CheapWeed vs. Budmail

cheapweed vs budmail

Mail order marijuana delivery services have been popular in Canada for quite some time, but now that weed is legal in the country, we can see more “bud by mail” options popping up all over the Canadian Internet each month.

Of course, back in the days where marijuana remained in legal limbo, we had a limited number of providers; but that made things pretty simple. Now, with such a broad range of different weed vendors, choosing the right one can be one hell of a challenge, especially for those just getting started

CheapWeed and Budmail are one of the most popular websites that offer marijuana products online. In this article, we compare their services in terms of user experience, product selection, prices, shipping.

CheapWeed vs. Budmail: Strain Selection

CheapWeed has a more specific offer, as they mostly focus on selling marijuana flowers and concentrates. Budmail, on the other hand, has a broad selection of buds and other weed products, such as vapes, topicals, beverages, edibles, and even pet products.

Given this, we’re going to compare the strain selection on these two websites.

Let’s start with CheapWeed. We’ve been delighted to find out that they offer prime-quality cannabis strains that really pack a punch of cannabinoids and terpenes. You can also buy AA and AAA+ strains of sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties — there are 52 unique flowers to choose from. From classic strains like OG Kush and Purple Diesel to more exotic buds such as Pineapple Express — the guys at CheapWeed have got you covered.

CheapWeed selects their buds based on three main criteria: bud structure, scale rating, and smell. It’s a great vendor for both recreational and medical cannabis users. Budmail’s strain selection features fewer flowers than CheapWeed. They have 19 different strains from sativa to indica, hybrid, and CBD buds. However, they also offer sample packs and starter kits for beginners, which is nice for those just getting started with cannabis. Quality-wise, we’re Team CheapWeed, even though Bud Mail offers plenty of premium-grade strains in their store, too.

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CheapWeed vs. Budmail: User Experience

It’s important that your online marijuana vendor cares about you from more than just a business perspective.

Today, the user experience is paramount for drawing in potential customers and turning them into satisfied and returning clients.

The websites of both CheapWeed and Budmail are neat and user-friendly; simply put, you can feel as if you just walked into a legitimate cannabis dispensary instead of being lost at a flea market.

CheapWeed has its own blog where the staff regularly posts educational materials on the benefits of cannabis, the laws around marijuana across the world, as well as strain and product reviews — which is pure gold for novice cannabis users. On top of that, they have a comprehensive FAQ section that covers everything you need to know about their services.

Budmail doesn’t run a blog, but instead, they have a forum where you can share your feedback on their cannabis products, exchange views with other weed aficionados, and make suggestions on potential improvements.

Nonetheless, we feel that CheapWeed’s UX is a bit more customer-friendly and easier to browse than Budmail, on top of the blog part.

CheapWeed vs. Budmail: Prices

While we can’t compare each volume of weed in terms of prices — CheapWeed sells their buds only in quantities of 1 ounce and up — we will discuss the cost for an ounce of high-grade flowers.

CheapWeed’s prices for an ounce of quality weed vary between $160 and $180, with higher discounts for larger purchases, because CheapWeed can get you up to a pound of marijuana right at your doorstep.

With Budmail, prices per ounce of cannabis start at $175 and reach up to $220 for prime-quality buds, which makes them more expensive than CheapWeed. On the other hand, Budmail lets you purchase cannabis in smaller quantities, starting at 1 gram.

All in all, we recommend CheapWeed if the price-to-quality ratio is your priority and you know exactly the type of bud you like to smoke or vape, because hey — there’s little room for mistakes when buying an ounce of weed.

CheapWeed vs. Budmail: Shipping

This is where CheapWeed outshines Budmail. While both services ensure fast and relatively inexpensive delivery, the free shipping requirements give CheapWeed the upper hand over the competition.

Budmail typically charges you with a $10 shipping fee per delivery, with free shipping available for orders with a subtotal (before tax and shipping) of $199.99 and up. Now, let’s take a look at the shipping cost at CheapWeed. Free shipping starts at $150.00, which isn’t difficult to achieve given the volumes they sell marijuana in. Choosing CheapWeed will save you around $50 dollars on shipping.

For us, it’s a landslide victory for CheapWeed.

Choosing between CheapWeed vs Budmail requires some prior research. You should know what products you’re interested in, how much weed you want to buy per transaction, and what strains are your favorites. Then, you can make a well-informed decision and order from your vendor. For us, CheapWeed has a slight yet noticeable advantage over Budmail.

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