Nuken Strain Review

Nuken Strain Review

Nuken is one of those strains whose name can be quite deceitful. After all, the very sound of the name suggests that you’re going to end up nuked to the ground.

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.

While its name invokes images of bombardments and powerful assaults, Nuken is just all about knocking you on your ass to enjoy one of the most well-rounded types of high. Mild euphoria combined with feelings of serenity and a jolt of positive energy makes Nuken particularly high on some cannaisseurs’ mental radar.

Of course, the strain might prove too much for beginners, but it’s not as dangerously potent as some other flowers out there. So, long story short, don’t be scared of its name, but don’t get fooled by its innocently sweet aromas and flavors.

Balance, dear friends, balance is the key to success!

Without further ado, let’s bring this unique bud a little bit closer to us.

Nuken’s Genetics and Origins

Nuken is a 100% indica Canadian strain created by mixing an afghani hybrid called Kish (a cross between Shishkaberry parents) with God Bud. Contrary to what its lineage may lead you to expect, the strain doesn’t leave users couch-locked. Yes, the high is undeniably strong, but Nuken usually leaves you functional enough to still enjoy your hobbies or the company of your bud buddies. It also has a typical indica look, with dense buds coated in a blanket of translucent trichomes.

Nuken Genetics and Origins

Nuken’s Bag Appeal

As mentioned, Nuken is a 100% indica and you can tell it simply by looking at its buds. “Wow” is is the most common reaction among people who engage Nuken for the first time. The buds have bright orange hairs on lustrous deep green nuggets. They’re fat, compact, and they’re a textbook definition of “sticky.” If you want to impress your friends with weed that looks like one of the 7 wonders, Nuken will be perfect for the job. Once you break up a small piece of your bud, you’ll be amazed by the pile of weed that will come out of it — it’s ridiculously large.

Nuken’s Aroma and Flavors

Once you open the bag of Nuken’s flowers, you’ll be immediately hit by the delicate scent of sweet herbs and spices, with a prevalence of mint and tea leaves that are suddenly broken by something you can compare to “roasted” earth.

On the inhale, you can feel the Nuken’s aroma carrying over to its taste. Once you exhale the heavy white smoke — it’s mildly irritating to the upper sinuses — Nuken releases an earthy sort of flavor accentuated by hints of lemon juice and spices.

On the whole, the aroma and flavors of the Nuken strain are pretty cool and make us wonder what this strain feels like when vaped. We can’t wait to try it!

Nuken’s Effects

Nuken is a badass strain for a good reason. The high is kind of a creeper; after just two hits from a joint, you can feel a mild high focusing mostly just above the eyebrows and reaching the forehead.

After a single, standard joint, the high induces a nice euphoria that is still more cerebral than physical. At its peak, you’re just all-relaxed, sharply focused, high as the sky, and still able to function well.

Surprisingly, the couch-lock phase doesn’t last long and it’s rather focused on enjoying inspiring conversations or having a deep introspection rather than chilling at the front of the TV screen.

But most importantly, it doesn’t matter how many hearty meals you devour after your smoking session with Nuken. The high is not reduced at all. We tested this several times, and each time, the results were consistent. You can munch like a beast, but you know what Nuken says — it ain’t over till it’s over.

Nuken Medical Benefits

Nuken’s Medical Benefits

Nuken’s well-rounded high and strongly relaxing properties make it an effective alternative for various physical and mental conditions. For example, it’s uplifting cerebral high can stave off stress, curb anxiety, ease trauma, and alleviate symptoms of depression. We live in very fast-paced times, and the blissful nature of this mental clarity can work perfectly for those who need a quick break from stressful periods in their lives.

On top of that, Nuken’s mellowing body buzz can effectively relieve pain caused by injuries, inflammation, and muscle spasms. At high doses, Nuken starts to exhibit its sedative nature, which makes it a perfect strain for insomniacs.

Nuken’s Side Effects

Nuken’s THC content has been tested as high as 25%, which places it in the “moderately strong” category. As mentioned, its potency migh be overwhelming for new users, but veterans should have no problems handling the psychoactive experience.

Like any high-THC strain, Nuken triggers dry, red eyes and dry mouth. These feelings are accompanied by a heavy case of munchies — of course, as long as you consider munchies a side effect.

Other than that, smoking too much Nuken at a time may result in elevated anxiety or paranoid thinking. Fortunately, these adverse reactions are short-lived, so it’s best to stay calm, breathe slowly and deeply, and talk to your friends about this inconvenience.

If you want to avoid the above side effects, just don’t go overboard with Nuken’s tempting buds — simple as that.


A gorgeous, unique, and truly intriguing marijuana strain, Nuken has all it takes to make it to 5 stars for those who appreciate a well-rounded high and a nice combo of cerebral and body buzz. If you’re a THC chaser, then you might want to give it only 4 stars because, at the end of the day, it’s not the most potent strain on the planet.

Nonetheless, Nuken can pack a punch, not to mention its mouthwatering bag appeal and even more tempting aroma. If you have a sensitive throat, then you might want to approach the strain with caution, as with dense smoke comes a harsh itchy feeling.

Other than that, Nuken is hands down one of our favorite marijuana strains. And better yet, it’s available here at CheapWeed.

Have you tried Nuken? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Dantheman says:

    God strains rule Shishkaberry ok but together awsume eh! Its true rat shower ur still high Description 100% accurate Must try again & again weed Staple strain!

  2. hovercraft420 says:

    Love Nuken first time I tried it and even tried growing Kish outside in New Brunswick a few years ago nice fruity smelling buds Nuken has that god bud spice added to it but love them both and They’re Canadian made 🙂