actually care to make sure your happy and satisfied above all else. Always.

      • Lorie Brooks says:

        Hey there Nutz … Couldn’t have said it any better. Tony is fantastic to deal with. I too have been a loyal CW client as should EVERYONE!!! OH, Tony’s Ice Wreck is top notch both in smoke and in butter was incredible. Wow! To CW. Thank you

    • Lorie Brooks says:

      Hey there Nutz … Couldn’t have said it any better. Tony is fantastic to deal with. I too have been a loyal CW client as should EVERYONE!!! OH, Tony’s Ice Wreck is top notch both in smoke and in butter was incredible. Wow! To CW. Thank you

  117. angiemom says:

    Cheap weed you guys are awesome after finding this website i don’t think i will grow again you can’t beat the prices and quality of product and i have to say costumer service is very good and get back to you quickly and always try to make you happy i can’t say enough good things about you guys i will never go anywhere but have for my meds.
    Thank-you so much for being that. Angie…..

  118. BorderBaked says:

    Best site to order excellent quality weed at incredible prices! Fast shipping. Discreet packaging. Dont hesitate order now!!

  119. sativa420 says:

    3rd time purchaser and 1st time reviewer… had to come out and say thanks to Tony and Emma and Team. This order was missing one ounce out of eight. Within minutes of emailing to advise this, Tony was replying to explain options to correct this. They ended up shipping me the replacement… kept in contact constantly as it moved forward and the order was shipped the next day. Mistakes happen… I am VERY HAPPY to work with CW and Team. Keep up the great efforts!! I will be back!!!

  120. BigLarry59 says:

    Bought Mercedez Stamp Black Hash on March 24/ 2019 . When it came it looked very nice . The service was great and got it within 2 days.

  121. yves567 says:

    You won’t regret shopping here.

  122. Jimmy333 says:

    Ordered a hp of the Mercedes hash and for the price you can’t go wrong this is stuff you use to pay 100 bucks a quarter for this stuff is good i love mixing it in with flower great price great product great service keep up the good work !!! It’s a five star for me !!!!!

  123. roo alexander says:

    CW has to be the best MOM in Canada ! Unbeatable prices and great variety , customer service is impeccable!! In the rare even that anything isn’t amazing with your order. It’s always made right, if not better!! The reward point system makes it perfect for the consistent customer like myself , I’ve been a happy customer for over a yea me and a half and am still surprised every week!

  124. Torontoboy222 says:

    After trying multiple online dispensaries, I’ve come to the conclusion that these guys are the real deal. The customer service itself is RARE for any industry. The product I receive from these guys always exceeds my expectations. I’ve tried numerous types of bud and concentrates and they’ve all been fantastic. If I have a problem, or I need to change my order, they’ll get it done; even if it’s last minute. Reviews and pictures are always accurate. Shipping is always on time. Site is updated daily. What more can you ask for? Thanks CW team!!!

  125. DieselDiesel says:

    Thanks to Tony and the CW Team buying is now beyond affordable and easy , count is Always over+++ .. Quality is Never disappointing !

    Quit reading reviews, place your first order and Experience it for yourself

    Thanks Again and again CW

  126. Stephen Marshall says:

    been using this site since last summer. Buying mostly ounces of the Mercedez hash, Done knives & rolled & even smoked bowls. No complaints there/; Anytimre I have messeged these guys it’s received & replied to pretty quick. I think this site is without a doubt the best on the web!

  127. Myshit says:

    Always happy with everything I get

  128. Nommmnom says:

    ive yet to be disappointed,
    customer service is second to NONE.
    dont let low prices fool you.

  129. ryan anderson says:

    Well done on the quality and quantity it is by far the best available on the canadian market. I think some of the negative reviews stem from ignorance of their preferred medicinal strains because I haven’t been disappointed by any of the orders I have placed and received. The shipping is extremely quick I receive my package within 2-4 days in ontario. I have tried about a dozen strains since I started ordering in February and my favourites have been the hybrids so I’m glad to find out what type of medicine I prefer because having the selection of Indica Hybrid and Sativa is very useful because on the street it is just whatever it is, is whatever you get. Trying to medicate that way is far less effective and i’ve tried some of the brand name stores like tweed and the quality/quantity is pretty abysmal from them.

    My favourite strain is the Moonrocks I highly recommend you pick that up whenever it is available. None of my orders have been damp they’ve all been dried and cured rather well, some more than others but I understand based on batch dates you’re receiving very fresh medicine. The customer support is also superior compared to the alternative choices available they will explain strains and potency levels if requested before ordering. ( be careful though the quality stuff sells out within hours or days of being released )

  130. Devilgoddess says:

    Love this site. The prices are more than fair and the cannabis strains are always good. After ordering close to 100 different strains I can still say I have zero complains with any of the cannabis I have ordered yet. The buds are always trimmed good and unless printed in the strain info the size of them is decent. The large selection that Tony offers is much larger than any other site I have come across and along with the discounts they offer I really haven’t seen better prices either. Another good thing is the review points Tony gives away for reviews as after awhile you’ll find you have enough point to get a free ounce.Honestly best site out there hands down keep up the great work Tony.

  131. Zachary A says:

    From getting early orders, to the amazingly competitive pricing, cheapweed has been the only MoM I’ve used for the past year and a half. The range of quality and pricing is really ideal for me as a student, and the amount and quality of customer service is above and beyond ‘above and beyond’. When I first asked tony for some suggestions, I was blown away with how well he understood his customers and products. The support team is quick, the site looks beautiful, and I am always able to genuinely save money when I shop here. Watching the success of the website has been amazing, across the board it seems we all agree that this truly IS Canada’s best online dispensary. Keep up the great work, guys!

  132. Eric Johnson says:

    I decided to try cheapweed.ca after reading so many positive reviews from folks. I received my first order one day ahead of schedule to start. Upon inspection, everything looked very good. After trying one of the strains, I was really pleased with the quality. And I’m no novice. Tony, you just earned another regular customer. I look forward to recommending you to others and trying out other products. Thank you, Sir.

  133. kellyo says:

    Hey there. Was really skeptical as the price seemed too good to be true. Decided to gamble on the Mercedes hAsh. Awesome good hash high. Best hash I’ve smoked since legalization and definitely the cheapest most other sites are 100$/1/4 this was 100 and ounce.
    And delivery I ordered it Sunday night and it showed up at my door Wednesday to small town rural Ontario
    As for weight all I’ll say is they weren’t under. Extremely pleased with the order, now if they could just figure out a way to open packages to save for sampling so they can send them When people ask that would just top cw.ca right off is the best site ever for in my opinion. Haven’t tried any of their weed yet but I will be soon if they read this I’d love a sample of Durbin poison! have a great weekend everyone. I will

    • Mike Zandvliet says:

      With the cheap prices already, just get a mix and match qp of cheap oz then you won’t need samples… you’re asking a lot of a company that already provides the best service in Canada

  134. Calimero says:

    Very good weeds, fast delivery, great price. I am happy with my 1 order, GF Zombie Kush , GF Green Crack ,Tony”s Durban Poison Thanks !!!

  135. kushcoaster says:

    Super happy with the service , shipping and quality with all of CW’s products , I had some issues in the past with the affiliates and got a rapid response from
    the staff and was happy with honesty . As they no longer have the program . The point system is great the timing on the points being added after the reviews in not that fast , but I expect that the staff at CW are busy and what it takes to keep a website like this up to date and running smooth is a task in of it’s self.
    All and all I will recommend and keep using the services here and am a happy satisfied customer.
    Thank you

  136. Mm420 says:

    I’m always impressed with the quality of flowers for the price; I will never look elsewhere to bulk up. The mercedes hash is on point with stuff ive paid 10 per g for elsewhere. If I could recommend one thing to try when in stock, Tony’s Blue Dream has been consistently fantastic. One of my favourite smokes and I frequently chase quads from craft places.

    Keep up the great work!

  137. gumper20 says:

    Been a customer since January, spent almost 50k with CW. I have had 2 product issues and that is it. When I had those product issues tony was very fast to make sure his customer was taken care of. I would highly recommend CW to anyone, best in the business by far. I cant say enough about these guys.. product is always top notch and price beats anyone wholesale.. thanks for everything CW

  138. Crazycabby says:

    Wow. This is the best site out there. Service is unbelievable. Only been a customer for 2 months and have placed 4 orders to date so far. My first order was the Blonde Moroccan hash. Then 2 orders of black hash. Well both are good. Just received my 4th order yesterday and this time I went with a QP of PURPLE SPACE MONKEY Some of the best I’ve smoked to date and hopefully will be more of this available soon. Great quality. Next strain????? Lol. Love it. Think my next order will include multiple oz’s of 8-16 5 stars

  139. Dantheman says:

    Started buying CW July 22nd Have not ordered anywhere else. 56 different orders 119 strains No Bunk Zone! AAA-AAAA+ Descriptions 10 CSR 10 Website 10 Variety 10 Contests 10
    They Really care Tony has amazing priced strains I have always been happy satisfied weights packaging response time Its amazing Have got hash 7x BOB Trim its all worth the $ Did anybody’s dealer treat them that well? Mom would not even front me. Had 0 problems ,Close too Perfect! TY CW BC all the way! Liking my Harley parts mwa ORDER HERE! happy x

  140. Christopher Hodges says:

    So i got so many orders i lost track but the comatose.. Animal cookies .. Mostly any green farms strains are good but i always go for tonys strains first …ive delt over 30 sites no one has better produts for the price and there customer service is amazing love u guys at cheapweed keep up good work shout out to my bro tony and my girl emma thanks all help and saport…
    Ever sence i started using cheapweed no other flower or concentrates compare…love you guys ill do a cupple strain reviews if i can find out how here my YouTube channel i do cannabis reviews an stuff
    ChrisdabsH420 check me out cheers

    • John Duplisea says:

      #EmmaRocks .. My orders have been all great , Just Placed a half pound order Of 4 on Purple Koolaid / 4 On Racefuel og , I’ll mssg you up chris when it’s in – This site is bomb i haven’t Gotten a bad Strain yet

  141. Chris Swain says:

    Tony operates the best site I have ever come across and I’ve used plenty of other sites in the last few years. When I purchase a H.P. it works out to around $100 an ounce. You won’t find those prices anywhere else and Tony let’s you MIX & Match any strain you like. With the other sites it worked out I was only able to get 2 ounces to Tony’s 2.66 ounces. Any time I can have more than 25% more bud to smoke is alright by me. Keep up the great work Tony and know you have a loyal new customer for life. By the way the herb here is all TOP-SELF PRODUCT ( I should know too after getting 6 different awesome stains that where all great. Well you have me as a regular every 3 months ( 4 H.P.’s a year ) . Good day to you and your staff Tony from Chris S. (Vampi393) .

  142. dieselman says:

    Been such a pleasure ordering my smoke through CW I’ve made 5 purchases so far in the past several months from you guys and have always been more then satisfied with your service, shipping was always prompt usually 3-4 days from BC to the East Coast which is exceptional Amazon cant deliver that fast lol All the products I have purchased have been exactly what they have been described as and looked just like the pictures displayed . Anybody considering ordering from CW don’t hesitate i did at first too but once I recieved my first order from CW I knew right then what I was missing out on all this time, everytime I open up a new package I’m just amazed at the quality and amazing smell and look o f it . Definitely a no brainer here go ahead take the leap and order i promise you won’t be disappointed in anything you get from here i did and it was the best decision I ever made . CW gets a 5 star rating from this guy without any doubt …..Always a HAPPY CAMPER…..

  143. hairdo321 says:

    I had been looking for Phoenix Tears for months. Finally someone who carries it and has it in stock. Thank you
    cheapweed.ca. Fast delivery and excellent price. You have my business from now on.

  144. Dillon says:

    Been a customer here since the very beginning, and I have not been disappointed by anything yet!

  145. Max Green says:

    ♡♡♡♡ There’s no place like. ♡♡♡♡

  146. Tom_day15 says:

    Hands down the best site around guys ! Great weed great concentrates great prices and great customer service !! Thanks Tony and crew !!!!

  147. Jayson Mailly says:

    The selection and most importantly the stock rotation and high volume ensure you are getting fresh product. It makes a huge difference. The Blue Cookies, Maui Wowie, Island Sweet Skunk and several other strains have been top shelf, especially considering the price !!

    • Benjamin Kero says:

      Wow I’ve ordered from quite a few dispensary’s but CW wow can’t beat the quality and prices top shelf homie haven’t been let down once except for Canada post they lost one of my packages but thanks CW they sent me a new one top notch customer service a++++++

  148. Johnny Bacon says:

    Before i found CW i went through 9 or 10 sites at least. It was always limited selection, inconsistent quality (the anxiety of worrying if its going to be a hit or miss was too much)..screwups beyond screwups and unfriendly/useless customer service..
    CW has from like 80-140+ strains on the menu at any given time, which is absolutely insane to me! Sooo much to choose from to suit your every need (having epilepsy this is very important to me, as well as anybody using for medicinal purposes). Quality is always beyond expectation. Reviews! Lots of reviews, thats another important one to me. Then there’s MY favourite part, the discounts!! I never buy less than 3 oz. 35% off drops a $200 down to a $130.. YES please! 🙂
    Above aall else, the customer service is just awesome. They’re so helpful and nice when you have a problem that it makes you mad at yourself for being mad at them to begin with lol they really go to battle for you, any mistakes and they make sure you’re more than compensated.
    Tony, Emma and the whole CW crew RUN this MOM game, hands down. I honestly cant find a single reason to go anywhere else. THANKS GUYS!! #CWROCKS #TONYROCKS #EMMAROCKS

    • Johnny Bacon says:

      If i had to come up with one complaint.. id call it more of a wishh i guess lol but i wish there was always ounces available if it all possible. For heavy smokes like me who dont really want to smoke a qp of the same kind forever. I want variety so i mix it up. But only downside, not every kind is always avail in Oz so ur limited to what you can choose. My thoughts are, say you have 13 qps avail and no ozs.. always have a qp or so to split into a few OZs for the peeps like mee.. Just my wishes guys lol THANKS for being AWESOME!

  149. BcBudd says:

    I was unsure about CW at first but now they are my main supplier.
    Always fire strains on hand and great customer service.

  150. dontworryaboutit says:

    5 Stars, Great hash

  151. Jeff Sager says:

    Well just Stopping to Say Thanks Cheapweed (Tony) And Crew, coming up to a year of great Buds from CW, great buds, great Prices and friendly people, CheeapWeed is my bud source for life.
    Keep up the great work Tony and Crew
    One Love

  152. Joe Blow says:

    Great site. Great product. Great customer service. Fast delivery. I’m another happy returning customer. Thanks Tony and thanks Emma.

  153. Kushlife4life says:

    Hey tony recieved our pack today love the quality and prices are great, only took 4 days to get it all the way in QC amazing ATF, south indian, and GC will definitely purchase more have a gr8 time growing 🙂

  154. Sheldon Fink says:

    Best prices. Best Weed. Best Concentrates. Best Customer Service.Best Shipping hands down.

  155. in LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with the greenfarms jetfuel.
    great selection + services never problems but one time order was mixed up but tony fixed and made it wright again
    thanks CW!

  156. Sheldon Fink says:

    This is the best site and only one that counts. I have been ordering from Tony for the last 3 years and never have been dissatisfied. His products are always the best quality, quickest shipping, reliable, consistent. i can’t say enough good things about cheap weed.ca Best prices. Best Weed. Best Concentrates. Best Customer Service.Hands down.

  157. mrswatsonj says:

    SO happy with my order! You guys get it right every time!! My package was here super quickly and all my buds are the best quality!

  158. ytefas says:

    great site, great service, great product 🙂

  159. Chadwick says:

    CW & staff are professionals they have great products . The only thing that lacks is keeping up with the pictures that are displayed for the products. After the strain is sold out of that batch .I think they should be taking the pictures down and putting new ones up for the batch that they are advertising… I have read alot of the comments and reviews mixed up a.bit that people who buy large amounts should be getting what they are picking by the pictures like the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words Wich is true in my opinion. I feel that buying large amounts and picking a strain from looking at a picture is enough to know what your getting? But when a batch is as out cw sometimes leaves the old pictures up and advertises a new batch but in fact the one you want is not what your ordering. Customer service 8/10 products 8/10 advertising 6/10 I just feel that it should be kept up with.. but these guys are great Emma & tony you guys rock

  160. Martin Roots says:

    Been doing this a long time and I gotta say that Tony has seriously changed the game when it comes to this world folks!

    Amazing prices (if you use the discounts that he offers on his front page), his selection is second to none and the quality/service he offers has not let me down once yet.

    Please keep it up Tony and you will have a customer for life here 🙂

    Martin Roots

    • Mark Lindsay says:

      I am a fairly new customer and have purchased a couple QPs from cheapweed. What stands out for me the most is Thier customer service. I have purchased from other Moms before, and never get such a quick and personalized response like CW gives me. I get the impression they actually care about clients. Other sites can take days to get back to you, and when they do it’s a brief generic response almost like it’s a hassle for them. Not so with Cheapweed, they will take care of you and try to legitamatly help you.

      As for the weed itself, the prices and selection is quite good. My first purchase was Tony’s jet fuel, and I can honestly say it was one of my favorite strains of all time. A great sativa. My second was Tony’s ice wreak, and it wasn’t as good but it was decent. My buddy thought it was top shelf, I know it was good, but I have a high tolerance, so my opinion is skewed.

      Their prices on single ounces could be better, but this I suppose is to encourage bulk purchasing. The prices on QPs are very good, and HPs are bloody fantastic. Not much bad things to say, just wish I found the site sooner. Tony can you please get THC distillate? I would love to give you all my business. BTW, Tony himself seems like a very nice caring person I have had the privilege of talking with him directly.

    • bam says:

      I am new to Cheapweed.ca,,i have tried most of the online shops, and I must say honesty that Cheapweed has to be the number 1 site in Canada Today, Super Fast Customer Service, a Large assortment to look and buy from, IT CANT GET ANY BETTER Thank You Cheapweed

  161. eddiemay says:

    See what happened was !!
    It all started with your ordinary day with an ordinary mission time to find top shelf smoke .
    But I do not go to the usual smoke shop instead !!!! NO!!!!
    I go to a wonderful land of taste , flavor , smell and we cant forget our favorite savings. CHEEPWEED.ca
    So honestly CHEEPWEED.ca has my hands legs arms and feet in the air.
    I have been a conosouir for over 30 years and I have never seen a bigger selection of top grade product from A to Z they got it .
    great job CW and thanks for everything tony

  162. Zachary A says:

    I have been using this service as my main source of top quality, great priced buds for nearly 2 years now. The customer service is above and beyond and has always stood out as a testament to what service SHOULD be in an industry like this. Choices and great prices aside, it is very clear that Tony and his team put a huge amount of effort into bringing us a very high level of service and quality. I have and would reccommend Tony and his team to anyone who is looking for great service. Thanks for two years of consistency, Tony.

  163. Steiner74 says:

    Great smoke!! I will buy again. Thank-you.

  164. Adam A says:

    This is by far the best website for supplying Canadians with their medical and recreational needs. It is run professionally, respectfully and above all the quality of product is top shelf. I would recommend CW to anyone in Canada.

    • Teddybear says:

      Just got my second order came in two days I’ve got the blue dream the first time and purple momba this time both were really good very happy ordering from cw will be the place to get what I want from now on very happy

  165. jammin'stoned says:

    I’m really happy with the products and service at CW. I tried the other guys first, however now that i am a customer at CW i will not be going back. two thumbs up. cheers

  166. Lifeforce420 says:

    This is my last stop. Will not be ordering from anywhere else. Great prices and quality product. Finding CW is almost as good as winning the lottery. Almost.
    Looking forward to continuing my support for a great team.

  167. terrycyr43 says:

    i just to take a few minutes to thank cw and Emma for the very great service and this hash is amazing thank you very much

  168. ovirahim says:

    Want to give a shout out Loud to Emma, and Tony’s Team, this maybe my 4th months running as your Loyal customer, as I am breaking up Pink Bubba i stoped to write here, Tony, quality just speaks out loud on such Awesome Products, not yet can say i am ever disappointed about your Products quality, not to mention the Best price in Canada, package delivered within 3 business days, even bottom of the bag is fresh, i just wish we keep this friendship for ever and ever. Wish you nothing but the best and many years of success to come, #Bubba all Products are just #Original…..THANKS for your service

  169. tyranic2006 says:

    I am CW virgin! I have ordered from many MOMs in the past and they now have a customer for life! Great service, fast response times and quality bud for a fair price! Keep up the great work team!!!

  170. Louis-Philippe Huot says:

    I’m from a more restrictive province and I must say that this web site is great. I bought afgan hash and 8 onces of differents strains and cheapweed have not failed me so far. I even had anwsers in french which is a great plus for me. So great product, great service and fast delivries. All hail cheapweed.ca !!!

  171. GoatBuffet says:

    Without any question in my mind, CW is the hands down BEST MOM you will find! Your search has ended. Rest assured, you will find what you are looking for here.
    I’ve been a frequent flyer here since mid ’18 and damn it’s good! Very, very good!!
    No other way to put it, I love this site and its offerings!! Honestly, a dream come true! A dream you don’t want to wake up from because its so fucking GOOD!
    Whats to like?
    The ever rotating expansive selection, supreme customer service, excellent web design (simple) and seamless payment execution and email follow up, very consistent fast delivery times,
    online delivery tracking tool, discrete packaging, great points system for your purchases, pricing that decreases dramatically when you bulk purchase, ie. fantastic mix & match 8oz/45% off bud discount, and, oh ya……absolutely killer herb.!! I’ve sampled numerous strains from CW with my favourites being El Jefe, Durban Poison, Island Sweet Skunk, Bruce Banner, Tom Ford Pink Kush, Green Farms Jet Fuel and Purple Voodoo, Guava, Jawaiian, Gelato, Creamsicle, Lemon Cake, GG4, Tony’s ATF and Green Crack and quite a few others. The freshness of the herb, practically every strain I’ve received, is a testament to the excellent quality control and high sales volume . I can’t stress this freshness enough, it’s so important with top quality herb. These guys (‘n girls) do it very well. An all around super professional op that inspires my repeat purchases.
    I’ve also been fortunate enough to indulge in some of the otherworldly potent CW concentrates, Purple Moonrock Budder & Green Farms Bruce Banner Wax to name a couple faves. Both of them can flatten this user who has 4 decades of holistic and (mostly) hedonistic herbal consumption under the belt. Fucking love it! As age begins to rear its wears I increasingly look to CW to source the medicine that has unquestionably decreased my joint inflammation and increased my quality of life. The CBC isolate and the Phoenix Tears I recently picked up here have been amazing. This insomniac now gets a solid nights sleep, every night! Amazing!!

    All in all….Thank you so much Tony, Emma , CW crew as well as all the super talented growers and suppliers in the chain! I’ve travelled and sampled tasty herb around the world and I can tell you for certain, some of the absolutely finest strains of top quality medicinal herbs are grown in BC. The dedication to the craft is evident in the spectacular specimens you’ll find here.

    How awesome would it be to celebrate 420/2019 in West Coast style, with the cool kids? I’m keeping my fingers crossed….with a joint in between, of course!


    • GoatBuffet says:

      *** CBD isolate

    • Chad Dolney says:

      Well I’m not going to write a whole story here but I will testify to the quality of the products and the friendly professional customer service here at cheapweed.ca. I enjoy trying different strains and they do offer a wide variety. I like the pink bubba black tuna kush and Tony’s Bruce Banner. Good stuff Tony. I’d like to see your operation when I win this contest…

      • Tellybee says:

        Seriously 138 different strains to choose from this past Saturday. Where else can you get so many choices? No where except CW! I have been a loyal customer since late August last year and have tried well over 100 strains now and only one strain I did not care, everything else is great budget bud or the higher end straight fire strains. If you have not tried CW yet I fully assure you it’s the real deal yo. Tony and his team are the best, you gotta question they will answer you. Top notch service, discret packaging, quick shipping and great buds. Thank you CW team for providing top quality products at the lowest price imaginable to the community. Great job guys!

    • John Duplisea says:

      #EmmaRocks – John INDICA , From The Cheapweedca Team , I Always love a good read on the reviews , Thanks for a full insight on how you feel about the site & your history , It’s always great to hear how other People Are Enjoying the Site as Much as i am ! <3

  172. Diesel7 says:

    Cheapweed.ca has been nothing but great and responsive unlike most dealers. Takes max 4 days to reach Ontario. Their points system is amazing, it’s a great way to give back to the customers that will for sure want to use the free dollars.

    Thanks Cheapweed.ca for being such a great company!

    • tony says:

      Thanks for your warm and kind words =)
      Truly means the world to me that we have your support <3
      Likewise as well, good to know shipping to Toronto is also only 2 days wow!

  173. Gninsey1 says:

    Product is always exactly as pictured or even better. Never disappoints. Fastest shipping I’ve gotten from a MOM site. Customer service is very good and quick to respond. I have noticed the prices climbing as of late, hopefully they stop and I dont have to find a new site cause CW is my favourite by far.

  174. SKF says:

    these guys are the real deal,i couldnt be happier with the product,the price and the customer service,

  175. KimberlyG says:

    Very happy and pleased with the service, the product and the prompt delivery! Definitely will be a return customer.

  176. furyfairy24 says:

    I have been ordering from cheepweed for a few months now. I am never disappointed with the product. I have tried many strains and each one was impressive. I am happy with the service and how fast it comes to my door. I jus ordered animal cookies today and I cant wit to try it. Great job tony and staff. now to try and get in on the trip to bc <3

  177. JohnJess says:

    Tony’s Nuken is by far and away one of the best indicas I have ever had. Initially it’s smooth then the high THC hits your lungs and the fun begins. Extremely potent smoke that often takes only one bong hit I will be definately buying it again. Thank you so much CW.

  178. Myshit says:

    Love everything I’ve gotten so far. Sadly noticing a bit of a price increase lately??

  179. terrycyr43 says:

    thank you very much for the great product will buy this hash again

  180. WhiteHAMmer902 says:

    I’ve been with CW for about a year now, and I have nothing to say but good things, all the product I tested were mostly amazing weed, some not so much but its always good to have the selection of trying different kind if strains. Especially the thing that caught my attention was the point system they offered for every purchase and not all sites did that at the time, also the promotions they have as well ranging from various types of sales or draws to win weed or cash and many others. The support system tony offers is amazing usually always quick responses, in other words this is the best site going in my eyes, always get the bang for your buck on this site for sure! Thanks CW, keep up the hard work.

  181. Mathieu Goyette says:

    Jai achete le ALIEN OG et je suis tres satisfait , EXCELLENT gout et teste a 28% de THC c’est du weed pour les grandes personnes haha … la quantite etait la bonne . Je vais recommander ici sure thing .

    Salut du Quebec

  182. Rob Martel says:

    Hey everybody, just a heads up the voilator kush is exactly what the pictures shows and the taste and smell is simply amazing 10/10 it also helps with my croniq pain, i will be ording this again, actually going to order now, just orded the golden pinapple too, thanks tony and emma you guys are the best always there to help and answer questions. Thanks for everything

  183. Kush456 says:

    I found cheap weed In August of 2018. The first strain I got was fucking incredible and it was amazing weed. Every single time I order it seems like the weed just gets better and better. I still remember how awesome the strain called Ghost train haze tasted. Cheapweed honestly has made my life so much better, every strain I have gotten helps me with pain, insomnia and depression. Some of my favourite strains are Durban poison, sugar cookie, blue and purple moonrocks, g-13 and purple magic. If your looking for an amazing MOM look no further than cheapweed.ca, they also have excellent customer service. I like how the strains are constantly changed. Thanks for being an awesome group of people

  184. BSmokes says:

    Currently have G13 strain, you can’t go wrong buying off this site, whenever I get weed I’m still in shock of how good and how cheap it is. Keep up the great work Tony and crew!!!