CheapWeed vs. Doobdasher

cheapweed vs doobdasher

CheapWeed vs. Doobdasher — which of these two mail-order marijuana services offers the best selection of weed, the most affordable prices, clear shipping terms, and fastest delivery time?

That’s the question we’re going to answer in this article.

CheapWeed and Doobdasher are on the very top of the growing list of online marijuana dispensaries. The cannabis industry has skyrocketed over the course of the last year, and more people want to get their fair share of the green cake.

That being said, it’s of the utmost importance that you double-check your potential weed vendor before giving them your trust and your hard-earned money. When it comes to CheapWeed vs. Doobdasher, it’s more like comparing two decent services rather than separating the wheat from the chaff. While both websites offer similar products at first glance, there are certain differences that can be decisive for your future decision.

CheapWeed vs. Doobdasher: Product Selection

CheapWeed and Doobdasher offer similar cannabis products, focusing o flowers and concentrates.

Doobdasher also has a nice selection of cannabis edibles and two pieces of cannabis accessories — disposable vape pens and THC vape refills). While you won’t find such products at CheapWeed, there’s one thing that makes their services more appealing to cannabis users.

We all like to try new things, especially when weed is involved, but when it comes to daily use, nothing beats good, old-style flowers.

And this is where CheapWeed outshines Doobdasher.

Browsing through CheapWeed, we’ve found over 50 different strains in their stock, including sativa, indica, and hybrids. The strains are available in AA - AAA+ and premium grades, but there’s no big discrepancy in prices between particular varieties. The minor drawback of buying from CheapWeed is that they sell marijuana in quantities starting at 1 ounce, so there’s not much room for sampling. You either know your favorite strains or you need to do solid research on different marijuana buds before placing an order there.

Doobdasher has much less to offer in that terms. They only sell 7 different marijuana strains, all of which are AAA-grade, with high levels of THC and low CBD content. Of course, their selection of edibles and concentrate is slightly more impressive, but as we said, people typically look for flowers when buying weed for the first time, so we place our bet on CheapWeed.

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CheapWeed vs. Doobdasher: Prices per Ounce of Weed

Doobdasher would have to come up with some killer deals on their flowers to make up for their shortage of strains. Unfortunately for them, the prices between CheapWeed vs. Doobdasher aren’t much different when we look at some of their buds.

Here’s how much you need to spend on some decent-quality weed at CheapWeed vs. Doobdasher:

Minimum Prices Per Ounce of Marijuana Flowers:

  • CheapWeed: $160.00
  • Doobdasher: $169.00

Now, ask yourself whether those 9 dollars are worth sacrificing the wealth of marijuana strains offered by CheapWeed.

On top of that, CheapWeed can get you up to 1 pound of premium-quality weed, and with greater quantities come greater discounts, so again — they win by unanimous decision.

CheapWeed vs. Doobdasher: Shipping & Delivery Speed

CheapWeed provides free shipping for orders of $99 and over, which is actually easy to achieve since the minimum purchase weight is one ounce (starting at $160). Your package will be sent to you via Canada Xpresspost and delivered at your front door without 1-3 business days. The company also ensures that it keeps your data and transactions secure.

As for Doobdasher, they have a flat rate of $15 for orders under $99, with the similar delivery time. Any sum above that guarantees free shipping. But let’s say you want to buy a quarter of Red Congolese. It will cost you $50, plus the $15 shipping fee, and the $7 tax. Paying $72 for 7 grams of weed is anything but cost-effective.

CheapWeed vs. Doobdasher: Educational Materials

Every self-respected mail order marijuana service has a blog section where they educate cannabis users about cannabis, the responsible use of the herb, its medical benefits, legal intricacies, and more.

Both CheapWeed and Doobdasher have nicely thriving blogs with plenty of decent educational materials to learn from. It was actually difficult to choose which blog has more meaty content, but in the end, CheapWeed won by the narrow margin. We feel like CheapWeed’s content leans more toward medical and educational angle, while Doobdasher stands on the entertaining end of the spectrum.

Okay, folks, the clash between CheapWeed vs. Doobdasher is over. As you can see, CheapWeed wins in each and every aspect we’ve covered in the article. We hope you’ve liked this comparison and are now ready to make a well-informed decision.

We cannot help but wish you fruitful hunting!

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