10 Ways to Ingest Hash

10 Ways to Ingest Hash

Hashish is the oldest form of concentrated cannabis, one that has been known to mankind since ancient times.

Europe and the Middle East have a centuries-old tradition of smoking hash, but it was the medical marijuana movement in the USA that gave this brown goodness its second life.

Now, this potent form of marijuana is catching on all over the world, and there are plenty of methods to indulge in it.

In this article, we present 10 best ways to ingest hash.

Hash Ingesting Methods


  1. Sketchy Pole
  2. Hot Knives
  3. The Glass Tee Pee
  4. Spliff
  5. Bottle Hits
  6. Chillum

Smoke-free Ways to Ingest Hash

  1. Vaporization
  2. Dabbing
  3. Hash Yogurt
  4. Hash Brownies

Smoke-free Ways to Ingest Hash

1. Sketchy Pole

As we said, hashish smoking is a centuries-old tradition in many different countries across the world.

This method is one of the old-school ways to ingest hash.

All you have to do is take a straw, or a ballpoint pen you’ve just hollowed out to suck the smoke through. Once your equipment is ready, pick out a small bit of hash and place it on the end of a straightened paper clip.

Light the hash ball up so that it smokes easily, and like a savvy weed old-timer, inhale the precious smoke through the straw.

2. Hot Knives

You can feel like a hippie from the 70s and use two butter knives to smoke your hash. This method is a child’s play; you simply heat up a stove eye and then place two butter knives over the heat until they turn red-hot.

Then, drop a small portion of hash or hashish oil on one knife. Place the second knife on top and use a straw to inhale the cannabinoid-rich smoke.

Keep in mind to suck the smoke away from heat sources and flames — you don’t want to set yourself aflame when bending over the stove eye and doing hash.

3. The Glass Tee Pee

This method captures the smoke in a regular glass.

What you need to do is take a pin and stick it in the middle of a cigarette. Once done, place the cigarette in the glass so that the pin sticks up and transfer our dab of hash on top of it.

As it smokes, wrap a piece of paper around the glass and when it’s full of smoke, get rid of the paper and have a strong rip.

Hash Spliff

4. Spliff

If you roll your weed in a spliff with tobacco or other herbs, why not spice up your experience with a few dots of hash on top of it? You can also do it another way by putting a small piece of hash on a key and lighting it a bit to soften, then place the warm hash on your spliff and inhale.

5. Bottle Hits

Grab a large plastic bottle and pierce a hole in the bottom; the hole should be just big enough to stick a cigarette through. Fill the end of the cigarette with a small bit of hash and light it up. Once the bottle gets filled with smoke, take the top off and suck the powerful smoke.

6. Chillum

Chillums represent the ritual and raw smoking experience cultivated throughout India and Nepal. These raw pipes usually contain a mix of hash and tobacco, so have a cigarette of your choice and the desired portion of hash.

Then grind it all up, place it in the chillum, and hold the device at an angle between your hands by making a cusp with the palms.

Your right hand should be the “ground” under the chillum, while the left hand should be wrapped around it. Heat up your mixture, take the right hand away when the pipe is hot enough, and inhale.

7. Vaporizer

When using a vaporizer for your hash, make sure you get a device that is compatible with concentrates.

The vaporizer will heat the hash to the point when it releases cannabinoid-rich vapor instead of burning the precious material and producing harmful substances.

Simply place the hash in the vaporizer’s chamber, cover it with the tip, heat the device up, and puff the brown goodness.

Vaping Hash

8. Dabbing

Dabbing refers to flash-vaporizing a dab-sized portion of cannabis concentrate in a device called oil rig. An oil rig is a fancy name for a glass pipe or bong with special attachments for doing concentrates.

You will also need a titanium nail which you heat up with a butane torch to vaporize the hash.

Once the nail is red hot, dab your hash onto it. It will immediately light the material up and create a smokey vapor which you can cover with a carb cap and take your first dab.

9. Hash Yogurt

While this isn’t the most popular way to ingest hash, it surely is a fun method. To make hash yogurt, you’ll need a spoonful of butter, your regular dose of hash, and your favorite yogurt. Take the butter, put your hash on it, and heat with a lighter. Wait until the butter and hash melt into one. Then you can transfer it to a small pot and hold over minimal heat for a light simmer to let the hash decarboxylate for a few minutes. Now, cool it for a little bit and mix the infusion with your yogurt. This makes for a hearty and uplifting treat.

10. Hash Brownies

Call your grandma and ask her for that fabulous brownie recipe she always makes for family gatherings. If she’s liberal enough, you can tell her what you’re up to; if not, skip the explanation part and tell her you’d just love to recreate that drool-worthy cake. All you have to do now is replace some regular butter with the hash-infused butter (you can use the same trick as for the hash yogurt), then follow the recipe — simple as that.

Hash can be fun to play with. Whether you want to go the hippie way or you aim at more scientific ways to ingest hash, you can use plenty of different stuff — from simple utensils to more scientific equipment — to indulge in the brown brick of pressed cannabis resin.

What’s your favorite way to ingest hash?

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